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  1. dcda

    Black texture, help!

    Glad to help. Happy flying.
  2. dcda

    Black texture, help!

    Most common cause is one texture file has a bad name, or is missing. It might also be caused because the file is corrupted.
  3. dcda

    Check Baro reference captain

    If it repeatedly being set to Standard, it sounds like you may have started your descent and changed to local when descending through FL180. As amahran mentioned, outside the U.S. the altitude may be different than FL180. On approach, you might be able to look on Performance page for the landing information to see what transition altitude is expected at the arrival airport (this may depend upon whether/what airac data is in use).
  4. It has probably been considered, but if not, it may be useful to investigate moving to GIMP for the bitmaps and texturing. That would eliminate some licensing fees. Of course there would be an initial "learning curve," but for the basic tasks this would be small. The switch would also make repainting more accessible to the users. Every time I do a repaint, my first steps are to load the photoshop files into GIMP, then adjust the layering. I continue on from there, working only with that program. It has always been adequate for the purpose.