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  1. Madeira X EVO 1.05a fixes all-in-one (unofficial)

    Great job! Thank you sir!
  2. Madeira X Evolution v1.05a bugs

    Thank you very much @masterhawk
  3. From that page: "(...) The second Airbus product to incorporate BTV will be the Airbus A320 family(...)" Of course BTV isn't on the A320 family yet so I doubt Aerosoft are willing to add it.
  4. @fedear @Arabian.aero The aileron going up with the spoilers depends on the ELAC version of the aircraft. Newer ELAC versions (for example L97 I believe) have this feature while older versions do not.
  5. Madeira X Evolution missing lead on lights

    From what I'm used to see in real life here in Madeira, you can actually see them from every angle. For example I can see them standing at the terminal balcony, or at the road north of the runway or even while driving on the motorway which follows those LDIN lights. This is of course at night since I don't recall seeing them on during the day (since the pilots just have to follow the coastline). Just wanted to give my opinion based on what I usually see. Cheers!
  6. Madeira X Evolution v1.05a bugs

    I'm in P3D v3 and got the same results...
  7. Madeira X Evolution v1.05a bugs

    Am I the only one who still has some flat mesh on Ponta de São Lourenço after applying the fixes?
  8. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Awesome! Thank you!
  9. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    It isn't available in Aerosoft's shop either... let's hope we can have it today.
  10. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

  11. Would be helpful in CFD as the two pilots could change their QNH setting and crosscheck their altimeters.
  12. Madeira X Evolution 1.05 Crash (CTD)

  13. Madeira X Evolution 1.05 Crash (CTD)

    Sorry could you read my post above? Thank you!
  14. Madeira X Evolution 1.05 Crash (CTD)

    By the way, how can I redownload v1.04? I only get 1.05 but people still using P3D v3 should be able to download v1.04 too.