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    Export issues into PMDG aircraft

    Hi, Again thanks for your reply. My flightplan folder is P3D/PMDG/Flightplans and also 777. I have both RTE and RT2 flightplans in there. When I have completed my flightplan in PFPX I then export it as usual and then finally release the plan. One point of interest is that although my new sim is P3D v4 which is shown in the sim ,on my C drive it just shows up as P3D no version 4 is attached to it even though I do have version 4 files shown within my PC. Anyway any further observations would be welcome. Michael
  2. stratfordman

    Export issues into PMDG aircraft

    Hi,Thanks for your reply. I am not very techy and therefore I am unsure about how to send a screenshot. Anyway,basically when I export a flightplan it goes into my PMDG flightpan folders and also the 777 folder so PFPX is exporting the flightplans OK. The issue is that when I click on Co.Route in the FMC they are not there for some reason. I do not know whether or not this additional information may help. Michael
  3. I have just installed P3D v4 having uninstalled version 3. I have used PFPX for some time and have had no issues in exporting my flight plans to my PMDG aircraft. This morning I have tried to load a flight plane and completed the whole process except for the fact the the flight plan did not show up in my aircraft and nor did my previous flight plans apart from one which was LOWW to EGLL which I cannot even remember compiling. I therefore need some assistance to enable me to export into PMDG. I am obviously doing something wrong but not sure what it is. Many thanks in advance. Michael
  4. stratfordman

    Unable to export to PMDG aircraft

    Yes, That is fine now,many thanks for your help. Michael
  5. stratfordman

    Unable to export to PMDG aircraft

    Thanks Stephen, Will try and will come back to you. Kind regards, Michael
  6. I have just installed P3D from FSX. In PFPX when I plan a flight and then try and export it I cannot send this to PMDG as I am getting continual errors. The PMDG simulations appear in the export page as thus; PMDG Simulations (RT2) FSX\PMDG\Flightplans PMDG simulations (RTE) FSX\PMDG\Flightplans PMDG Simulations B777 FSX\PMDG\Flightplans\777 PMDG simulations NGX FSX\PMDG\Flightplans\NGX PMDG Simulations Wind Uplink FSX\PMDG\WX I have P3D installed but against each entry above FSX shows up and I am wondering whether this is the reason why I cannot export to the aircraft. I would really appreciate some help here and I apologise if the answer is obvious. Many thanks in anticipation. Michael