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  1. Finn

    Twin Otter ground friction.

    Ground friction is not something Yu "Just" can tweak, since it´s hardcoded in bothe FSX and P3D. With P3D V4.1 there has been some fixes to the ground behaviour, but I have not tested what influence this has on the Twin Otter. If You have a registrated version of FSUIPC, thn there are some entries in it´s ini file that can tweak ground friction. Personally I would not keep away from an addon just because this 2 second of excessive requirement of power to break free, also because most other addons doesn´t behave right either. With FSX/P3D turboprops this is somewhat more exaggregated, due to the slow spool up time. next time try to give less power and be patient to see the power actually build up and get the aircraft start rolling. FinnJ
  2. Finn

    CRJ Too many problems

    This is a FSX/P3D "Feature" also present in most other addon aircraft and not a particular Aerosoft CRJ700/900 problem ! Are You sure that this isn´t due to the MCDU autotuning VOR's for positional updates ? Strange ... I have done numreous flights from A to B with no problems. That said that there aren´t any bugs left, but none of them really showstoppers. We still got a few updates after release and I´m sure more are in the pipeline. FinnJ
  3. Finn

    Engines out - but why?

    Hi Mark Next time open the Checklist/Config panel (Sh+2) and go to the config page. You might be able to see that also structural icing is starting to occur on the bar graph. Like Mathijs said - it´s most probably engine icing, which fit´s to Your OAT readings. Parameters that adds a chance for engine icingcausing wngine failure are: (OAT between ÷10-2°C AND (Any kind of precipitation OR Visibility below 1700 meters )) OR Structural icing building up Tor clear the engines, You must either apply engine de-icers, or get into warmer air (above 2°C) inorder to thaw the engine inlets, which only happens gradually Best regards Finn.
  4. Finn

    Twin Otter Extended Extended?

    Back when it was developed we recreated the exact cockpit if the D-IVER. So what You see in the Twin Otter Extended cockpit is the exact same instruments than those found in the real world D-IVER. The only extra instrument we placed was the GPS. A secondary attitude indicator is, as far as I know, not required for IFR flights, but You have both the Cpt. and the FO instruments.
  5. Yes - it should also work for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D V1-4
  6. Finn

    Bronco Selector window not showing

    Hi Michael Try to re-download the fix in the other thread again: It should fix the engine selector panel as well now. Best regards Finn
  7. This is a possible fix for the Bronco engines quitting when one tank runs dry. Please test and report if it fixes it. Unzip the content into: \\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft OV-10B\Panel\ Backup the old OV10a_Sys.Cab first ! Regards Finn
  8. Finn

    Weather Radar & TCAS: Dysfunctional?

    I think that gain should be generally increased. Looking right into a thunderstorm I see green placards. Turning the gain all up to +3 displays purple areas, just what I would expect for Normal gain setting. This is offcourse totally without any firm knowledge about what would be realistically correct - just an observation and personal impression.
  9. The Antarctica Polar version still needs it´s own hotfix 1-4 update, but none of the hotfixes include flightmodel changes. I use the Twin Otter (standalone version) myself in P3D V3 with no issues. I only need to test if the Flightrecorder also works as advertised witin P3D V3. I´m not sure why You sa: "The real aircraft is much easier to fly than this"... During developement we had a reallife Twin Otter pilot and serveral other experts to check the flightmodel and they found the flightmodel quite accurate. Does Your statement mean that Your a reallife Twin Otter pilot too , or do You just anticipate the Aerosoft Twin otter not to be accurate because You expected it to behave differently ? Finn
  10. Finn

    Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    While I would like to see the GTN in the Twin Otter too, I still find it weird if it´s really the option to add the GTN or not, that makes the difference wether an addon is worth flying or not. But it´s offcourse up to You. Finn
  11. Finn

    Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    Trachemys.... Please also consider the pricetag on those addons You mention. Also note that those addons only comes with one aurcraft version, while the Twin Otter comes with 11. All those 11 versions would need the "GTN treatment". Finn
  12. Finn

    Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    While I personally would like to see the F1 GTN integrated with the Twin Otter, I also go with Mopperle to say that postponing the A330 is not possible. I count 42 different people who have posted in this thread. Not that this is to be regarded as the total number of people interested in having it done, but still it doesn't seem to be overwhelming. The Twin Otter is now more than 1.5 year old and we know from othet projects that sales are expected to increade noticable even if we do add such an upgrade. Maybe after the A330, should there be a vacuum for the 3d modeller, but to be honest I fully understand Aerosofts standpoint on this. They have employees to feed and a business to run if they want to continue surviving and therefor need to put there money where it makes most sense. While I do find that the GTN would enhance the Twin Otter it's still wrong to call it a show stopper not to have. The Twin Otter is the perfect aircraft for bush flying learning the skills of VFR or old style navigation using VOR's and NDB's. While the features of the F1 GTN are lightyears away from the default FSX GPS shipped with the Aerosoft Twin Otter Extemded, the default GPS is still not useless. The 2D version if the GRN can easily be added to the Twin Ottet, though I agree that it isn't perfect. Finn
  13. Problem is that feathering the props via hardware axid' in FSX is abit funky, often i need to put the levers a bit forward and then slam them back into feathered position. Finn
  14. Finn

    Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    If You look closely to the top most pinned posts, then You will see that yesterday Hotfix 4 was released for both the FSX and P3D V2 version, so support for the Twin Otter has not been disbanded. I still hope that we some time in the future can get the F1 GTN 750 integrated, but as I said - resources are not available at this time. Finn
  15. Finn

    Twin otter extended and F1 GTN

    And ? I think we told that we are still considering it, but developer ressources are not available at this time. There is also a certain price difference between those products. Let´s see what the future brings. Finn