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  1. LSZH seltsame Flächen um den Airport

    Ist da zufällig noch ein anderes AFCAD für LSZH mit höherer Priorität in der scenery library? Z.b. Von nem Traffic Addon?
  2. Ich denke, dass evtl mit dem großen PhotoAerial auch ein großes exclude deaktiviert wird, aber kein kleines exclude aktiviert wird (weil nicht vorhanden). Werde mich dem mal annehmen, wenn ich Zeit finde.
  3. My Flight Sim days could be over

    Have thought about prepaid credit cards? You can buy them at a gas stations for example.
  4. No. Only normal ops will be done.
  5. Antarctica X Config Tool

    Do you have the current version of the config tool? Inside the shop account is a update installer just for the tool.
  6. EDDF pro night lighting

    Hi, it is known. Somewhere in the forum is a fix file from OPabst. It will be included in a future update. I have it somewhere on my hdd. Will post it later.
  7. Switch to classic trees. Close the sim. Run the Austria Pro Installer and use the fix autogen function. It is somewhat hidden.
  8. P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    Hi, I will test today or tomorrow evening some airports. We will see.
  9. Skiathos V1.5 - FSX

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Skiathos V1.5 - FSX

    Always uninstall old versions first, if the new version is a full installer.
  11. P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    Not necessarily, T2G stores their own effects also in this folder. You can check their updates here:
  12. P3Dv4 Dynamic Lighting problem with Sceney

    Hi @Mathijs Kok and @OPabst, this error with DL going off, when arriving from another airport, seems to be a design problem also for other developers. Hi was noticed about updates for exactly that problem by Taxi2Gate and Justsim. Or maybe a new bug in P3Dv4.1. T2G: Dynamic Lights fix (When arrive from another airport the dynamic lights are off): Justsim: This is a fix for dynamic lights for ALL of our products for P3Dv4 - this patch solves the problem with the disappearance of dynamic lighting effects, when the pilot makes a landing at any of our airports.
  13. P3D4 Runway Lights

    At least for Malaga I can find this lights in Ecosystem\aerosoft\MALAGA_AIRPORT\texture: SWlightsAllnormal_LM And these effects: fx_AESLite_navgre.fx fx_AESLite_navred.fx fx_AESLite_navwhi.fx fx_AESLite_steam1.fx
  14. P3D4 Runway Lights

    Hi, in the linked topic OPabst explained, that the Airports developed by Simwings use a custom texture and that there is a problem with HDR enabled. It might be not very helpful, but my approach would now be: Install the airport to a fake folder. Now you will see all the custom files. It should not be very hard to identify a texture file by filename. Now you can check in your original install by deactivating this texturefile, if you got the correct one.
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