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  1. I’m not sure I understood your comment but thank you anyway.
  2. Well deserved Darryl! Superb shot!
  3. An alternative end to my Belfast/ Nice video. Due to noise restrictions the straight in ILS Rwy04L approach is only used if absolutely necessary. So I wrote the far more interesting RNAV A Rwy04L approach (much the same as the VOR A). TIPIK 1A initial approach then RNAV A and then VTP A rwy04L. Loved it!!!!
  4. Thank you very much Aharon! I was unaware of this interesting approach. I expedited a straight in ILS 04L approach with was uber boring ( glideslope at 4000 ft! ...I nearly fell asleep) I have written the RNAV TIPIK 1A approach for FSATC. I hope to show you my skillz at this approach. Thanks again for putting Nice on challenging approaches map for me!
  5. Was an award winning Aerosoft product .
  6. Unfortunately I did not realise I was using the def 737 soundset. I will have to shoot it again.
  7. Belfast arrival in my latest paint.
  8. edetroit

    Heir Force one

    You like shiny? ...... my upcoming 727 paint.
  9. edetroit

    Heir Force one

    No alphas... it's all in the photo. Here is a better version of the vid.
  10. The model is by ISDT. The panel is from the Flight1 ATR.....if only I could find an ATR cockpit to photograph I'd make my own. The scenery is pay ware just released by UK2000 ....although I should imagine AES support will be... best not say what I think about AES support. The window view is post production. I record the window view with FSrecorder spot view and then 'add the glass and frame' in the video edit.