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  1. Jlunddk

    Airbus Pro Experience

    Thanks, that gives me something to look at/ study before the a320/321 is here.
  2. Jlunddk

    Airbus Pro Experience

    Speaking of the manuals, are they available to download and study, before buying the product?
  3. All is relative, but when you consider that the first time frame was before the end of 2018, is almost 3/4 year later still a "reasonable" time frame?
  4. Jlunddk

    Aerosoft F-16 in P3D.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but did I read somewhere that there will be an updated version (V2?) of the Aerosoft F-16 in P3D, and if so, is there a time frame when we might see it? JLund
  5. I have read that the A330 have a glide ratio of 15:1 making it possible (if all conditions are met) to make a safe landing without engines running, but that won't be possible with your sim, right?
  6. I have just listened to the Podcast on PC flight.net and Mathijs explained (as we already know) that they won't simulate errors that might happen only 1:20 mill times or so, including the two engine shut down as they they did with the Hudson landing. I think that's perfectly fine, but I just wondered what happens during flight ( real or simulator) if we shut off fuel to both engines, will they both shut down and make the plane a glider or what happens?
  7. " It's used for CPDLC purposes, so clearances, etc. As far as I know you can not use them to display weather. You can use the MCDU for it though or simply print it from the MCDU and stick it to the window frame as paper printout." UPS my mistake. I just realized it never have been possible in Aerosofts busses to see weather info in them, I believe it was in the JAR design A320 for X-Plane, it was used for it. Sorry. BTW. You have mentioned that the old repaints can be used in the new versions, but I guess there has to be new repaints for the busses with the new Wi-Fi antennas, right?
  8. Sorry, but I'm not quite sure what it's called, but what do the pilots get of information in it, and will we as armchair pilots still be able to see weather info for dep and arrival airports in it?
  9. Will the A330 have the same features as the baby busses. ie lights, and all the other things you have added? And will there be some features in the A330, which is special to the 330?
  10. I think what people are "upset" about, is they might not be able to use new addons without having to update ie their GPU, especially now where they're very expensive. I have no intensions on updating my PC with a GTX970, at the moment, since flightsimming is a very little part of what I'm using it for, But I can live with maybe having to turn down details, graphic settings etc, if that means I will still be able to use the busses (providing I update to P3Dv4.2).
  11. I also have the 970 4GB, and hope I can still upgrade to 4.2, as the way I understand it, the new busses will need 4.2 to run, is that correct?
  12. Guys, if you'd just take the time to read one page back you will see this statement: The AS Bus does need P3D v4.2 to work as intended but the release, of the Airbus, is in no way imminent. There is still some work to be done before it is complete. So don't make any assumptions on when it will be released. Not even the developers know that.
  13. That sounds very much as a thing to put in the EFB, when you decide to release that.
  14. I HAVE read both the pinned threads, but I guess my english is not good enough, cause I still don't understand the: A318/A319 Professional 14 days in between Does it refer to within 14 days, or when released it will be 14 days before the 320/321 will be out? Not asking for a specific release date, just don't understand the "14 days in between"
  15. I've just had a discussion in a facebook group about the upcomming aerosoft airbus vs the FSlabs one, and it really annoys me, hearing the FSlabs fanboys still claiming that the FSL is 10x's better and that the AS isn't a study level sim. I have tried to explain that 1. How can they compare the two products when your's isn't even released yet, and 2. The only difference in study level (as far as I have understood it) is that yours don't have the failures part. So (and maybe I have missed it) is there a list of what features the AS A320 will have, so I can shove it in their face to see how advanced your sim actually will be?