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  1. Tobias Nome

    No Safe Docks Oslo

    I have the same issue. I hope the airport will recieve an overhaul some day and recieve full p3d v4 treatment, like Malaga and other airports have.
  2. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Thanks, Jo Erlend. I just had to run the config tool to activate the new textures and now everything is as it should be Consider this topic solved.
  3. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Straight from the sim (winter selected in config tool + date set to 05.01.18), and as you see all other winter textures are in place, but it seems the asphalt and its edges seems like stuck in summer. I should have posted these from the beginning to avoid the previous misunderstandings
  4. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Not that I know of. What might that be? I'll post a screenshot from the sim to show exactly what I mean.
  5. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Yes I've tried that too, but the config tool only changes a few of the textures, not the runway edges and so on.
  6. Tobias Nome

    Oslo season issue

    Hello. I use the Oslo v2 scenery for P3D v4.1, and I noticed that the ground textures don't change with the seasons. To be precise I mean the lack of snow on the runway during winter as well as the taxiway and runway edges not changing. I've looked in the the main texture folder for the scenery, and all the correct files for all seasons are there, but ony the summer textures seem to show in the sim.
  7. Wow that is a pretty cool feature! You guys are really pushing the limits here, making the cockpit a more living environment!
  8. I for one think aerosoft is working really fast on the a330. When did the previews start? early this year? I won't rush them, as I think they are already working faster than most developers on what will surely be a magnificent product. Time flies
  9. wow! friday is now my favourite day of the week!
  10. I was just joking, but thanks for the insight anyway
  11. Whats next? That Google safe search flagges this forum thread as porn?
  12. I actually cut my eyes a bit!
  13. I've got to say I love the wear and tear of the panels - looks a bit more used and realistic Great job, guys!