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  1. Wrong too, its a great holiday destination ^^
  2. Cheers
  3. Swiss A340-> from DXB to ZRH during sunrise
  4. Just a short question about sounds. Is there the gpu connect/disconnect ''click'' sound planned?
  5. Enjoying the late afternoon over the alps
  6. January, really? A realistic time would be May-September 2017.
  7. Thats what I hate atm. We have 3 developers now and we dont know which one is the best...
  8. Who cares about the modelling of the nose it looks stunning anyway!!! Cant wait to fly this lovely thing from MUC to DXB as LH638 :3
  9. I know but maybe for later.
  10. Look, this is what I mean. Using charts as .pdf or as image. This is very interesting and it would be awesome to have this feature inside the A330 :3