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  1. Hello, the most of you know that we have modeled the HI ALT LANDING pb-sw in the Aerosoft Bus Professional. To make it more realistic for you to operate the Aircraft in such scenario, I created a document with the procedures. This is 100% like IRL. My source was a current FCOM from an airline operating on such airports. Hight Altitude Airport Operations.pdf A good starting point for such flights is of course a list of these airports: The highest of these airports are in China and not covered in P3D. So my original intention was to create a good freeware for you. Unfortunately I have not enough time and my scenery design skills are not very good. So I made only some very light AFCAD: ZUDC_ADEP4_Bob-fix.bgl ZUDC_ADEP4_Bob-fix_CVX.bgl ZUBD_ADEP4_Bob.bgl ZUBD_ADEP4_Bob_CVX.bgl ZUDC is using fake frequencies for the ILS34 (IOI, 111.00). I added only one, according to sat image. ZUBD is based on a chart; ILS14 (IOO, 110.50). Both airports are georeferenced to satimage. I have access to a really good source. If you want to be able to program the FMS you have to add the relevant data to your cycle. But beware, you will do this on your own risk, no support! 1. Add these Data to the "Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX NavData\Airports.txt": A,ZUBD,CHANGDU,30.555939,97.106703,14219,20600,24600,18044,0 R,13,130,18044,148,1,110.500,130,30.570521,97.092736,14219,3.00,49,0,0 R,31,310,13780,148,0,000.000,310,30.541334,97.120580,14219,0.00,49,0,0 L,13,IOO,ZUBD 13 ILS CAT 1,110.500,30.530891,97.130517,130,-0.7,30.568894,97.095699,14219,3.00,1 M,30.580552,97.083040,14219,1,13,130 M,30.620585,97.044826,14219,2,13,130 A,ZUDC,DAOCHENG-YADING,29.315435,100.063184,14472,20600,24600,13780,0 R,16,160,13780,148,0,0.000,160,29.3349,100.0541,14472,0.00,49,0,0 R,34,340,13780,148,1,111.000,340,29.2968,100.0664,14472,3.00,49,0,0 L,34,IOI,ZUDC 34 ILS CAT 1,111.000,29.3371,100.0534,340,1.16,29.3017,100.0667,14472,3.00,1 2. Add these data to the "Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX NavData\Navaids.txt": O,O,326.000,0,0,195,30.34.49N97.04.59E,14219,ZP,0,1,-0.7 DAO,DAOCHENG,113.000,1,1,195,29,3583,100.0463,14472,ZP,0,0,1.16 3. Add these files to the Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX NavData\PROC folder: ZUBD.txt ZUDC.txt
  2. Hi, I will test myself. Does this Problem also occur if set the target CRZ FL from beginning and let manage the AP/FMS the alt constraint? Regarding your screenshot number 10. There is a target speed: 97kt below the tape. Of course way to low.
  3. masterhawk

    2D MCDU illumination at night

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  4. masterhawk

    HOTFIX list

    Hi, the Intention of this post is to have one single source for hotfixes, that are not released in an installer or via the shop account. Here we go: EDDH Prof LEMG LEMG Prof LIMJ LXGB Prof Hotfix outdated by release v1.10 EDDT Prof LEPA, LEIB, LEMH (Evolution Version ONLY, not for Professional) TNCB LGKR KDAB EDDF Prof 1.10 EDNY Prof Hotfix outdated by release of V1.10 LPMA LIRN MYNN ENGM Hotfix outdated by release of V1.13 LIRF ENTC ENAT ENVA ENVY LSZH Prof LIMC Prof PANC Prof Hotfix outdated by release of V1.11 GCLA GCLA Prof ENBR EDLW Prof EDDS Prof Hotfix outdated by release of V1.10 rev2 EDDB Prof Hotfix outdated by release of V1.01 LIPE Balearen LEIB LEMH Prof EGLL Prof LSZB v4
  5. masterhawk

    Altitude Constraint problem

    This 100ft problem is known. But it is a bigger problem, if I understood the dev correct.
  6. I can ask the dev if there was something modified for IAE in regard of flex calc. Only thing that was modified is the CLB perf of the 320IAE. I will look into the intersection calculation. Maybe it can be added.
  7. Hi, for flex with IAE there are some rules. A flex of 76 is not allowed. TFLEXMAX at sea level is 70degree. Less if you are higher. I also have FCOM that state as max 57 and 60, depending on engine. There are more rules. I’m not sure if wabpro is calculating all correct. These calculations are very Engine depending. Also how old is an engine. An official departure tool should be reference and not an online tool. You should use the built in flex temp calc.
  8. masterhawk

    MCDU can't align IRS

    You need at least to enter DEP/ARR airports on INIT A before you can start align.
  9. Hi, the constraints in that SID are at or above. When you enter the weights the predictions replace the magenta constraints. All fine. From FCOM:
  10. masterhawk

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    Hi, I will test on weekend. But until now I had no problems.
  11. masterhawk

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    Hi, I will test on weekend. But until now I had no problems.
  12. masterhawk

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    Thanks, will try to recreate at weekend. I‘m on business trip currently.
  13. masterhawk

    MCDU WINDS not available

    The Airbus will look for: "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Hifi\AS_P3Dv4\Weather\current_wx_snapshot.txt" or "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Hifi\AS_P3Dv4\Weather\activeflightplanwx.txt". Don't know which one is the correct at the moment. If that is not present, it will look into "E:\Prepar3D v4\PMDG\WX\SKBOSEQM.wx" for example.
  14. masterhawk

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    There is a minimum info required to look into it: TEMP/QNH FLEX FLAP TOW AC Type Airport/RWY
  15. masterhawk

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    Was that the FLEX calculated by the airbus or did you changed it yourself? What was the outside TEMP/QNH?
  16. masterhawk

    PFD pitch

    Can't reproduce. Please provide some info, how to reproduce.
  17. masterhawk

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    Ok, did a departure with 321 IAE from SKBO. An higher airport with GW of 87t. No Problem so far.
  18. masterhawk

    KG - LBS on MCDU

    Can reproduce, added to list. PERF-pages and F-PLN B is not switching.
  19. masterhawk

    MCDU WINDS not available

    Just did a departure, working flawless. F-PLN in AS16 and in the Bus is the same? We talk about the F-PLN wind uplink? AS is not on a network PC running?
  20. masterhawk

    Midflight loss of engines

    Ok, then is something really strange. The center should be emptied first, then the wings. There is no reason, why the bus should switch of the pumps by itself. As said I was not able to reproduce. Can you please test again?
  21. masterhawk

    Black Cockpit

    The black textures also indicate a to long install path. P3D can only handle 256 characters, incl. texture file name. Whats you install location for the Airbus?
  22. masterhawk

    MCDU ILS Selection

    I think it is known. Had this in the past. Let me check the bug log. Edit: Just checked, I had a other problem in the past.
  23. masterhawk

    Optimal flight level droppping down

    Is on the bug list.
  24. masterhawk

    PFD pitch

    Your PFD isn’t showing anything in the FMA. Most likely your setup is wrong. There should be any speed mode and lateral mode indicated. Please try the tutorial.
  25. masterhawk

    Vertical profile problems A320 IAE

    What airport, weather and what FLEX setting? I will try to reproduce.