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  1. Welcome back, Neal. Come in an' have one on us.
  2. dcda

    round the world in 80 days

    Thanks Mathijs, I only just saw this, but I might be crazy enough...
  3. I normally do not like to quote with pictures, but this deserves...
  4. 2017-08-27 [129]: Innsbruck [LOWI] into Paderborn-Lipptsadt [EDLP], Germany Wow. End to some of the best fun with pleasant friends. I must again mention my late departure. I think my friends waited one entire hour for me to finally arrive. Regrets for the delay, and thank you. Special thanks and recognition to Toby for taking the hook to sheppard us through these many months, along with the many extra hours he gave for the route planning and decisions. And, of course, gratitude to Aerosoft for sponsoring, allowing us the server space for our photo-captures. A gift at the end is so very generous, no further words are inadequate. To the flight: LOWI 08.RTT1Q.RTT ERKIR UL608 TEDGO UN851 LOHRE Z850 BADGO Y867 PELUN.PELU2H.ILS24 EDLP Once I was informed that I was behind, the preparations and departure were rushed. No time for photos. Then there were only clouds. And, towards the end, thunderstorms with ferocious lightning the likes of which I had never before seen (and hope never again to see). But then, the clouds broke over Paderborn and the Moon was out. On my final final for this tour. Knowing my friends were waiting to watch me touch down, even in the darkness I was fully attentive to make a decent landing (or try, anyway). Here's my view of the line-up, with the airport environment after shutdown. Only installing joinFS very recently, my aircraft types were not all correctly set, but good enough. (Paderborn-Lipptsadt from German Airports 3, by Aerosoft) By the way -- way, way back in late 2015, Fabian Boulegue made us a signature image for the tour. I have been waiting quite some time to be able to use it honestly; only now can I say: "I did it!" The badge is available at http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/99553-small-badget-for-all/ but, it is a little too tall for the new forum software and must be shrunk down. (Or, just "steal" my copy )
  5. Well, it must be confessed that someone was confused about time (thinking 19:00 was the departure, not arrival). So, a big thanks to my friends for patiently waiting the minutes for my arrival, that was so special.
  6. I've a strong repulsion to installing P3Dv4 on this old machine, but you guys are tempting me.
  7. Made it to home stretch! (Nice picture looking back to Corfu).
  8. Oh, come on, here's a Dreamlifter taking off on an 1860 M runway. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5UiAd2c-MM
  9. FSDreamTeam FlightBeam 29Palms FlyTampa made a joint statement saying that they would end FSX development (meaning "No new products"). http://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/2017/7/4/29palmsflightbeamflytampafsdt-we-say-goodbye-to-fsx There is a discussion of this at alpha-india: http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?topic=25634.0 I remember a post (a month or so back) in which Mathijs said he thought FSX would be finished in just months, and it looks like that is coming to pass. My experience in the past six months is more and more OOMs and crashes. These days I have less desire to fly because of these problems. I could work on this and tweak the system to remove or eliminate most of these, but that can turn into "chasing the demon." If I switched to P3D today, this machine could not support the same settings, but at least the OOMs would stop and I could more fully enjoy flying and not system management. Of course, people have different experiences and priorities. Everyone has a different "break even" point -- what they will give up, what they want to keep. Even some people still have FS9, same situation I guess.
  10. 2017-06-27 [126]: Nice [LFMN] to Zurich [LSZH], Switzerland While preparing the cockpit, one of those British Airway A319's in the "Dove" livery taxied by (in the background is an [?A340?] from the State of Kuwait, here in Nice on "government business"). LFMN 04R.BASI6A.BASIP BERAB Z651 DESIP Z651 CANNE UZ651 KELIP.KEIL2G.GIP34.ILS34 LSZH Nasty weather coming over the Alps, the seatbelt sign on for most of the trip due to the heavy turbulence. That KEIL STAR is quite interesting, which I suppose is necessary because of all of the flights in the area. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 2017-06-28 [127]: Zurich [LSZH] to Friedrichshaven [EDNY], Germany LSZH 14.ZUE2A.ZUE GARMO.GARM1P.ILS24 EDNY Very short flight, did not even turn off the landing lights. Parked next to a Germania bird 2017-06-28 [128]: Friedrichshaven [EDNY] - Innsbruck [LOWI], Austria It would not be believable, but the weather leaving Friedrichshaven was worse than that coming into Zurich -- absolutely monstrous turbulence. EDNY 24.BEMK2W.BEMKI Y326 XEBIX.XEBI1B.LOCW26 LOWI Fortunately, that worst part did not continue for the entire flight, but it was still cloudy. And those mountain peaks, peeking through, were not looking friendly. Got a preview of the airport before we continued down through the muck and that "visual at the end" approach. At least at Paro we could see what we were doing during the descent and approach. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ [Simmer's Note] Since Nice each of the two pairs of airports for a flight have been too demanding of memory to allow a clean flight. Several attempts just OOM'ed out, a couple of cases tried to OOM, but the timing was "just right" so I was left with "pale" textures and no more textures loaded. Ugly. Much as I have a distaste for the licensing question, I will probably switch to P3D in the next few months. (Trying to minimize the loss of investment on various add-ons.) The only question is whether there will be a "small" install on the present machine, or waiting on the switch until the new processors are released for a new machine. Anyway, I hope to fit in a couple-three flights in this area before the final return. But, the summer heat has finally arrived in full force.
  11. You hit that nail on the head. Nothing but FSX on my 500 GB drive, but I still desperately need to install a larger disk right now or I must remove some things. I have the disk, but want to make the jump to one of the 64-bit sims, . . . but that means a new machine, so that is delayed. And I certainly understand about the time. Poetry reading every week, which means I need time to write. Oh, and by the way, nice route through the Alps. Highly respectable. But for me again with the time thing -- and I am still "full-up" with mountains after the Andes.
  12. Well, I guess they can't track you so easily with a SAM if you're flying something that small across the border.
  13. Hi Axel, I have a habit of collecting things before I use them. The government and vip stuff had been sitting on my disk for probably for at least two years. I only started to install them as we were passing through India. (Many still not in use.) When looking for paints, I always look (more or less) in this order: http://www.juergenbaumbusch.de/ (he has a vip/government collection, a few flightplans) http://www.flyingcarpet75.com/ (also has a vip/government collection and flightplans) https://jcai.dk/ (same story, but a more of the occasional or individual special/extra/missing paints) (the location given in the repaint.txt / aifp.cfg file in the flightplan package) AVSIM http://unitedtrafficteam.com/ (mostly Eastern Europe and Russia) Flightsim For flightplans, I now check the AIG forums (at http://alpha-india,net group) during the Summer and Winter schedule times. They also have "unofficial" flightplan discussion threads by individuals (I think somewhere in those forums were the main VIP / government flightplans [summer 14, summer 16] for A319/320/321, B737-700/800/900, 747, 757, 777, 787. By Stephen Croft and Marvin Minere ["MMAI"]) There are also some older (and new) files on in the file directories: http://www.alpha-india.net/aigfiles/files/Flightplans/ AVSIM is surprisingly good. In particular, a gentleman named Jeroen Eekhof ["Fontier"] makes medium and small-sized airlines. A few at jcai.dk and unitedtrafficteam.com I will defer any talk about AI aircraft models.
  14. 2017-06-24 [125]: Valencia [LEVC] to Nice Cote d'Azur [LFMN], France LEVC 12.SOPE4B.SOPET UM985 BCN UN870 MAXIR.[vectors].ILSZ04R LFMN Not only the airport, but the harbor at Valencia was seeing some traffic. More trouble with traffic. It looks like some of the routes created by UT2 were not honoring the correct level separations. And that airspace over the North-western Mediterranean has a spider-web of crossing paths -- Germany to and from the Balearics and Southern Spain to Southern France. I had one encounter directly head-on (>900 knots closure rate). Several layers of clouds over the Nice area. One lower layer obscured the view of the airport, only after breaking through it became clear that the ILS signal was not well-aligned to the runway. I guess it is not surprising to find VIPs at Nice. The 747 owned by [Saudi] Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was parked. And show in this image, an Airbus A319CJ, operated by Global Jet Luxembourg (rumored to be owned by a Russian company). With the summer heat coming on, it is about time to finish up this set of legs and wait for the last flight.