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  1. Jlunddk

    WebInterface.exe, where?

    Thanks, I was afraid it was a mistake during installation, but nice to know it isn't the case.
  2. I bought mthe bundle yesterday, but have only installed the 320/321. Maybe it's a bit ambitious so early, but I would like to try out the MCDU on my Ipad. I read in the manual that I need to start the WebInterface.exe before or after staring P3D, and that it's located in \Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Connect Pro. The only files I have there is A3XXConnectPro.exe and two .jpg's. I have searched my PC, but nothing comes up for the Webinterface.exe. Is it missing? If I try running the A3XXConnectPro.exe I get this error box: What else or where else can I look? PS. As I mentioned I haven't installed the 318/319, could that have anything to do with it? Regards JLund
  3. Jlunddk

    Yet another upgrade question-

    Well that's a shame, why not? I would think it wouldn't matter when going from a "bigger" priced product to a "smaller" priced? I understand it's not fair the other way around, but this way you're saying I'm having to pay full price for the A320/321, right?
  4. Sorry, but since you're very quick to close subjects, and we need to create a new thread if we have more questions to something that might have been answered, I can't find the exact answer to this, so here goes. I have the previous bundle, but only want to buy the new A320/321, can I still use the bundle serial to update to just one product, and what will the price be then? I really have no need for the mini busses, since I have flown them maybe just once or twice in P3Dv3, so I know the same will happen again if I buy them (meaning waste of money). Regards Jlund
  5. There's rumors out that P3Dv4.4 will be out in Q4 of 2018. Does that have an effect on when the A330 or maybe even the A320/321 will be out? We all remember how you pushed the release of the A318/319, cause they needed some code or something that would come in P3Dv4.3. Will the same happen again that you push the release of them, or is Sep 6, still the goal for the A320/321? Jorn
  6. I just regained my respect for you. Nice to adknowledge that there is a problem somewhere, made what I wrote a little more credible :-) Let's hope LM can fix it in the next update, and maybe the 320/321 will be out by then so we can install it without having to reinstall all of P3D again. Thanks for the update. JLundtoft
  7. You really like pointing out the "completely ridiculous" part, which I still think it is, but ....nah I give up!
  8. "If you feel our software should run on a simulator that we do not anticipate for I can only suggest you do not buy our products." Why is it that everytime someone comes with a bit of criticism of your products, you (or the staff) gets very defensive. why not take it as a contructive criticism and take another look to see if MAYBE something can be done to avoid a total reinstall of P3D?, but if I understand you correctly, it's a LM problem? Maybe there's other products that have problems too, but I have obviously been lucky then to not own any of them. My only "serious" aircraft addon is QW787, and I've had no problems with that even after only updating client and content. It's not a matter of buying or not buying the busses, just wondering why it will cause problems during an install, unless we have to reinstall P3D and all our other addons again. To end this, I would like to know what you mean by "not anticipate for" You postponed the release of the A318/319 until after VP3Dv4.3 would be released, because there were something that would need the updates in the v4.3 to make it work. I still think you have a great product, and will most definetly buy it when the 320/321 is out. Sincerly. JLundtoft
  9. I think I have mentioned it before, that it seems completely ridiculous that we have to reinstall a new P3D and all other aircrafts, sceneries and addons, just to be sure YOUR addon will work. It's the first addon where this will be necessary Could it be possible it's your product which isn't complete and needs a new look at? And what about when the A320/321 is released, will we have to do the whole reinstall thing again? Just to point out, I NEVER had any problems with installing and using your older Airbus series in FSX or P3Dv3.
  10. Jlunddk

    Why close subjects?

    I know Otto mentioned some of the things to exclude, but have you a list over excactly which files and folders we can exclude? I have checked both of Toms links and they are very useful, so have bookmarked them to when I need to install the busses.
  11. Jlunddk

    Why close subjects?

    Thanks for the reply. I also use Windows defender and is not that great at messing with excluding prgs and files etc and not doing anything wrong, but I will take a look on how to do it, and hopefully get it to work. So now I'm just waiting for the A320/321 to be released. And yes, you can close this topic now. :-) Jlund
  12. You're very fast to close a subject when you feel you have answered it. We're not all reading this group everyday so maybe we DO have some follow up questions without needing to open a new subject (about the same thing basically). For instance the subject bout false virus warnings when installing. I HAVE read the answer Tom's referring to, about AV prgs. giving false indications and removing certain files, which makes the installers mess up. What I would know is if turning off my AV prg. and running the installer as admin is enough, or if there's any other steps we need to do to get a succesfull install? Maybe this answer is in some FAQ or something, then I apologize for this, but why close subjects in the first place anyway? JLund
  13. Jlunddk

    Plane not working

    I have never had to reinstall my P3D (any version) or FSX to get an addon to work. I have seen that people have had problems for not updating to v3 or doing it wrong, and it seems like an easy answer to say "reinstall P3D" If we have to do that each time we buy a new addon, I think people will stop buying them. Does Aerosoft even consider that it might indeed be the Airbus which could cause the problems, especially since it's "only" a beta version? Thank God I'm waiting till the A320/321 is out before buying, so maybe most quirks have been sorted by then. Regards J.Lundtoft
  14. Stefan wrote: "There needs to be compiled a new livery manager now to work with the Professional version, which will be soon on the way." Will it be out before the 320/321 packages arrive and before an official SP1 update?
  15. Jlunddk

    Airbus Pro Experience

    Thanks, that gives me something to look at/ study before the a320/321 is here.