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  1. Thank you very much Kroswynd! I was not expecting that as I had not finished the paint. I have since painted the new colours as well which I have flown on in real life.
  2. On the ground at Grantely Adams awaiting her Captain.
  3. A very rare bird departing Larnaca for Doncaster. (My next vid)
  4. Bingo! That did the trick. That will teach me to read manuals more carefully. Thank you for your help. Edit: What about using ModelConverterX? It is far easier and faster to check paints with that. Regards Ed
  5. Eh? Never heard of such things. I am using FS9.1 Win 7 64bit. AES textures are fine at all my AES supported airports. It's just the repaint helper models.
  6. After all these years I find this in the ReadMe! "Repaint Helper Function in AESHelp When you start AESHelp (must be >=2.30) and the FS is not running, you see a small checkbox below the SUPPORT Button, called “Repaint Help Object in EDDN” When you check this box, AESHelp will activate all Vehicles of AES along the Runway of EDDN. You don’t need to activate EDDN in AESHelp, just check the Box and exit AESHelp. When you now start the FS, and you go to the Airport EDDN (Nürnberg), you will find all AES Vehicles placed along the runway. So you can slew around each vehicle you are repainting to check if the Texture fit to the object." I have checked the box and yes the models are all lined up on the runway but without any textures. Does anyone know what I am missing here please? I had a thought. Is there a file I can open with ModelConverterX? This would be even better for paints.
  7. AES has any support/updates since January 2017. Great product support eh?
  8. edetroit

    Force belt loaders aes

    The distance from ground to the lower edge of the cargo door must be set to less than 2 m to get the belt loader.
  9. I’m not sure I understood your comment but thank you anyway.