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  1. I dont know if it was intentional due to English not being your 1st language, but just so you know, that did come across as pretty rude, hence your -10 rep points on the post. Using more courteous tones will get you much farther. Trust me.
  2. Repaint request

    Boom! Downloaded now! Thanks!!!
  3. Repaint request

    Will do! Thank you good sir.
  4. Repaint request

    DetCord, Yes, I have the Peidmont one, but as a person who grew up and lives in the western USA, I am much more used to the PSA and AmericaWest liveries. But I do have that one
  5. Repaint request

    Has anyone done this: Or this: I looked and was unable to find them. Thanks
  6. Works in Progress

    Looks good as always.
  7. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Any Chance of the US Airways (PSA) being done? I know its a 319, but I would love it. Thanks.
  8. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    To Holgi, Recently I requested that you update your United Airbus X A320 IAE to work with the Extended version. I just wanted to let you know that I was able to get it to work properly with the Extended version with no issues and it looks great! Thank you very much for that paint!! Brian A. Neuman
  9. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Wow... I am not sure I have ever seen such hostility against someone who is spending his own time to do paints for free. I am sorry. I dont know you guys, so I wont speak ill of you, however, it is attitudes like yours that make things take longer and then they just throw in the towel. I saw someone get angry about Northwest, well, Northwest was a very large operator of the Airbus A319/A320 before merging with Delta. Its a valid repaint. Seriously relax, and it will come.
  10. Airbus X Extended _ Liveries

    Holgi Good evening/morning in Europe. I just wanted to say I am a huge fan of your re-paints of the Aerosoft A320 Extended (FSX). Are you planning on doing a United (merger) A320 IAE for the Airbus Extended? I am sure you get a ton of requests, but I have been looking daily and only found one for the Airbus X and it does not seem to work right. Thank you for your attention. Brian A. Neuman Tucson, Arizona **The jpg below is yours HOLGI from the Airbus X version I couldnt get to work on the Extended**