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  1. @lolocool16 According to AOM Part 1 posted by Mathijs, yes, but you need to install the config files "manually".
  2. Tony, from what I've read you should turn off the crash detection. You can read more here: Cheers
  3. Source?
  4. A330-343 TAP Portugal (9V-STD, future CS-TOU):
  5. Point is it's the same rendition of 2008 and MK-studios stated they will work on a new version, just wanted to know when we can expect it.
  6. @MK-Studios question is when can we expect a new version for Porto Santo?
  7. Looks like the product is available for instant purchase (download) here:
  8. Thanks Mathijs! It may be the case but the scenery on the video surely looks the same released in 2008 and it seems no work was done on that airport. If it's the case then I suggest that the product page should include this information.
  9. The camera is so far away that's almost imperceptible. But my main point is not even that one, in the video, LPPS airport looks the same released almost 9 years ago. So, Aerosoft is releasing an "evolution" without actually update one of the airports. That must be quite an achievement on terms of quality (re-releasing a 9 year old airport without giving it a custom ground polygon and updated textures).
  10. @Jeroen Doorman what's happening with your LPPS scenery in the video? There's no terminal/tower and it's only showing a default runway on top of the photoreal. Madeira surely looks awesome but Porto Santo looks the same scenery (except for the part of the missing buildings) and no work was done on that, not even a custom ground polygon?
  11. And what about immersion stuff like VFX effects such as landing lights reflecting on the clouds? IMO, this example is much more "Immersive" than having a piece of paper between the thrust levers or the coffee in the table. Yes, I know that the VFX effects may hurt VAS/performance, but it's worth the question.
  12. Funny thing, the files from the latest version (from 5th of December) have expired.
  13. On the A318R website it says that the last version is from 5th of December (after @Mathijs Kok started this topic), but the passwords for the forum were never updated, so I would like to know If this "new" version (from 5th of December) is going to be tested or if the A318 will receive another new version soon?
  14. Yes, FSL decided to model just the A320, but acording to them they will model both the A319 and the A321, but getting on topic I would happily pay for the A330-300 and pay for an expansion pack with the -200, like you do with the A320 family.
  15. Any news on the Project? Has the scenery been pushed to 2017, no?