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  1. Gibilterra - FSX

    Sorry, now I’m confused. In one of your previous posts you had written, that you uninstalled ORBX Vector. Please, write us your current addons, show a screenshot of the library, screenshot of the insertion point in FTX Central and most important, what is the airport you are talking about?
  2. Gibilterra - FSX

    Please a screenshot, but yes, different altitudes in afcads might be the reason.
  3. No, the model is the same, so you can use all existing liveries.
  4. Gibilterra - FSX

    You can try to search inside the ORBX folder and subdirectories for any file containing the icao-code in the filename of the conflicting airport. Then deactivate this files. You can also try to use airportscanner tool, that will give any double AFCADs.
  5. Kofferwagen in Zürich entfernen

    Hi, welche Zürich version verwendest du? Du kannst mal versuchen ein passendes exclude zu erstellen und in der Library über Zürich einbinden. Auf die Schnelle habe ich sonst keine Lösung.
  6. EGLL Texture why

    Is the scenery order in the library correct? Can you post a screenshot of the library please?
  7. Gibilterra - FSX

    Hi, what airport are you talking about? Gibraltar? Most likely you have a double AFCAD of this airport somewhere. Do you have another addon of the same airport? Are you using any other addons with additional AFCADS (MyTraffic, ORBX Vector)? But a screenshot (V-key in FSX) would be helpful.
  8. No, that is not included in this release.
  9. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Hi, is this with my high res mesh? If yes, it’s correct. I was not able to edit the source file to fit perfectly. IRL there is a rwy slope of 30m high difference.
  10. Charts for Approaching Quito SEQU

    Hi, since the link in the manual is dead, here another one: In this report is also a chart displayed: If you need more, try google. I did the same.
  11. No, currently this is not possible . That would mean complete new coding of the options, witch lead to more delay. I don’t know, but maybe this is an option for future updates.
  12. If I remember correct, Mathijs told some days ago, that it will be some pop up solution.
  13. LIMJ and LIMC vs P3D v4.1

    Hi some weeks ago I was in contact with David. He was working on Milano Malpensa (e.g. dynamic lightning). But he is also working on Ben Gurion at the moment. It will take time. There is nothing Aerosoft can do. We have to wait until David is ready. For Milano I have uploaded a light fix for P3Dv4.1:
  14. Madeira Mesh Mega Topic

    Is there any old file in scenery\world\scenery from LPPS? There should be a new one. You can try this, besides a few fixes it includes highres mesh for LPPS. Maybe its helping.
  15. Rome fsx, Runway 36W?

    Hi try this, it was compiled with P3Dv4 SDK, but may work in FSX. You have to replace the LIRF_AF.bgl I removed the water runway and merged the doubel mainrunways. But there are still a lot other. LIRF_ADEP4_Bob.bgl