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  1. masterhawk

    No wind data

    Then you will need the corresponding.wx file in the PMDG\WX folder. We use the same standard for weather uplink like it was introduced by PMDG. The only weather engine we support directly is active sky.
  2. masterhawk

    Unable to get 'WINDS' in the FMS

    1. If you have no PMDG product you can create this folder yourself. 2. Yes, P3D doesn’t create the wx file. Therefor an external Programm is required. SIMBRIEF, PFPX or some weather engines support it. Maybe other tools also. We have chosen the wx file, because it is already supported by several programs. We did this instead of creating our own standard. 3. We read the weather data from sim for the ATIS AOC message, not for the winduplink.
  3. masterhawk

    Missing Jetways at EDDL (LatinVFR) for P3DV4

    Sorry, if you talk about the aerosoft EDDL, it is not compatible with P3Dv4. LatinVFR doesn’t have an EDDL. Maybe you mean justsim, in this case head to their support.
  4. masterhawk

    Bologna X - missing dynamic lights

    Ok, you have simmarket. And there is only 1.05 available? Please ask the simmarket support. They should have the correct file. If not, let us know.
  5. masterhawk

    Bologna X - missing dynamic lights

    Product page state 1.06, will check myself this evening.
  6. Hi, we are currently reviewing the performance of the aircrafts. It is a bigger task. Please be patient.
  7. Hi, thanks. We have these tables for all ac. We are currently reviewing the performance. It is a bigger task.
  8. masterhawk

    Why A321 max take off weight only 89000Kg?

    Yes it was shown, without the INOP sticker. But it was also mentioned, that there will be an INOP, if I remember correct. Not all 321 are equipped with this ACT pb. ACT is an option. And these tanks can be removed, but the pb stays —> INOP. We included it now, to be able to add it maybe later, without the requirement to change the model.
  9. masterhawk

    Wrong fuel calculation in A320/A321?

    We are currently reviewing the performance of the airbus series. When the CLB perf is done, we will crosscheck the fuelusage.
  10. Please check these values:
  11. Press CLR to get rid of the message.
  12. masterhawk

    Wrong fuel calculation in A320/A321?

    Ok, did you enter the Wind data into the FMS?
  13. Have you restarted the PC after install? Else please try a reinstall of the buses.
  14. When the next 318/319 update is released it will be fixed.
  15. masterhawk

    A321 leaves the SID without any sense

    I‘m not sure, but the ND does not display a straight curved line. There is some issue with route calculation. In this case just Select DIR to the next WP. I will test MARUN6M myself as soon as possible.