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    Online wind

    MCDU options weather setting is only for the AOC ATIS weather message. The fpln Weather is read from the corresponding *.wx file in the pmdg\wx folder or from a file created by active sky.
  2. masterhawk

    Spoiler Warning

    If you fly with auto throttle it is not a joystick problem, else try setting a deadzone. Next, are you extending the speed brake full? Try settings 1/4 or 1/2. I have the speed brake on one axis of my saitek throttle. Your speedbrake setting is likely to much, so thrust is added—>message
  3. masterhawk

    Wind Request Returns No Value

    The setting “sim weather” in the options mcdu is only for the AOC weather ATIS messages. The uplink weather for the fpln is loaded from the corresponding *.wx file in [fs root]\PMDG\WX or from a file generated by Active Sky.
  4. masterhawk


    Hi, sind request does only work if you load the same fpln in active sky and the mcdu. Yes the arr wx atis message is buggy. I added it to the list. Most of time it takes long to get the weather data. Most people reported something around 8min.
  5. masterhawk

    Wind shear warning

    Wind shear is not part of the default weather engine. The weather radar is reading the weather from the sim. So, no wind shear.
  6. masterhawk

    Spoiler Warning

    Hi, the trigger for the message is just the engine vs. spd brk. There is no soft warning. At that is how it is modeled. I never had any problems during my flights. Can you please post a screenshot of the PFD with FCU and EWD when it happens again?
  7. masterhawk

    Possible issue with ND

    Did several flights, never had your problmes.
  8. masterhawk

    Wind Request CTD A318/319

    Also no problem here.
  9. masterhawk

    P3D v4

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. masterhawk

    P3D v4

  11. masterhawk

    Problem on load with P3D

    What is your P3Dv4 version? 4.3 is minimum. Also a lot people with 4.3 had the same problems, that could be solved by a fresh full install of P3Dv4.
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    MCDU PROG page and keypad

    I can confirm your issue. I added it to the list. OPT FL and REC MAX have to rise during flight.
  13. masterhawk

    MCDU PROG page and keypad

    What I can tell you is this from FCOM: The optimum flight level (OPT FL) indicates the most economic flight level for a given cost index, weight, weather data. It is continuously updated in flight. It requires a 5 min minimum cruise time, at a minimum cruise flight level of FL 100. The OPT FL is a compromise between fuel and time saving. As a result, the flight crew may observe jumps in OPT FL due to GW, ISA, or wind changes. The computation of the OPT FL takes into account the wind entries made by the flight crew, as well as the winds propagated by the FMS from previously entered winds. Note: For simplification purposes, the FCOM/QRH gives the OPT FL at a given Mach number. It does not consider the cost index, therefore the FMGS and the FCOM/QRH values are different.
  14. And is an abnormal procedure. Of course it should not happen, but it will be no problem if you follow the SOP.
  15. And set a exclusion of the folder in your AV software.
  16. masterhawk

    MCDU not iluminated?

    I don’t know what you want to show with the overhead. But the switch for pedestal integ light is on the pedestal. Will test later if this illuminates the pop up MCDU.
  17. masterhawk

    Zurich Professional and FTX Germany South?

    Good starting point is the hotfix list.
  18. masterhawk

    Possible issue with ND

    Can you please also show the F-PLN page on the MCDU? It looks like somehow the airport point is sequenced in the f-plan and not the rwy waypoint.
  19. masterhawk

    Black Overhead?

    To long path name. P3Dv4 can only handle 256 characters. Try another (shorter) install location.
  20. masterhawk

    Remote MCDU Issue

    It is on the list. I have the same problem.
  21. masterhawk

    Cannot upload winds on networked sim

    The bus is reading the data from a file of AS. That is stored somewhere on C: under AppData. Will have to check where exactly. You will now have to copy this file from your network pc to the correct location on your sim PC. Maybe you can use mklink to make a virtual connection. Google for mklink.
  22. masterhawk

    How do I load a flight plan into the FMS?

    This is an Airbus with complete different systems.
  23. masterhawk

    Speed selector button

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  24. masterhawk

    PFD popup Vspeeds

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. masterhawk

    Speed selector button

    From FCOM: Note: With engines running, the flight crew can select a speed on the FCU only after takeoff (5 s after lift-off). You should be able to dial something with engines off. At first engine start it will revert to managed.