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  1. meccadom

    Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 Missing Jetways

    As a follow-up the solution for the missing jetways, I did the following and now can operate the jetways at the two gates I tested, A9 and A42. I deleted the previous installation using the windows installer. After disabling my antivirus I installed the file that I had re-purchased from the Aerosoft shop. Interesting to note that this installer splash screen displayed a version number 1.0 whereas the removed install from Simmarket account did not carry this designation in the splash screen. A reboot and using a full compliment of addons there are operable jetways at LSZH. Perhaps the installation file at Simmarket shop is somewhat different vis the version number. Anyhow, thanks Oliver. Dom
  2. meccadom

    Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 Missing Jetways

    I upgraded to Zeurich V2.0 from my Simmarket shop account. In the last hour, I purchased the same updrade from Aerosoft shop advertised as Zuerich Professional V2.0. After downloading, and comparing the two files, they both are V1.00.exe and have the same packed bits 552,023,968.
  3. meccadom

    Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 Missing Jetways

    The references that I see on the ORBX forum relate to landclass issues, does not address the jetways. Any other thoughts?
  4. meccadom

    Mega Airport Zurich V2.0 Missing Jetways

    I don't think so. I only have add-ons EBBR, LSZH, GES plus the usual required base scenery installed. Do you have other suggestions? Should I remove LSZH and re-install?
  5. I downloaded MA Zurich v2.0 upgrade for P3DV4 from my shop account and when downloaded it shows as V1.00. I see no jetways. Are there supposed to be jetways? I saw another post about MA Zurich Professional. The Is this the same file? Dom
  6. meccadom

    Stavanger X in P3d

    Are there considerations or other instructions with respect to installing into P3DV4? I have version 1.02, installed it, and nothing seemed to be in the correct location relative to P3Dv4. Dom
  7. I just now downloaded again at 1820 UTC the files from my Simmarket account and the files are the same as I reported above. What is happening please? Dom
  8. I just downloaded the installer files again after seeing this notice. Comparing it to my previous downloads, these are the results: A318-319-PROF_P3DV4 Current V1100.exe ....size 975,767,912....packed 966,333, modified 8/1/2018.....CRC32 47170BA5 Previous V100.exe......size 897,194,096....packed 887,836, modified 7/12/2018...CRC32 B318AECD A320-A321-PROF_P3DV4 Current V1000.exe...size 961,985,376...packed 935,260, modified 9/10/2018...CRC32 2EE416EF Previous V1000.exe..size 961,985,376...packed 953,260, modified 9/10/2018...CRC32 2EE416EF In this scenario, am I to understand that only the 318-319 should be re-installed following the procedure described above? Thanks Dom
  9. I am not sure if my confusion is expressed here in the correct forum, but I would like to ask anyhow and perhaps someone will point me in the correct direction. I do not know which specs are correct for the A3xx Pro series and my attempt to get PFPX and Topcat to agree with the weights and fuel as shown in the step-by-step tutorial page 23. Can someone please help me? Can you point me to any documentation, videos etc? Please move to the correct forum if I am posting in the wrong forum. Thanks Dom
  10. meccadom

    Bologna X - missing dynamic lights

    Thanks and I did contact Simmarket support and received this reply: Greetings!1.05 is a recent version, you can see "Version" tab here:, Alexander That link takes me to Aerosoft Shop where it shows the v1.06 at a special price valid until 09.23.2018. Can you be of any further assistance in obtaining v1.06? Thanks Dom
  11. meccadom

    Missing Jetways at EDDL (LatinVFR) for P3DV4

    Thanks for the reply. I made an error in posting this and did not know how to delete the post ( I still don't know). Please ignore and remove this. Dom
  12. meccadom

    Bologna X - missing dynamic lights

    Thanks, but this is what I see: Dom
  13. meccadom

    Bologna X - missing dynamic lights

    The file available in my account downloads as v1.05 and not as v1.06. I'm confused. where is v1.06? thanks Dom
  14. I purchased EDDL and do not see any jetways at all. Did I not install this correctly? Can anyone help? Thanks Dom