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  1. Hi @Autopiloth, I have one question. Is this intended or I'm missing something? My System is running all sliders max. I'm using full set of ORBX, but that is in the library where it belongs. If I watch the offical screenshots, I see more autogen:
  2. Bologna X v1.02 update

    Hi Claudio, you also posted in the MK-Studios forum. There you got all info. It just takes some time, please be patient.
  3. Bologna X v1.02 update

    In the Forum of MK-Studios is the statement, that 1.03 is almost finished, but need to be checked with P3Dv4.1. I think we still have to wait a little bit, because when the update is ready, also Aerosoft needs some time to make and test the installer. The recommendation of MK-Studios is to deactivate crash detection, until the update is ready.
  4. Bergen X, new terminal, will it be updated

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Genoa LIMJ at night

    There is a LOC offset at RWY28. That’s the reason. And that is like IRL. Maybe this is interesting for you:
  6. Napoli and Madeira Autogen vs. ORBX

    Hi, I don’t know if they contacted them. I will ask them. But there should no problem with the autogen and the regular installer. Only if you run ORBX Config you will end without MK autogen.
  7. What happen to BergenX Airport Scenery

    Ok, you can try: 1. FTX Vector Config tool: disable ENBR 2. Disable every file containing ENBR inside the ORBX folder 3. Make sure ENBR has a higher priority than ORBX 4. Is SODE configured correct? Please check the manual of ENBR
  8. Ibiza und Mallorca Evolution mit P3D V4.1

    You can try this:
  9. Napoli and Madeira Autogen vs. ORBX

    Hi, I can confirm!
  10. Napoli and Madeira Autogen vs. ORBX

    Thanks, I will check.
  11. Mega Airport Prague - advisory thread

    Mabe the issue is, that FSX is installed in "C:\Program Files (x86)\" . Have you tried to run also APC as admin?
  12. Milano Malbensa p3d4

    Please make a screenshot of the error message. Have you tried to run it as administrator?
  13. Madeira X EVO 1.05a fixes all-in-one (unofficial)

    The whole airport is not real. There is a big area flattened. The airport has a slopped runway from 103 to 73 meters. In sim it is set to 79m. Some of the military parkings are at 106m IRL. The mesh was edited. So yes there is now this hill. I will look if I can do something. But it will never be like in reality. In an other post I have the original mesh like in reality. Combine it with the aerial image and switch of the other files, then you get an idea how it looks in reality.
  14. Madeira X EVO 1.05a fixes all-in-one (unofficial)

    Hi @Captain Doctor, are all LPPS files inside ORBX folder disabled? The FTX Vector Tool reenables one of them if you use it. Search inside ORBX for LPPS and LPMA and disable every file.