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  1. Kon/nos Iordanidis-Garbes

    Split X: weird ground textures after new APC

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  2. Kon/nos Iordanidis-Garbes

    Split X: weird ground textures after new APC

    Hi Daniel, 0) go to your "Settings - Display / Terrain and water" and keep your "Mesh resolution" to 1m (not less and not more then that)´, can you still see this issue? If this dosen't help then i have some first questions for you. Can you please tell us in which situation you see this issue. 1) When you start directly from LDSP or from the other two airports near it? (LDSR, LDHD) 2) Did you start your course to LDSP from a airport that uses APC? (EDDT, LSZH, LKPR) The file "cvxLDSP_FLAT" includes all relevant landclasses of Croatia (like satelite based shorelines, rivers, villages, autogen) and the right hight of Split airport (which is 23.774 meters above water). Some addons (*for example traffic or even ORBX-Landclasses, but not APC) are installing their own "cvxICAO_FLAT" files which are sometimes over the priority of Split in your list of scenery library. Such files or settings such as below are able to deactivate our project files and people did have simular experiences.. What happens? The default fsx/p3d mesh (driven by the addon) is taking over the "in game" hight-calculation and it can cover even whole airports. In your case and from what i see on your sreenshot, the "cvxLDSP_FLAT" file is active, because i see my own fallback-landclasses! So it looks like that point 0 had a different setting then 1m. Some of my secondary questions: 3) Which priority have LDSP, LKPR and LSZH in your "scenery library" settings? 4) Which Addon/Scenery have higher priopity as those in point 3? 5) Please use the default Cessna (Skyhawk) and tell us which hight did you get on the LDSP-runway, If you see 24.9 Meters then everything is fine with this point. Do not forget to read this:
  3. Kon/nos Iordanidis-Garbes

    BERLIN TEGEL X - Seasonal ground textures issue

    Hallo Skip, this issue is fixed. I am sorry for the inconvenience, Hotfix/Patch will be ASAP available for all.
  4. Hiding Easter eggs!!!

    Some FOD's are too big fiting into the trash can!

  5. Split X limited box edition, 21/3/2015

  6. Αεροδρόμια στο Δουβλίνο και Σπλιτ... Συντομα!!!

  7. Kon/nos Iordanidis-Garbes

    Heraklion X preview (product released, topic closed)

    Can we please keep the level clean for "Heraklion X" ?
  8. Kon/nos Iordanidis-Garbes

    Heraklion X preview (product released, topic closed)

    Πολυ ωραια δουλεια Εμιλιε. Χαιρετισμους Κωνσταντινος.
  9. Kon/nos Iordanidis-Garbes

    Bari taxi signs black back?

    jgoggi This issue has nothing to do with the bgl's, the textures or your hardware, please check your display settings. Wrong settings on Graphics, Aircraft, Scenery, Terrain and water, weather and traffic can cause exacly this problem. Graphics -Turn on the filtering and use "Anisotropic" -Use no unlimited framerate (30~50 frames can be for low-power computers just fine) -please... Deactivate the DirectX-10 view!!! -The Informational text can be a "Single line" -Turn off the "Lens flare" -The Full screen resolution can be hardware related. Aircraft -Use "3-D virtual cockpit" -Turn on "Show cockpit ToolTips" and "High-resolution 3-D virtual cockpit" -give the panel transparency the value 0% -Turn on "Aircraft casts shadows on ground" and "landing-lights illuminate ground" Scenery -detail radius: Large -Mesh complexity: 100 -Mesh resolution: 10m -Texture resolution: 7cm -Water effects: Low 1.x -Turn on the "Land detail textures" -The "Scenery complexity", "Autogen density", "Special effects detail" can be all to maximum. -Turn the "Ground scenery shadows" off. Terrain and water -Keep every thing for the moment at low. -Simple clouds. Traffic (its working fine If you have "Ultimate Traffic 2" for Bari) -Airline traffic density: 14% -General aviathon traffic density: 14% -Airport vehicle density: None -Keep all settings on "Land adn see traffic" at 14%. -Turn off the "Thermic" Those settigns will help you solve the problem. We work on the exact reason of blackshaded taxiway-signs.