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  1. Berlin Brandenburg P3Dv4.x

    Meines Wissens ja, und den hätte ich auch gern. Viele Grüße, Michael
  2. Berlin Brandenburg P3Dv4.x

    Nein. Ich kann Dir aber die Antwort sagen: Wir testen alle unsere 300+ Produkte. Bei den meistens sind wir nur Distributor. Wo die Veröffentlichung einer Prepar3d4-Version abzusehen ist, veröffentlichen wir hier eine Nachricht bzw. Screenshots und nehmen sie in die Kompatibilitätsliste auf. Was EDDB anbelangt, hat der für mich persönlich wenig Priorität. Mir würde es reichen, wenn der zur Eröffnung des realen Airports verfügbar ist - so die jemals stattfindet. Und einen Schönheitswettbewerb gewinnt der - schon im Original - ohnehin nicht. Viele Grüße, Michael
  3. Thanks, Tom, for the quick help. That did the job indeed. These little Gremlins... Kind regards, Michael
  4. Hi, I keep getting the time of the latest forum entry displayed as "%d min" in the condensed view since a few weeks now (latest forum softare update?). I already emptied the cache which didn't help. Same with Chrome and IE. Any idea what's going wrong on my or the server's end? Thanks and kind regards, Michael

    Here is a more non-standard solution: It injects real-time (and if you set it to do so, time-delayed by up to 24 hrs) air traffic into your sim. I run it for Prepa3d4 under Win 10 and networked which has nearly no performance impact compared to usual AI programs, and without throtteling traffic or such. Ground traffic (where transponders are usually off) is build by an intelligent algorithm. Doesn't work perfect, but pretty well, and I find it fascinating (even for plane-spotting) to have real-world traffic in the sim. There are a few caveats in order, though: (i) There are no models inlcuded, but you can use pretty much any like MT6, UT2, UTL, even freeware, (ii) the program itself is free but you need a subscription for the server providing the data which costs 60 $/year (there are shorter-time licenses available, too), (iii) installation is a bit nasty, but if you strictly follow the manual it works. Kind regards, Michael
  6. Austria Professional HD for P3D v4?

    Thanks for the reply. I tried to contact them via mail w.r.t. to another matter 3 years ago and am still waiting for an answer. Kind regards, Michael
  7. Austria Professional HD for P3D v4?

    There is a somewhat cryptic statement on the Flugwerk site. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Neue Option zum Reparieren der Autogen Beschreibung (neue Schaltfläche im Setup auf der Willkommens-Seite). Speziell bei Verwendung von FTX Central von ORBX werden unsere Autogen Beschreibungen gelöscht. Dies hat zur Folge, dass im Szenerie Gebiet plötzlich keine Autogen-Bäume mehr sichtbar sind. Mit dieser Option können diese auf einfache Weise wiederhergestellt werden. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I own the East package (not installed yet) and might go for the West now (for Prepar3d4) but I would like to make sure they play nice with ORBX in advance. This would be the case using e.g. an AutogenConfigurationMerger-based solution were missing entries are reintroduced upon Simulator start, if removed (by, e.g., ORBX FTX Central) and they can coexist. However, I would leave it alone if they adopted a solution a la French VFR being unusable in conjunction with FTX. I am certainly not going to ditch my 100+ titles ORBX collection for Austria. Thanks for any comnment on this, Michael
  8. This is a problem with ORBX which has been noted on their forum. I hit a similar issue at Oslo (in FTX Norway) which was acknowledged, too. It is the result of some modifications introduced by Lockheed Martin in Prepar3d4 which ORBX obviously overlooked. I didn't follow up the topic closely, but I think the latest LM hotfix corrected some flawed modifications by LM, but ORBX may still have to do some work on their sceneries. Kind regards, Michael
  9. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    Hi Oliver, I disabled the three EDDT files in FTX GEN (I think that's the Simflight fix you referred to) and enabled the Aerial images in AS EDDT. This still leaves a huge field clear of Autogen close to the Main Station. In compliance with Kai-Uwe's findings I would suggest FTX GEN users just switch off the AS EDDT Aerials which works pretty well. I am also under the impression performance got a slight boost after the fix, ...but this might be placebo. I get 22-24 fps now with GEN in the background which I can live with (given I use pretty/too high settings). After all, EDDT is much more beautiful than that non-Airport to the South of Berlin. Kind regards, Michael
  10. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    No, I didn't modify FTX GEN yet. Will check this later today. Kind regards, Michael
  11. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    I did this already yesterday, with photoreal on FTX GEN autogen is still suppressed as it was before. Kind regards, Michael
  12. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    Just made a short text flight from EDDT with FTX Germany North and using the Photoreal off option Autogen is in place again. Thanks for the quick fix and kind regards, Michael
  13. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    Thanks from my side for the explanation, too. I have been certainly among the first Aerosoft customers, still have the Prof. Sundermann FS4 Germany sceneries on my shelf. I am more than happy if Aerosoft is "trying to get back to old times". Count me among those being thankful for taking up the ball again. I for one am prepared to pay what I consider a fair upgrade fee to get my AS scenery collection up to date and into Prepar3d4. Kind regards, Michael
  14. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    Bus this title certainly didn't come from Kai-Uwe I will test your fix tonight. Best, Michael
  15. EDDT Pro P3D V4 - no Autogen near Airport

    That's understood, of course. Kind regards, Michael