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  1. Airbus339

    IVAO/VATISM Networks: Free or payed license

    IVAO servers used to be a bit unstable some years ago but now are perfect. You still can donate money if you wish.
  2. Couldn't agree more. This thread is a mess and nobody seems to be aware of it ...
  3. Surely not for the A318, way too thirsty.
  4. The first page of this thread has only some general info only about the A330 and it still says 2016 as release year... I think it's time to update it.
  5. In my opinion it's extremely hard to find information in this huge thread. I would like to suggest to make it more user friendly maybe splitting the thread in one for the A330 and one for the A320 Family with some updated info on the first page.
  6. Just one example: in Aerosoft you can turn off the fuel pump to save fuel
  7. Airbus339

    Genoa ILS approach P3D

    I think you misplaced the ILS as well. IRL you cannot do an autoland at LIMJ and the ILS is much more offset.
  8. Airbus339

    Unable to Dock - 777 - gate 402 at LIMJ Genoa.

    For sure they will never park at the gate in real world. Only remote parking positions.
  9. Which language is that? Google translator cannot find it.
  10. Airbus339

    Approaching Innsbruck

    I don't think it's the same. Images from Justsim are quite different.
  11. Honestly, I think you don't know much about the product
  12. Just read few messages back ...
  13. Will these changes be brought back to the A320 series?
  14. Airbus339

    Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    I'm using FSX SP2 and I've just installed V1.02. I don't have the GSX issue as it seems to be working correctly. I have a couple of possible other issues: 1) Jetways are still static: is this correct? 2) I have some great stuttering when looking towards certain directions in the scenery: enormous fluctuation in the FPS Any suggestions?