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  1. MA Prague and FSLabs A320

    Will try to contact xht labs directly.. will see what they will find out.
  2. MA Prague and FSLabs A320

    Hello, have you found out why is harvester not detecting FSL A320 ? It is the only aircraft that is not working with MA Prague VDGS and jetways.. Should be easy to solve.. Will try manual entry for the time. Thx, Jan
  3. PNR and PNR Hold

    Anyone no clue ?
  4. Hi, someone already asked this question, but no answer at all. What is the new feature in flight planning "PNR Airport" ? I searched the web, PFPX manual (it was obviously not updated with the new features), but no clue.. Is it Point of no return or so ? How to use it in flight planning ? Thanks for hint Jan