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  1. If I remember correct, Mathijs told some days ago, that it will be some pop up solution.
  2. LIMJ and LIMC vs P3D v4.1

    Hi some weeks ago I was in contact with David. He was working on Milano Malpensa (e.g. dynamic lightning). But he is also working on Ben Gurion at the moment. It will take time. There is nothing Aerosoft can do. We have to wait until David is ready. For Milano I have uploaded a light fix for P3Dv4.1:
  3. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Is there any old file in scenery\world\scenery from LPPS? There should be a new one. You can try this, besides a few fixes it includes highres mesh for LPPS. Maybe its helping.
  4. Rome fsx, Runway 36W?

    Hi try this, it was compiled with P3Dv4 SDK, but may work in FSX. You have to replace the LIRF_AF.bgl I removed the water runway and merged the doubel mainrunways. But there are still a lot other. LIRF_ADEP4_Bob.bgl
  5. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Hi, what is the version of the installer? Which sim are you using? Any old LPPS addon left on your system? Scenery order correct? Have you checked/ did you follow number 1, 2, 3 and 5 of this post?
  6. Da dieser Thread beantwortet wurde haben wir ihn geschlossen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben können Sie jederzeit einen Neuen öffnen.
  7. Berlin Tegel v2 - no runway lights

    No problem, that was my old setup before the Pro versions where released. I'm on Pro from day one. But from the logic it shold work for FSX and P3Dv1-3, it's just a matter of paths.
  8. manchester airport few issues

    You are using My Traffic? Have you deactivated the AFCAD for Manchester in MyTraafic. This traffic addon delivers own AFCAD. Are you using ORBX England? If yes try deactivating any EGCC related file inside ORBX.
  9. Yes, posted yesterday by Mathijs. Just read back, before the VRAM started.
  10. Every Programm that can create a wx-file in the PMDG format is sufficient. There is no need for a specific addon.
  11. HOTFIX Liste

    Vor einiger Zeit habe ich im englischen Teil des Forums eine Liste mit Links zu allen Fixes und Updates, die nicht in einem offiziellen Update enthalten sind, erstellt. Da nicht jeder englisch kann und vmtl manche deshalb im englischen Teil auch nicht reinschauen, hier der Link zur Liste. Ich versuche die Liste halbwegs aktuell zu halten.
  12. Missing AirPort

    That is most likely not possible. We use the LIDO database from Lufthansa. They only add, what they or their professional customers (airlines) require.
  13. Napoli X buildings and trees issue

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. GCLA: Some autogen houses are in the air

    Hi please read this:
  15. After P3d V4.2 update, read inside

    Mr. @geir_haukland, with all respect, it is still my opinion, that the issue is on your system. Even if you expressed your disinterest to my help with the downvote of my upper post, I tested all three airports as promised. And: They are working in 4.2(Client only)+SODE+FSUIPC+RAAS Pro+GSX+Addon Manager+APC+PMDG So even if you have 30 years experience in flightsim and you know what you are doing, some tips / hints from my side: - is your FTX Central (Objectflow) really the latest? Currently the 4.2 compatible version ( is only offered via the opt-in fastlane - have you crosschecked that SODE is really working correct and that the relevant folders are registered in the simobjects.cfg? - are you using a bug free FSUIPC? (5.123c is messing a lot and 5.122a should be used) That's all from me. Have a nice day!
  16. LIMC Missing Buidings

    Have you installed LIMC with admin rights? What version are you running? 1.14 is the latest. Is any other scenery for LIMC above LIMC? Is the scenery library entry for LIMC active? The Jetways are displayed via SODE.
  17. After P3d V4.2 update, read inside

    @geir_haukland Ok, will check all three this evening. But only one is AS. Not all three. Mopperle had ENHF working, so there is most likely something with your setup.
  18. After P3d V4.2 update, read inside

    ENHF is from ORBX?—>updated objectflow.dll? ENGM—> requires Sode, still active? ESSA ORBX or Aerosoft?
  19. Berlin Tegel v2 - no runway lights

    Hi, most likely it is an installer issue. There are 4 airports using APC. Some installers check if there is already APC installed, if yes, they skip it. Unfortunately, they also skip adding airport specific files and entries to the APC folder. Check if you have the ResourcesEDDT.dll in your AirportController Folder. If this is your problem, best solution is to install an APC airport, make an backup of it's AirportController Folder, uninstall and go ahead to the next. When you have all backups, install all airports and copy back the missing files and edit the apc.cfg. Be aware there are different APC Versions: LKPR 1.05: LSZH 1.04: LDSP 1.43: EDDT ???? jetwaypatch: -> used during testing Attached my apc.cfg and a screenshot the APC folder. apc.cfg
  20. MA Prague and FSLabs A320

    Hi, you can try to ask the developer directly:
  21. Napoli X buildings and trees issue

    Have you ever set the insertion point into the library for ORBX products inside ftx Central? It should be just above the default scenery of P3D.
  22. Mega Airport Prag P3D V4

    Ich habs am laufen, aber schon im Oktober/Nov umgestellt. Alles kein Problem. Ist halt viel händische arbeit.
  23. Napoli X buildings and trees issue

    All ORBX should be below your Napoli. Can you post a screenshot of your scenery library, please?
  24. Mega Airport Prag P3D V4

    Hallo, ich habe zwar keine Info wie es mit nem neuen Programm aussieht, aber hier ist eine Anleitung, wie es in P3DV4 installiert werden kann.
  25. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    The installer will use the root folder. you can redirect it to wherever you want, but you then maybe have to manually adjust some things.