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  1. Jonas Bodell

    SAS Schedule

    Updated with som new summer destinations. June update will be uploaded in a few days. Cheers
  2. Jonas Bodell

    SAS Schedule

    Yes it says 1 because 1 is Monday, and every Monday until 24th of May that flight will be available in the schedule, <Repetative>1</Repetative>. So, if you scroll down to the end, it will say 7, Sunday.
  3. Jonas Bodell

    SAS Schedule

    Sorry to say, but your'e wrong. It's a repetative schedule, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 rolling onwards to an end date. I've been doing this for over a year so i know what Im doing, have my own scripted program converting excel data to xml for PFPX. The end date will be 24th of may, and i preparing one right now for June. And regarding DLH, It's outdated by two years. Here you go!
  4. Jonas Bodell

    SAS Schedule

    Uploading a new version shortly!
  5. Hi Jonas!
    Can we expect a new timetable for SAS? )



  6. Jonas Bodell

    SAS schedule APR/MAY 2018

    Version 1.8.7


    TIMETABLE This XML file includes the latest schedule from Scandinavian Airlines 2018. Includes scheduled aircraft registrations from up to date SAS database. Import the xml via: PFPX program functions -> Schedule editor -> Other -> Import Schedule Airport codes in IATA format. All times UTC. Enjoy!
  7. Man känner väl av SAS storhetstid

  8. Inflight meal, pasta med oxfilé @ Swesim

  9. Subaru går i alla väder randomrodi

  10. SAS Julbord 2012 @ Restaurang Hasselbacken