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  1. VPA561

    Take-Off Speed Call-outs

    +1 Please
  2. I see this in the notes regarding latest experimental... " CabinCrew: Serving sandwiches and drinks for flightcrew" sound file removed " Could you please confirm that i now need to bring along with me a packed lunch Steve
  3. VPA561

    Weather printout ?

    No problem keep up the good work Thanks Steve
  4. VPA561

    Weather printout ?

    Hi Choobe file version shows modified 28/9/2018 Hope that helps Thanks Steve
  5. VPA561


    Just for info I have my Airbuses set to default cold n dark start up and have no problem on Vatsim Steve
  6. Best go to here and add product https://support.aerosoft.com/pages/signup
  7. VPA561

    Problem with flight planning

    Looks like a problem with your Navdata have you installed a newer database than the one included ? If so it could be a problem with that
  8. VPA561

    Weather printout ?

    Hi Choobe It may be me that is not understanding correctly but if i request ATIS from the FMC for dep i can print out the correct weather with the rcorrect QNH.If i press AIDS print button (below R radio stack) i get a full departure report but with the wrong QNH. Steve
  9. VPA561

    Weather printout ?

    Hope this is what you required Thanks FMGS.log
  10. VPA561

    Weather printout ?

    I am running the latest build of A318/A319 and A320/A321 with Activesky and was wondering how to get the correct weather ouput on the printed sheet before departure.In the FMC settings i have weather source set to "sim default" is this correct or am i missing something ? It is not printing the weather that is being shown in the sim Thanks Steve
  11. That one caught me for a while also, but now i look forward to my cup of coffee when passing 13000
  12. VPA561

    Black panels

    I have just had the same problem sudden black screens in the A319 and yes i ran out of fuel.I don't know how or why because i i loaded plenty (7.4 kg) and was only 1 hour into the flight never had it happen before
  13. VPA561

    A320/321 install issue

    It is usually that you have a space at the start of your serial or are missing the = at the end
  14. Have you tried running the EZDOK config tool ?