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  1. Hi guys, I have purchased CSV files containing schedule information, they are in various forms designed to be easily uploaded into a VA (PHP VMS, VAOS, VAMSYS, VA BASE). I wondered if anyone would know how to convert them into an appropriate xml form that I could upload into a PFPX schedule. I've tried tweaking the line titles etc to match those from my PFPX export but it just doesn't import! Happy to email the files if anyone knows what they are doing! P.s. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help! Tom
  2. Hiya everyone Since the hotfix was applied, I have a new button under find route, 'IFPS Proposed Route'. But when I click it, it says 'cant connect to server, check internet and/or proxy settings'. Is there a fix or is this functionality yet to be released properly? Looking forward to it either way!