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  1. throttletek b737 v2 throttle

    Hi, I had a simiar issue. You need the same options as I have in the CRJ manager (see attachment). Once you have this boot up your sim, go into FSUIPC and under throttle calibration make sure 'No Reverse Zone' is checked. Hope this helps.
  2. CTD Loading Runway

    I believe this is a known issue and is currently being worked on. if you could record this in Fraps and post the vid on Youtube along with the error found in Event Viewer it would help narrow things down a bit further. Thanks
  3. Hi bjohnsonmn The Microsoft redistribute are very important in helping the sim run smoothly, in regards to you issue however, when you installed the CRJ, did you run it as admin with any AV turned off or disabled (including Windows Defender)? These are known to cause issues is left on during installation. I also recommend you turn off UAC. If this persists I would recommend you uninstall the CRJ, restart your PC, check your AntiVirus is fully off along with UAC and again install as Admin. Regards.
  4. Different cycles are bound to cause issues along the line, while you may not see it certain airfields and areas have been through updates since 1607 (which is now 3 years old). You should always do your best to ensure the planning tool is using the exact same cycle as the aircraft. I understand not everyone can afford to update but it can make enjoying other areas such as online flying a real pain.
  5. very high whistling sound

    Only time I know you get any sound like that is when you leave a door open (pax or cargo) and on certain aircraft the pilot windows. double check and make sure all doors are closed and report back.
  6. Holding Down Button

    This will usually be seen in systems that are a bit slower, as it tries to process a action it will stick. The best thing I can recommend right now other that building a newer system would be to lower your settings in the sim to try and reduce some of the load.
  7. CRJ Beta Tester Live Stream Online

    https://www.twitch.tv/ovpa1 - the link above didnt seem to be working so here it is again
  8. You'd be surprised how many people don't do that
  9. Again, just to be sure, was your UAC disabled and was your anti virus off at the time and was the installer run as administrator? Any of these that you may not be sure about can cause issues if not done in the correct way.
  10. Moving flight controls without power

    This is known and is on the list for possible update in the future, but it is low down at the moment
  11. The yoke click spot has been asked about in previous topics, the main way to alleviate this is to first load into a default aircraft/scenario and then load into the CRJ and your chosen airport.
  12. Best thing to do would be to uninstall, restart your system, then ensure UAC is OFF, Anti-Virus is fully disabled and re-install under administrator. Do not forget to redo your AIRAC and any options required in the configuration manager.
  13. Callouts and Auto Throttle

    In all CRJ varients they have a simple form of FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) a similar system you would find in the Airbus, ERJ but these are more complex and come with a version of AT speed or Citation aircraft, however the system in the CRJ is a very basic one, it will set a power level for Takeoff, Climb and rudimentary for cruise, but this MUST be monitored and adjusted by the PF. During the Climb you can dial in a selected speed and the aircraft will use a logic called "Speed over Pitch", this means once a power level has been set by the PF the aircraft will in no way interfere with the power level but will instead raise or lower the nose to keep the selected speed. Once you reach the TOC this system is placed on redundancy until TOD where it can be used (carefully) again. Between these two stages it is all down to you to monitor, assimilate and adjust the power as needed.
  14. Unable To Cut Engines

    They are Canadian......
  15. Unable To Cut Engines

    Jon is fully correct, the red levers you are using are essentially "lock and release" levers. Since the fuel cut-off switch is embedded in the throttle lever itself you would end up cutting the fuel off whenever you brought the engines to idle, hence to initiate or cut-off the fuel, you will need to left click to disengage the lock and then left click the base of the throttle to either turn the fuel on or off.