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    New shop site

    Hello.. Just want to add a bit... 1. There is price inconsistency for France VFR Airport Packs Vol.2 on the FSX/P3D (English) Category (USD) but, on Euro, there is the price.. 2. Missing flag icon on the support page. I believe it's for English & German. 3. Different Capitalization on Footer Texts.. 4. Different Spacing & Last Line on the Welcome Text (US-EN) /us site /en site 5. Different links under category (/EN-/US)..or simply that those links are not available in USD? /US site /EN site Anyway, nice layout.. Regards
  2. Just use the managed mode, and let the aircraft choose which speed is best for the current flight phase. By the way, in the managed mode, you don't "set the throttle to any knots"...the aircraft computer will decide the speed. Regards