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  1. FlightSim Store ?

    I nice change to find a company that has respect for its customers.
  2. FlightSim Store ?

    Many thanks downloading now
  3. Could someone confirm if the FlightSim Store download includes the latest update ? I emailed them on Monday to see when it would be available but have not had a reply. Thanks in advance
  4. Other suppliers

    Understood Thanks
  5. When can we expect the new installers to be made available by others ie FlightSim Store ? I understand it is now weekend and unlikely to be before Monday Thanks
  6. Would it make any difference using either NavData or Navigraph ? just a thought.
  7. I have found that i have to completley let go of my yoke and then engage AP
  8. Fix ring ?

    I have seen the fix page but how to you enter it ?
  9. Fix ring ?

  10. Fix ring ?

    How or is it possible to place a distance ring around a point ? For example a 10 mile ring around an airport like can be done with a Boeing FMC Thanks Steve
  11. 1/2 Bank ?

    Found it Thanks
  12. A quick query When nearing top of climb i get a message 1/2 BNK and it engages automatic on the panel.Is this normal and what is it indicating ? p.s loving flying this aircraft great work Steve
  13. How about going out east http://uk.flightaware.com/photos/view/7084676-7c2134c9a0f2a558976e511ff2a0691c10c14ef7 Please