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  1. Merry Christmas everybody and bon chance!
  2. Ist Dec 2017

    Last AES update was January 2017, AES Development preview was January 2014. I know all AES customers find this level of support wholly unacceptable...... but Aerosoft does not?
  3. Ist Dec 2017

    An update for AES would be nice.
  4. Thank you kindly! I had numerous shots to choose from but I also felt that although not much is seen of the aircraft this definitely had the "climb out" feel. Climb out (as you said) being from the start of gear retraction and onwards.
  5. More of a rotation shot than climb out Aharon.
  6. Congrats Capt Doc, loved your shot as well.
  7. moving equipment

    It's only been nearly four years after all.
  8. Finally ready for my next video flight San Juan (SJU) to Atlanta (ATL).
  9. Fantastic shots so far guys.....incl Kroswynds.
  10. Welcome to Locher

    Fantastic! Thank you for the video link cloose.
  11. Welcome to Locher

    Very nice set/story. Thank you. Shame the video is not available.