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  1. What Meese suggests is how, for example, PMDG and Quality Wings handle it. I second his suggestion.
  2. CRJ and the GTN750

    LOL, Jerry! I actually had the same rotten idea but never really tested it. Maybe Hans should get a bulk licence from Flight1 and integrate the GTN750 in the next build, so he could concentrate on fixing the pressurization system.
  3. Have to agree with Meese. Hotfix section still states v1.0.1: Pinned in General Discussion is v1.0.1.1, not 1.0.2:
  4. Does this one fit the bill?
  5. V1.0.1: FD going berserk

    Still an eye-catching issue in v1.0.2. Not in the changelog, though:
  6. No one has noticed this yet?!?
  7. Confirmed. Looks like the changelog for v1.0.2 again promises too much:
  8. How am I supposed to test (L)NAV, when waypoint sequencing works like this???öffentlicht-fsx/&postID=981950#post981950
  9. Lack of pinned information

    Aerosoft have a CRJ hotfix forum section here: Wondering why it still reads that version 1.0.1 is current? They do not even use the tools they created exactly for this purpose.
  10. New Update ?

    To me it looks like Bernhard is a box owner ... Buying a new box wouldn't help, I reckon. ;-)
  11. Update pending

    My guess is yes: No other new full installer has been announced. No offence intended, but the CRJ simply cannot yet be a version 2.x So probably just a typo in the announcement.
  12. Probably not quite correct, I would think. Product defects should be eliminated in due course, but still business trips are business trips and holidays are holidays and have to be respected/factored in. I would support the notion, though, that bug fixing and creating service packs for the CRJ have been taking longer than anyone expected around the time of release, including Hans, Aerosoft and ... me. If there were a refund opportunity (AFAIK there isn't one), I'd probably request one myself and buy the CRJ again in a couple of months. (Just did exactly that - requesting a refund - on a certain Boeing 787 title, not related to Aerosoft in any kind or form.)
  13. Speed limitation

    A320: Full speedbrakes with autopilot on (less effective; system logic prevents them from deploying fully with the A/P engaged). Full speedbrakes with autopilot off (more effective, as now system logic allows them to deploy fully). A321: Not really a difference between A/P on and A/P off as far as speedbrake efficiency is concerned.
  14. autoland with CRJ 700

    The autoland of the CRJ currently is very much on the rough side. Hans Hartmann has to correct it ASAP. I have no idea how that could possibly have slipped past beta testing and Aerosoft quality assurance! Seriously: The CRJ does not have autoland capability.
  15. A318 engines air starter ?

    After a long time not flying the current A318 version 1.31 I had to go back into the sim and actually test it. To me it seems that neither ground air start nor cross bleed start are currently simulated. (Haven't checked, though, whether the upcoming 4th Aerosoft Airbus generation - the Airbus 2018 series - will have them.)
  16. ATC Software Recommendation

    "When to use them" doesn't make much sense to me: I fly when I have the time to, I cannot pause my real life in order to make flights when online ATC is present. To add to this, Aerosoft sells a lot of airport addons where online ATC is hardly available, if at all. Thirdly, I wouldn't want to fly the same airports time after time, just because they are the ones that are mostly covered online. To each their own, I guess.
  17. ATC Software Recommendation

    I'm in the midst of a flight from LGTS to LJLJ (not in the CRJ, unfortunately ...). Thanks to Pro-ATC I have full ATC coverage.
  18. I have not been a tester for the CRJ, but I VentureToDaresayTM that this wasn't a tester issue. Nor a Hans Hartmann issue. I am assuming it's a matter of Aerosoft release policy and I invite Aerosoft to challenge my conjecture.
  19. Anybody "nailed" Cuzco in A320?

    Otto, I'm not sure the LatinVFR version has that chapter. It's in the documentation for the Aerosoft version, though. (And Aerosoft did the sloped runway which LatinVFR missed to model ...)
  20. Stuttering in the CRJ

    When did you buy the CRJ? Since the shops don't provide older installers, you would have had to buy the CRJ when v1.0.0.5 or a former version was still current, and install that version from your archive or backup. If your purchase is newer, then unfortunately v1.0.0.5 is not available to you, and the mainstream in the CRJ support topics around here is to scale down various sim and display settings (sim graphics options, NVidia settings, and others) then in order to make the CRJ perform better. My personal choice however is to change options only in a single place and to have an easy way to toggle between my usual settings and the ones tailor-made for the CRJ. So: I change only the graphics settings in the options provided by my sim (FSX-SE in my case). Before making any changes, I make sure that I can easily revert to my usual settings: Therefor I save my current settings to a graphics profile from the FSX in-game menu (I hope this hasn't changed for P3Dv4). Let's call it the 'Settings I love to use when NOT flying the CRJ' profile. Once my preferred settings are secured, I start experimenting with the options until the performance of my CRJ becomes bearable - autogen, AI traffic, shadows, and others. When I'm (fairly) happy with my results (given the circumstances ...), I save these settings to a 2nd profile, named 'Settings I never thought I would have to use if it hadn't been for Hans Hartmann and Aerosoft'. The advantage of these profiles is, that from now on you can always change options on the fly and without bothering with that large number of sliders and checkboxes - all those settings and slider positions are kept in the profiles. Load profile B and it will replace the settings of profile A. Load profile A instead, and settings from B will be replaced. Again, I hope this possibility still exists for P3Dv4.
  21. Tankstellenpraxis bei Aerosoft?

    In der Vergangenheit kam es auch öfter mal vor, dass Aerosoft seine Wochen-Sonderangebote erst Dienstags veröffentlicht hat. Gut also, dass wir diese Diskussion schon am heutigen Montag hinter uns bringen konnten!
  22. Tankstellenpraxis bei Aerosoft?

    Ferner ist ja durch die Gegenüberstellung von Normalpreis und rabattiertem Preis und der Anzeige der 20% der "Sale" erkennbar. Wären es "Schwankungen im Tagesverlauf", würde stillschweigend der Normalpreis geändert werden, ohne dass ein Rabatt erkennbar wäre. Ansonsten: Manchmal verliert man und manchmal bleibt man eben nur 2. Sieger - ich habe auch schon in der einen Woche irgendwo ein Addon gekauft und in der darauffolgenden Woche war's 30%, 40% oder 50% billiger. Was mich dann immer unglaublich doll getröstet hat war, dass mir der Titel ganz offensichtlich wohl den vollen Preis wert gewesen sein muss - sonst hätte ich ja nicht zum vollen Preis zugeschlagen, sondern geduldig auf einen Rabatt gewartet ... ;-)
  23. Stuttering in the CRJ

    This issue was introduced for a number of users with the CRJ version 1.0.1 and affects other sim versions as well. An improvement (more or less slight) has been observed with v1.0.1.1. So my suggestion is: Check whether you're on v1.0.1.1 already. If it's still v1.0.1 for you, then give v1.0.1.1 a try. (Download the latest full installer from your shop account.) If your issue persists then, for the time being, you may want to revert to v1.0.0.5(c) like I did in FSX(-SE). Hans Hartmann has been focussing on the (L)NAV issue for about one and a half weeks, and I am hoping that his next version might bring a further improvement for the fps issue, too.
  24. 1/2 Bank ?

    Treasure hunt reply (): See p. 17 of the AOM, part 2 (Vol. 5 of the total no. of CRJ documents).
  25. Weather Radar & TCAS: Dysfunctional?

    For the TCAS, have you tried this already?