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  1. Charles Does the Steam client load when you start Windows? Check task manager, you should see 'Steam Client Bootstrapper'. Also in your taskbar(icons) you should see the steam client icon If steam client is running then all you have to do is click the FSX-SE icon and it will run,
  2. Marc You will get this error if you do not 'unzip' the PFPX.exe into the install folder of your PFPX. Can you confirm that you have extracted the PFPX.exe in the ZIP into your installed PFPX folder and was asked to 'overwrite' Thanks
  3. Works fine Many Thanks
  4. Solved

    Thanks Frank
  5. Solved

    Does the MCDU recognize and able to fly the different entry procedures (Direct, Parallel and Tear Drop) when entering a hold? Thanks Clive
  6. Solved

    Hi Mark Go to Settings > Program Settings > General Make sure there is no tick in 'Hide platform dialog at program start' Then when you start NG you will have the option to select which SIM you want to use Thanks
  7. Hi All Just want to make sure you are aware of this one: Thanks
  8. Yep, I also have the same issue on the NavData Pro 1609 cycle. As Stephen says this is not a PFPX issue.
  9. That would be good, just the 'other' supplier has them 'pinned' on their forum from day 1 I don't want to post them here for obvious reasons
  10. Perhaps Aerosoft could post the PDF's that explains the charts for people who cannot read them. Make them a 'sticky' would be good Just a thought
  11. Have you checked the AFCAD to make sure it has parking positions allocated, some sceneries do not; this stops AI parking at the airport. Just a thought
  12. HI I have my scenery in sets(Scenery Config Sets) Example: Europe Asia Caribbean USA/Canada UK only UK and Europe RTMM Then my profiles Europe (Opus) Europe (As16) Asia(Opus) RTMM (As16) USA (AS16) UK/Norway(As16) UK/Europe(As16) Europe(FSGRW) UK/Norway(FSGRW) I then allocate scenery sets to Profiles. There is no need to get route specific, just be aware that the SIm will load 'photo' scenery even if not selected. This works for me
  13. Hi How did you set the hold up in the FMC? What inbound course did you enter
  14. English, sorry about that. This scenery for LOAU has parking and runways allocated(I have checked the Afcad), may help?
  15. Solved

    Tom You can close this one,sorted it out. Yep, looks like it is the .pnl files that are saved into the documents folder of the main SIM. Delete these files and the saved flight loads OK and the panel state is correct. Thanks