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  1. Hi, no problems at my end with latest P3Dv4 HF1. Are you using PTA or something like that? Have you tried to clear the shader cache?
  2. Maybe this helps, until the next big update is released.
  3. Mega Airports in P3Dv4 and FSX

    Hi, the pro is only for P3Dv4. If you really want it for both sims, the upgrade is the best way. Downgrading might be possible, but is unnecessary complicate, if there is a official upgrade method.
  4. Balearen Evolution GSX Problem!

    Ich würde vermuten, dass GSX nicht die afcad vom addon lädt. Ist da noch ein anderes addon, das AFCADs mitbringt und eine höhere Priorität hat? z.B. MyTraffic? Evtl hilft es auch den GSX Airport Cache mal zu leeren.
  5. Can't seem to find RAAS

    Hi, at the moment I can't tell you exactly where it is, but you can try: 1. Documents/Aerosoft/crj folder 2. Root_fs/ecosystem/Aerosoft/crj folder 3. Your temp/(cryptic_name) folder while you run the installer
  6. Problem with Rome Ciampino airport scenery

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Problem with Rome Ciampino airport scenery

    Hi, have you disabled the airport in the FTX Vector Configuration Tool? You can also search for all files containing LIRA in the filename inside the ORBX folder and deactivate them.
  8. Hotfix CRJ

    Here you find the newest version:
  9. Bali X Grafikfehler

    Bitte den Screenshot als jpg hochladen.
  10. EDDF - auch Lob muss sein

    Ja, die Pro sind nur für P3Dv4.
  11. ILS Problem Stuttgart V2

    Hi, please post screenshots in jpg format. Are you sure that there is no other afcad from a other addon like for example my traffic? You can change AFCADs with airport design editor. I can't check it myself because my PC is P3Dv4 only.
  12. Napoli and Madeira Autogen vs. ORBX

    Yes, I'm talking about that one.
  13. Aerosoft Torp ( ENTO )

    Please be patient. Aerosoft is checking 200+ addons. Aerosoft has the plan to make them all compatible. But it will take a lot time. So just check regularly this post:
  14. Aerosoft Keflavik scenery problems

    You should check the ORBX folder for any file containing BIKF and disable it. Here is a patch in the ORBX forum. Maybe it helps.ã¶henmodell/#comment-766429
  15. Instant replay is not capable of displaying SODE objects.