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  1. FSXManu

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Looks good I couldn't find anything but are the final liveries already definedd? If yes will a Swiss livery come with the launch?
  2. Hi I've read a comment from Sim Wings on FB from 6 weeks ago. They said it's 80-90% complete but other projects (professional versions) are keeping them busy otherwise that's why they are not finished but it's just a comment from them (It's only in german)
  3. FSXManu

    What happened to the Ju-52 Development?

    Ah yeah I just noticed it now because I just remembered that Aerosoft develops one and then I noticed it.
  4. FSXManu

    What happened to the Ju-52 Development?

    Okay I was just a bit confused because it was closed. And yeah I knew two persons who were in that flight such a tragedy.
  5. Hi there I was just wondering what happened to the development of the Ju-52 since the preview topic was closed. Regards Manuel