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  1. Car traffic simulator?

    I guessed that answer to come at a point. I belong to the last dozen of Germans without a car, maybe because I spend too much money for flightsim addons instead of a car Those wanting to learn driving don't have a car (yet) either and those below 17 don't have it in general. Kind regards, Michael
  2. It just occurred to me why Aerosoft doesn't produce any car traffic simulator. I know there's the bus simulator and there's a highway police simulator. There are a host of car racing sims available from several makes, but there are very few simulators available for just normal traffic simulation. The very few driving school sims I know are way outdated with graphics resembling a C64. There's of cause BeamNG based on excellent graphics which, however, is more geared towards physics than traffic and cities. Given Aerosoft has sceneries for several large cities already available from the bus simulator, it shouldn't be too hard to make a car simulator sporting features like an integrated driver's school as well as a free driving mode. Kind regards, Michael
  3. Update for GA Pro Hamburg

    Thanks Fabian for taking care, just bought it an it worked now. Kind regards, Michael
  4. Update for GA Pro Hamburg

    That's fine Mathijs, thanks and kind regards, Michael
  5. Update for GA Pro Hamburg

    I'll send you the serial, thanks for replying Kind regards, Michael
  6. Hi, I tried to buy German Airports Hamburg Pro as an update. I am an owner of German Aiports 3 (2012). I inserted the serial into the proper field and pressed the button right to it, but the payable sum remains the same even after proceedig to the next page. I tried it trice with the same result, the procedure worked for me on former Professional airports. Could you check or help me how to proceed? Thanks and kind regards, Michael
  7. By providing server space for downloads, I think. Kind regards, Michael
  8. Wouldn't this be great as it shows commitment from Aerosoft? Kind regards, Michael
  9. I am really looking forward to Aerosoft Addons for this baby, notably for Germany. As I read, Helgoland will make a start which will be a sure buy for me. Kind regards, Michael
  10. Sacramento Airport

    Maybe they are afraid it OOMs even 64 bits Prepar3d? That's been the only scenery I had reproducible OOMs with under Prepar3d3. Kind regards, Michael
  11. My first products from Aerosoft were Szenerieerweiterung Deutschland by Prof. Sundermann for FS4. Honestly, we had great and less good times - after I switched to Prepar3d early in 2012 - in-between. Anyway, Aerosoft is on a good track with the Pro product line now. Kind regards, Michael
  12. Love it! Helgoland for Professionals. Hope it will play well with ORBX GEN from the outset. Kind regards, Michael
  13. Fully agree. One more AeroflyFS2 lover here. Now, that an SDK and appropriate tools are available, Germany for AeroflyFS2 would be a rewarding task indeed. Actually, we could make Photoscenery + Cultivation ourselves, however, at least the Cultivation tools are still awkward, scenery cannot be redistributed, POIs are missing etc. A professionally made Germany for AeroflyFS2 would certainly be a winner. You may keep in mind, that the user base of AeroflyFS2 is still small, however, a relatively high percentage of AeroflyFS2 users is willing to spend money on it given the limited Addon range available so far, even more, when it will be out of Early Access. Kind regards, Michael
  14. Napoli and Madeira Autogen vs. ORBX

    I have been using AutogenConfigurationMerger for quite some time now, not yet for Madeira, but for some other Sceneries. It is a really clever solution and has been working flawlessly. If you use SimStarter, it does even have a configuration entry for it, so it can be run silently in the backgroud and doing its work while starting the sim (otherwise you may be asked to restart the sim if it detects that FTX Central removed your entries). Will try it with Madeira when I find time. Aside this, I think a final and working autogen merging solution by LM is overdue. Kind regards, Michael
  15. If you refer to Technobrain, I wouldn't call it freeware quality However, it is very pricey and orderdering is so complicated without a degree in Kanji writing, I will not even try it. Still waiting for Wing Creation, maybe for another couple of years. They are very slow in even adapting their present sceneries to Prepar3d, or even Prepar3d3, if this matters. Kind regards, Michael