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    Anchorage X 1.01 update

    Thanks! (I am sorry I overlooked this, probably because the name starts with Simwings and not Aerosoft (like the X-plane variant)). I have also registered my box copy of Mega Airport Amsterdam (named Aerosoft Airport Amsterdam in the update database as you mention above), but then I only see X-plane files (which is strange I guess). No FSX/FS2004 files are shown, this is what I get: Aerosoft - Airport Amsterdam Your Serial AS_AIRPORT-AMSTERDAM_X-PLANE.zip Info: Current DVD version (X-Plane 10 | XPlane 11) I guess something is wrong or am I doing something wrong?
  2. FSXEdgar

    Anchorage X 1.01 update

    Hello, I have the same problem as mentioned in this post: But this topic was closed, so I decided to make a new one: Unfortunately I can't register my recently purchased Anchorage X box (https://support.aerosoft.com/pages/login), so I have no access to the 1.01 update (the launcher confirms there is one though). I have tried to add my product, but the drop down menu only knows about the Anchorage X-Plane version. Can someone please elp me getting 1.01 for FSX (add it to the drop down menu?) Thanks in advance! By the way, also Mega Airport Amsterdam Schiphol FSX/FS2004 is not selectable in drop down menu.