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  1. Miksu77

    No runways for LGSM on arrival

    Yes im using Navigraph data
  2. Miksu77

    No runways for LGSM on arrival

    Weird, i just tested this with P3DV4, aircraft is at LKPR and flightplan is for LGSM, i have runways visible at the arrival page.
  3. Miksu77

    Fonts missing?

    Edit: I managed to fix this issue by reinstalling Win7 default fonts, apparently Win10 update (15063.502) caused this to happen. But problem solved
  4. Miksu77

    Fonts missing?

    Hi! I downloaded V1.02 from my account and uninstalled V1.00 from my computer. Then i installed version V1.02 running installer as admin and rebooted PC after installation Now i dont have text on the chronometer, captains backup radio and HGS control panel anymore? Sim is P3DV4 HF1. I also updated Windows 10 64Bit today into its latest version. Is this a font problem as wednesday before Windows update when i installed V1.00 everything was okay?
  5. Miksu77

    Annual poll on platform

    Most of my flying is done with P3D V3.4 - FSX SP2 also installed for some addons that are not available for P3D such as FSLabs A320, PMDG MD11+747V2 . - XPlane 10 also installed but rarely used.