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  1. stretch

    Douglas DC-8 preview (released)

    Is this project the most closely guarded secret in the flight sim world at the minute, I only stumbled upon it yesterday, but wow it looks a beautiful creation. Thank you for posting these latest videos. I loved the engine start especially. Do I take it the old DC8 didn't have an APU so you have to start it from a ground supply, just like the old B707? Thank you for modelling a detailed INS system too, I sometime fly the Captain Sim aircraft with their version of the INS but find it is missing something. I like how your planning to use two units separately. In the real world would one be used to fly the aircraft while the other is updating? I know there is another developer who does a DC8 but it never really appealed to me before seeing this project, I like the older airliners and might very well be tempted with this one. Thank you for all your hard work, I hope it pays off.
  2. stretch

    ENGM taxiway issue

    Hi flusi748, Sorry I forgot to mention my sim in my OP. I am using fsx boxed and the only scenery add on's I use are UTX and GEX from flight1. I was interested in your comment regarding scenery settings and might have to check mine against the recommended ones for the scenery, it might be they have been altered recently and I might not have realised. I will check when I am next on the PC.
  3. stretch

    ENGM taxiway issue

    Typical, you can search for ages for a similar post and not find anything until the moment after you posted a topic. I just found this post regarding the same issue I am experiencing. Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 v1.06 - Crash while taxiing But I notice no fix for the issue yet. Regards.
  4. stretch

    ENGM taxiway issue

    Hi all, I have recently installed the latest version of Oslo from Just Flight, and have flown into the airport twice with the same result. I landed on runway 19R and then used Taxiway P to access the other side of the airport, but when approaching the overbridge on the taxiway the aircraft crashes as if there is an invisible building or structure on the Taxiway. I assume that bridge under the taxiway is what is triggering the crash, but wonder if anyone else has had the same issue? Thanks for any help and Happy flying. David Phillips.
  5. stretch

    Catalina Tutorial

    Hi all, Well I've been flying around in the Cat a while and realised there is a update for Catalina tutorial fix in the downloaded folder from Aerosoft, from when I installed the cat originally. Thing is I can't find no mention of a Catalina Tutorial either in FSX missions or saved flights!............... Can anyone suggest where the folders containing the tutorials might be located, as I can't see any reference in the original download. Just fancied flying the tutorial, guess it will have to wait. Great plane apart from the missing tutorial. Regards.
  6. stretch

    Catalina repaint kit

    Hi Matt, So I thought I had registered my PBY Catalina X. I followed the instructions as they appear in the forum about registering this product although in the Aerosoft Launcher the last two purchases I made from Aerosoft, namely the Catalina and Maldives scenery both appear in the "Catagory Unknown" box in the library and not under Aircraft or Scenery as I would have expected. Each also have the label "installed product up to date" and "Activation not required" and even though I have tried to register these products there are still listed under "Unknown Catagory" Both having been purchased through the Aerosoft online shop as Downloads. So any help you might have will be greatfully taken. Regards
  7. stretch

    Catalina repaint kit

    Hi all, I recently installed the PBY Catalina and have to say brilliant, but I read here that there is a paint kit available for this aircraft and after much searching here I have been unable to find it. Could anyone tell me if the paint kit is still available to download from here, as I fancy having a go at doing a repaint sometime for this bird. Thanks David Phillips.