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    Problem mit Skiathos X

    Manuell bedeutet, dass du die scenery (nachdem der Installer durchgelaufen ist) von Hand in der Scenery Library einbinden.
  2. masterhawk

    LIMJ and LIMC vs P3D v4.1

    Hi @fyase82, if I remember correct, dynamic lights have never been part of Genoa and have never been advertised on the product page. Your request for a refund should not be discussed in the forum. Please, contact directly
  3. masterhawk

    Steam Aerosoft & P3d Upgrade

    Hi, bitte direkt an den wenden. Da ausführlich und nachvollziehbar dein Problem schildern. Evtl. lässt sich ja eine Lösung finden.
  4. masterhawk

    Santorini X

    Hi Yanis, can you post the content of the SNdefaultCode.txt, please? According to step 5, you have to copy that content, but I don’t have the file to take a look into it.
  5. The external model was not touched. So the existing liveries will fit.
  6. masterhawk

    LPMA trees at runway

    What sim? What LPMA: older one or evolution? What Version number?
  7. masterhawk

    Malpensa and Fiumicino: jetways disappeared

    And next: is your GSX the latest built?
  8. masterhawk

    SODE Jetway issues at LIMC

    Hi just a guess. Did you install prior the non Pro Malpensa? If yes, did you do a proper uninstall? Maybe there are the old SODE files left in c:\program data\12bpilot\ xml and simobjects folder. Uninstall Malpensa. Check there are no limc related files left. Then install Malpensa Pro again. Other Option: are you running the Config tool with admin rights? Somehow it can not deactivate the ctrl-j file. So you get both sets of jetways.
  9. masterhawk

    Malpensa and Fiumicino: jetways disappeared

    Makerwys should have no effect like this. That tool is only reading the files and creates a bunch of own files. The airports you mentioned are using SODE. Is that still running fine? You can also try to reinstall that airports.
  10. masterhawk

    Problem with my Madeira scenery

    Bitte zuvor im Shop die aktuelle Version 1.05a runterladen. 1.02 ist sehr alt und wird nicht mehr unterstützt.
  11. masterhawk

    Problem with my Madeira scenery

    Hallo, schaue bitte mal nach, ob folgende Dateien deaktiviert (in einen neuen Unterordner verschieben, oder Dateiendung in off umbenennen) sind: In FSX/scenery/0502/scenery APX43200.bgl CVX4320.bgl Wenn du eine FSX-Reparatur durchgeführt hast, kann es sein, dass diese default Dateien wieder reaktiviert wurden. Die Intallerversion steht rechts oben, wenn du ihn ausführst.
  12. masterhawk

    Problem with my Madeira scenery

    I looks, like there is an other AFCAD active. Any traffic addon or other old Madeira scenery? What Version is your installer? Did you run it as admin? Check also this post:
  13. masterhawk

    Update für Polish Aiports auf P3dV4

    Bitte direkt an schreiben und das Anliegen genau schildern. Da sollte am besten geholfen werden können.
  14. masterhawk

    Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Hi @Jo Erlend, will the new (opened 2009) military terminal be included?
  15. What aircraft are you using? The entry in the aircraft.cfg are read by the sim and then the ATC is selecting the proper “gate” according to the entries in the AFCAD. Airline Coding, Aircraft type/size
  16. Yes, this will be modeled, as it was already modeled in the old bus.
  17. masterhawk


    If you are using an addon scenery, you can edit the AFCAD with the AirportDesignEditor.
  18. masterhawk

    Heathrow Jetway Patches

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  19. Indeed, the NEO is not part of this development.
  20. masterhawk

    EDDM P3D 4.2 Jetways

    And the old EDDM linked by Tom has static Jetways. Just installing SODE does not make every jetway on an airport addon movable. The scenery developer has to implement the SODE function during development. And it is a lot work for every single jetway. Old addons that where released prior SODE 1.0 was released can’t have SODE support. And also nowadays not every developer is supporting SODE with his scenery. Some animate none, some just animate a few jetways at a big airport, other take the challenge and animate all 100+ jetways of a big airport. So read carefully the feature list of an addon.
  21. masterhawk

    Heathrow Jetway Patches

    Have you looked here:
  22. masterhawk

    Fairbanks PAFA, no buildings at all.

    The part he is showing, is the xml part in the scenery library.
  23. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  24. masterhawk

    Fairbanks PAFA, no buildings at all.

    Try to disable all files in teh FTX SAK folder containing PAFA in the filename. Can you also post a screenshot of your scenery library, plesae?