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  1. Ok, ich will es mal versuchen. 1. Ist SODE installiert und aktiviert? Wenn ja, dann sollte es in FSX erkennbar sein. 2. Hast du das mitgelieferte configtool schonmal ausprobiert und gemäß Handbuch die Einstellungen vorgenommen? 3. Welche addons sind noch installiert?
  2. You can copy paste the the folder structure into the "adressbar" at the top of your screenshot.
  3. Hi Mathijs, JoErlend had the same Problem with Trondheim. He fixed it with 1.02. First item in the changelog. Maybe he has an idea how to solve for aspen.
  4. Have restarted the sim? It just sounds like a memory leak. What sim are you using? Have you tried reinstall of the addon?
  5. Thank you. I'm glad when I can help. There is nothing you must repay. It will take at least until tomorrow to take a look into your scenery.cfg
  6. Hm, did you add the highmem fix to your fsx.cfg? Maybe that helps. Add to the [GRAPHICS] section in the fsx.cfg the line HIGHMEMFIX=1
  7. Please post your scenery.cfg as attachment. This one: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\Scenery.cfg As far as I can see from your screenshot, your scenery order is "wrong". To give you more advice, I need your scenery.cfg
  8. I don't have this addon. Is it possible that there are not all required files in the same files? Consist the download of several files and need to be extracted to the same folder?
  9. Aerosoft will do its best to make 200+ airports compatible. It will take time. Im sorry, but you have to wait until it is done.
  10. The scenery.cfg you will find here: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE\Scenery.cfg or here C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\Scenery.cfg
  11. Ok, one more hint: That relates to Aerosoft installers, but maybe helps. If you had installed the DVD Version of FSX sometimes before you installed the Steam Version, then select Setam Version during setup. If you never had installed the DVD Version on your current PC Config, then select FSX during setup, even if you are running the FSX SE. The reason is simple, Dovetail made some decissison, that the FSX-SE behaves differet during it's setup, depending on, if FSX DVD was/is on the system or not.
  12. Ok, I have it. You are running the FSX-Steam Edition! So you should select during install FSX-SE.
  13. If your scenery.cfg is present on your system, other installer can handle it and FSX is running fine and loading other sceneries, then there is a bad formatting inside, so that the FSDG installer can't handle it. Maybe you can contact FSDG in their forum. You can also upload your scenery.cfg here and I will take a look on it.
  14. If the numbering of the different entries is free of errors. 1,2,3,4,5,6,etc and not 1,2,3,5,6
  15. You can try to load your scenery.cfg with If I remember correct, the scenery config editor will detect any error.