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  1. Is this guide available now for the new bus and if so can you show me where thanks
  2. Mathijs any new word on takeoff performance calculations. I asked previously and you said you'd talk to the team. Thanks
  3. Mathijs, Was a decision reached with regards to be able to compute Flex T/O, V-speeds etc?
  4. I use asn and pfpx for planning so that's fine. I purchase the new SF3D and it seems to me to be all hype.... Mathijs, any word on assumed temps and v speeds via a print out yet? Or at least an app to compute such important numbers? You had said to me earlier it was being discussed. Happy New Year Mathijs
  5. Mathijs, Has a decision been made with regards to being able to get Assumed Temps, V-Speeds etc from the AOC like most airlines do today?
  6. I'm so glad you're considering flex temps and v speeds from dispatch. This is the one thing that bugs me the most about spyware airlines. You need those numbers and most USA and Canadian airlines are getting them via aoc or acars.
  7. Will the AOC Options in the 320 series include Flex Temps for Takeoff and flap configs?
  8. Sacramento Airport

    Is there a tutorial on installing using xml into v4?
  9. So we can actually fly GLS approaches now?
  10. Can we print flex temps and v speed and take off information like what the real guys get from dispatch ?
  11. Sacramento Airport

    Just wanted to know if this product has been updated for use with P3D v4.1? thank you
  12. I'd like a way of calculating assumed temps, climb limits, max runway weights, v speeds etc like every airline pilot figures out every flight.
  13. will the FMGS have winds aloft inputs now for correct ETA's etc?
  14. Is there a list of new features and changes to the new Airbus320 series ?