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  1. Hey there, Could anyone please recommend me a decent freeware aircraft? I want the model to be either a Boeing 757, 767 or 777. I downloaded a Freight B757 but it had no internal views whatsoever so I deleted it. So freeware B757, 767 or 777. Thanks!
  2. Amazing screenshots everyone! Best of luck to you all!
  3. Anyone attending this year? It's at Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5, Sofitel Hotel - 28 April, 2012.
  4. Oh wow, that's fantastic! Great shot man!
  5. I've sorted it now but then again, my question was asked near the start of April. XD Thanks for the answer though. I had FSX uninstalled for quite some time before purchasing a new graphics card but I recently installed it and everything seems to be working great. For now.
  6. About 8:30 departure from Faro, Portugal on route Liverpool, United Kingdom. Aircraft: A320-214 Airline: easyJet Airbus X http://img690.images...hisone5qzni.jpg
  7. Thank you for your answer it about sums it up for me. May I ask, how to I get a TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD of 1024?
  8. I'd appreciate it if you guys could answer these questions for me: 1) What is GA Aircraft? 2) Can an aircraft failure happen at any time without you setting a failure? (such as engine failure at a random time) 3) What is a decent AI traffic add-on? - right now I have World of AI but the AI aircraft is a little blurry and not as crisp as it could be,, is this because I have all my settings on low? If I put max settings on, will the AI traffic look less blurry-like? Thanks guys, it's appreciated!
  9. Dude... This is a fantastic answer. Thank you so much, it's extremely appreciated!
  10. F-16

    Any KLAX scenery in sight??

    When is this new Aerosoft KLAX coming out then?
  11. If I'm getting replies then it's all good for me!
  12. Whilst I'm conducting an ILS approach using the Airbus X, is there a way to not land using autoland? I wanna use ILS until about a mile from the runway, then fly the plane manually. Can I do that? Can I just turn off the autopilot ?
  13. Okay I'm flying from Faro airport to Madeira (both in Portugal) and I need a little help: I wanted to do a visual approach in Madeira since there is no ILS approaches however, when I took off from Faro I was given one heading after take off and then after that, I wasn't given any more vectors whatsoever therefore I flew right over Madeira airport. Why didn't I get given any more vectors? Also, when I'm doing my flight planner on my main FSX screen, should I select IFR or VFR? - Madeira doesn't have any ILS approaches! Can anyone give me a basic tutorial on how to do a visual approach? Thanks! Regards, F-16
  14. Hello all, I've recently been learning how to use th Airbus X and it's extremely realistic however I'm falling on some parts. If you guys could help me out I'd appreciate it! How do I activate speed hold? (right click or left click? What's the little circle next to speed hold for?) How do I activate heading hold? (right click or left click? Again, what's the little circle next to heading hold for?) Where about is the NAV1 Audio Selector? I really need to turn it on! How do I activate altitude hold? - (once again, right click or left click and what's the little circle next to altitude hold for?
  15. F-16

    Why does my joystick do this?

    Thanks everyone for your answer but I completely uninstalled the software for the joystick, reinstalled it and somehow it worked. Thanks a lot guys!