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  1. SAS Schedule

    Updated with som new summer destinations. June update will be uploaded in a few days. Cheers
  2. SAS Schedule

    Yes it says 1 because 1 is Monday, and every Monday until 24th of May that flight will be available in the schedule, <Repetative>1</Repetative>. So, if you scroll down to the end, it will say 7, Sunday.
  3. SAS Schedule

    Sorry to say, but your'e wrong. It's a repetative schedule, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 rolling onwards to an end date. I've been doing this for over a year so i know what Im doing, have my own scripted program converting excel data to xml for PFPX. The end date will be 24th of may, and i preparing one right now for June. And regarding DLH, It's outdated by two years. Here you go!
  4. SAS Schedule

    Uploading a new version shortly!
  5. Hi Jonas!
    Can we expect a new timetable for SAS? )



  6. SAS schedule October 2017

    Version 1.8.5


    This XML file includes the latest schedule from Scandinavian Airlines 2017. Includes scheduled aircraft registrations from up to date SAS database. Import the xml via: PFPX program functions -> Schedule editor -> Other -> Import Schedule Airport codes in IATA format. All times UTC. Enjoy!
  7. Man känner väl av SAS storhetstid

  8. Inflight meal, pasta med oxfilé @ Swesim

  9. Subaru går i alla väder randomrodi

  10. SAS Julbord 2012 @ Restaurang Hasselbacken