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  1. RNAV Approaches

    Ken, if LPV and CVNAV are not modeled, what does that imply for RNAV/LPV capability? EDIT: Maybe one day I'll try to add the F1 GTN 750 to the CRJ ...
  2. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    A new system shouldn't be required for the CRJ because the CRJ has been advertised as ... ... "VAS and FPS friendly because we love complex airports as much as you do". Anyway, CRJ performance for a number of people is... highest with v1.0.0.5(c) in between with v1.0.1.1 lowest with 1.0.1
  3. Nav issues haven't yet been addressed with version But it would be interesting to hear whether Hans' own research into this issue during the last weekend has brought any new insights:
  4. Frame rate fluctuation

    I can confirm the fps "dips" every couple of seconds in FSX-SE. They are noticeable even with the CRJ stationary on the runway. So turns/AI traffic are definitely not the issue here. I don't experience stutters, but still the dips for sure. No such issue with the FT ERJs. This may or may not be related to the fact, that v1.0.1.1 doesn't yet have the higher fps again it had in v1.0.0.5c. Performance in v1.0.1.1 is still somewhere between v1.0.0.5c and v1.0.1.
  5. Initiating Descent

    From the RW FCOM: "After capturing preselected altitude (altitude track), if preselect altitude is changed, altitude hold is automatically selected and altitude preselect rearmed." So you wouldn't start descending before you're stalling.
  6. Initiating Descent

    Maybe it's too obvious to state, but of course you need to dial in a lower altitude. So, combining all the answers to your question: Have your throttles at cruise setting Set a lower altitude on the FCP Engage speed mode Check that your target speed is appropriate for your descent (check the FMA), adjust on the FCP if necessary Reduce your thrust setting to achieve the desired rate of descent (or try to catch Snowflake )
  7. FPS frustra

    Had the same problem with v1.0.1. Tried the latest version yesterday evening (in FSX-SE) and performance on my system has improved again:
  8. Updating CRJ forum section?

    It looks like performance has improved again for me with v1.0.1.1. (FSX-SE) Whatever you did between v1.0.0.5 and v1.0.1 ... try to avoid it by all available means for future versions. Rather keep doing what you did for v1.0.1.1 ...
  9. 1.0.1 Yoke Hide still not working

    Switched from another A/C to one variant of the CRJ in FSX-MS and loaded the other variant in FSX-SE right from the Fly Now! screen, and yoke hiding worked on both occasions. Thank you, Hans and Stefan!
  10. Updating CRJ forum section?

    Thank you, Hans.
  11. Updating CRJ forum section?

    Hans, R U stating that the CRJ goes boxed including CTDs, (L)NAV and performance issues???
  12. From what I can see: "Current version" requires updating: "Buglist" IMO could stand some additions like (L)NAV issues and performance drop after v1.0.0.5c: What I'd like to enquire about is: What was the reason to build and to distribute a completely new full installer for v1.0.1.1? As far as I can see from the changelog the main issues - CTDs, (L)NAV and performance drop - have not yet been resolved, so updating via a new installer seems to require some effort from current users - complete CRJ uninstall, downloading another 1 GB exe, a reinstall, reconfiguration, re-adding extra liveries ... Really wondering whether interim updates shouldn't rather be published as hotfixes via the forum, as had been announced before?
  13. Was für ein Fehler? Wer kann helfen?

    Hallo Peter, hast du deine Grafikeinstellungen zurückgesetzt? Neue fsx.cfg o.ä.? Du müsstest bitte das "hochauflösende" virtuelle Cockpit in den Grafikoptionen aktivieren. (Menüleiste, Optionen, Grafik, und dann eine der Checkboxen bei 'Flugzeug'.) Bei mir läuft FSX in der Steam Edition und englischsprachig. Sorry daher, falls ich die deutschen Begriffe nicht exakt wiedergegeben haben sollte. (Oder falls die Option im P3D an anderer Stelle stehen sollte ...)
  14. Performance drop w/1.0.1

    Mathijs, did you read Dave's post, just three posts above yours?
  15. Dave, no disrespect, but pls. take a look at Haseen's opening post once more (accentuation is mine):