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  1. rlaycock


    I agree with everything noted above, this is a real gem and great to have a quality airbus in P3Dv4, Thanks and congratulations Bob
  2. rlaycock

    Low Fps

    Hi all Not sure if this is related however: My FPS when first entering the sim are good, however if I select Take off State in the 3rd MCDU they drop a lot. Strangely they stay fine if I select taxi state and so sar remain good through the flight CPU is intel core i7 4790k GPU Nvidia GTX 980 Win 7 Pro Best wishes Bob
  3. rlaycock

    FMC Entering Longitude / Latitude?

    Hi Can you enter Longitude and Latitude into the FMC as way points. I don't seam to be able to find this information in the mauuals Thanks in advance if you can help. Bob
  4. rlaycock

    Eerror when installing Version 102

    Hi Thanks for the reply i checked and indeed when clicking on the revers handles both engine 2 and 3 did go into full reverse so I will take it that it is installed correctly. I also looked for the file as mentioned and it does indeed exist. However the entry as you suggested is NOT in this file However there is a second dllXML file in Program Data/Lockheed Martin/Prepar3dv4 and this one does include the entry you suggest. Thanks for your help. Bob
  5. Hi The original installed and went fine with no problems however when I removed the original and installed 102 I got the following error at the end of the install sequence XML tools 64.dll sucessfuly instaled Prepar3dv4 main folder DLLXML not found !! Creating copy ----------------------------- -Wrong user or folder corupted .DLLXML was not created. Press finish button to exit. Please advise what I should do I think I will revert to the original at the moment. Thanks Bob
  6. rlaycock

    Flashing Yellow Alert

    Hi Thanks for the quick response 1/ I do not start from cold and dark 2/ I am not entering a flight plan in the sim I am trying to use the INS to load a 4 or 5 way point flight plan I have read the manual again and figured out what I might be doing wrong. I think the hot spot to change the selector with TEST on it from auto to manual is somewhat miss-aligned. Mine looks to be considerable to the left of the actual switch. This was preventing me from switching to Manual mode. I am now able to manual load a simple flight plan and it is almost working. (I have not quite figured out how to get a leg from way-point 0-1 to work, legs 0-2 2-3 3-4 etc works fine) I am sure this is something I am doing wrong, I am also sure I will figure it out, However, It might be an idea if you look at the position of the hot spot to select manual. Thanks again and congratulation on this excellent add on, Lots to learn to keep us interested, and it runs excellent and looks beautiful. Best wishes Bob
  7. rlaycock

    Flashing Yellow Alert

    Hi Thanks for the rely I must be doing somthing wrong as it flashes basically all the time (just after take of all the way till I land) As I noted I do find the manual quite hard to understand I will have a re read. Thanks Bob
  8. rlaycock

    Flashing Yellow Alert

    Hi all Excellent add on relay enjoying it I am trying to work out how to use the INS however I am finding the manual a little confusing. I always get a flashing yellow alert on the INS shortly after taking of. Can this be canceled? Thanks in advance if you can help Bob
  9. Hi all is it just me or does anybody else experience lot less stutters since the update? Anyway, thanks for the update. Bob
  10. Hi all Reporting there appears to be a problem with the repaint (CRJ700ER House Color 1.0.0) as downloaded from this site. The zip file will not unzip or install. Regards