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  1. You can look at this 2 ways. They can be sure that it is a properly functioning product when it is released (and people will be angry/frustrated at the delay) or They can rush the release when it still has active bugs (and people will be angry/frustrated that they paid money for an "incomplete" or "unflyable" product and will shout from the rooftops that Aerosoft is "incompetent" and will demand an refund) Personally, while the wait is certainly frustrating, I would rather spend my money on a functioning product then pay to be a beta tester...just my 2 cents.
  2. I dont know if it was intentional due to English not being your 1st language, but just so you know, that did come across as pretty rude, hence your -10 rep points on the post. Using more courteous tones will get you much farther. Trust me.
  3. That might be the best thing I read all day. That was awesome.
  4. Repaint request

    Boom! Downloaded now! Thanks!!!
  5. Repaint request

    Will do! Thank you good sir.
  6. Repaint request

    DetCord, Yes, I have the Peidmont one, but as a person who grew up and lives in the western USA, I am much more used to the PSA and AmericaWest liveries. But I do have that one
  7. Repaint request

    Has anyone done this: Or this: I looked and was unable to find them. Thanks
  8. That would be a fun way to release it though...:)
  9. I love it. Though I was hoping for about 91.47%, but this will have to do.
  10. Historically you do not have to purchase a new license. When the FSX one comes out, it will cover both FSX and P3D as it was with the Airbus. I will say I reserve the right to be wrong if they change policies with the CRJ, but I thought I read that it would remain the same. So you only need to purchase it once.
  11. Works in Progress

    Looks good as always.
  12. Its always a no win situation, I agree with you DetCord. I would rather have a properly functioning model rather then one that is buggy. Captain Sim, and Blackbox Simulations have done it the other way when they release unfinished products and update it as they solve issues. While it is nice to have the planes in the hangar, it is very frustrating to have a plane that is missing functions and becomes very difficult to fly. I am as excited as anyone else to have the CRJ and RJ's are seriously lacking in the FS World, but I would rather have one that works as advertised out of the box, then having one that is just taking up space in my hangar. Take your time Mathijs. The silent majority support you.