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  1. alpha117

    Schedule Icons

    Hi Judith Thanks for that, yes that would be good to confirm the STATUS symbols. I've seen 4 different ones, not including the warning triangle. Are there anymore? Many thanks
  2. Hi All, Does anyone know what the following mean: 1. Green Man (left column)....just appears for a while then goes!! 2. Grey dot (left column). not on all scheduled flights, no idea why 3. If anyone know the means of the others (that would be handy), I think I've got it, but one never knows
  3. alpha117

    PFPX - Unable to find route

    Hi Ray I got this straight off, not validated mind! LURO5A LURON DCT EPIKU DCT GINOX UM732 NISEK UT175 TINOT TINOT1
  4. alpha117

    CRJ copilot feature

    Works with P3Dv4.2
  5. alpha117

    CRJ copilot feature

    Have you looked at Multi Crew Experience, this supports the CRJ already
  6. alpha117

    export FP to MaddogX .mdr

    Works OK, this end
  7. alpha117

    Simstarter FSX:SE Start Parameters Problem

    Charles Does the Steam client load when you start Windows? Check task manager, you should see 'Steam Client Bootstrapper'. Also in your taskbar(icons) you should see the steam client icon If steam client is running then all you have to do is click the FSX-SE icon and it will run,
  8. alpha117

    PFPX hotfix 1.27.3

    Marc You will get this error if you do not 'unzip' the PFPX.exe into the install folder of your PFPX. Can you confirm that you have extracted the PFPX.exe in the ZIP into your installed PFPX folder and was asked to 'overwrite' Thanks
  9. alpha117

    PFPX hotfix 1.27.3

    Works fine Many Thanks
  10. alpha117

    Hold Entry procedures

    Thanks Frank
  11. alpha117

    Hold Entry procedures

    Does the MCDU recognize and able to fly the different entry procedures (Direct, Parallel and Tear Drop) when entering a hold? Thanks Clive
  12. alpha117

    No FSX-SE ?

    Hi Mark Go to Settings > Program Settings > General Make sure there is no tick in 'Hide platform dialog at program start' Then when you start NG you will have the option to select which SIM you want to use Thanks
  13. alpha117

    1609 cycle issue with header

    Hi All Just want to make sure you are aware of this one: Thanks
  14. Yep, I also have the same issue on the NavData Pro 1609 cycle. As Stephen says this is not a PFPX issue.