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  1. heffron91

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    That taxiway lighting looks incredible!
  2. How are things progressing?
  3. heffron91

    Anchorage Professional ILS 7R G/S misaligned?

    True, i first wondered why asked about the nav database, then i figured i had not mentioned the aircraft i used. I took a quick look in the AFCAD in ADE and if i recall correctly (i am at work now) the GS is still positioned east of taxiway J. Now after the extension it is positioned just west of that taxiway. Thanks for looking into it! Best Regards,
  4. heffron91

    Anchorage Professional ILS 7R G/S misaligned?

    1808 on the PMDG 744v3 also P3D updated with latest navaid update from aero.sors.fr. Best Regards,
  5. Hi guys, I noticed last time I flew into Anchorage's 7R that the glide slope guides the aircraft to touch down way beyond the TDZ, passing over the treshold at 120 feet. It seems that the glideslope is still placed to touch down in the TDZ of the old non-extendended 7R. I have installed version 1.11. Could you guys look into this? Thanks! Cheers,
  6. Hi guys, With the upcoming PMDG 747-8 not too far away anymore (hopefully), are you guys already working on profiles for the 747-8?
  7. heffron91

    Bergen X at night

    Is it fixed in the meantime?
  8. That is looking tremendous! Congratulations, looking forward to it!
  9. heffron91

    Bergen X at night

    Thanks for your replies We'll wait patiently then.
  10. heffron91

    Bergen X at night

  11. heffron91

    Bergen X at night

    Goodday, I am having issues with Bergen X, at night the surroundings of the airport remain in "daylight mode". I am running FSX SP2 on W7 x64, FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC and FTX Norway. See image below: Kind Regards, Harm