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  1. EDDF - auch Lob muss sein

    Auch ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem neuen Update, großes Lob meinerseits an die Entwickler.
  2. Hi Aerosoft, short question, I do not see the People Train moving. Isn't it animated ? I assume, in older version, the train was animated. Thanks Arne
  3. Good morning, well we are talking about a Hobby (FlightSim) not a business model (on customer side) where I do not need a big support from developer. "Software is running" so good for all, "software is not running" (no update), bad for developer, because I will not buy any further products. Support charges is like "Maintenance contract" as I know from other software I own (3D Landscape development) where it makes more sense to pay for special support, because I earn money with it, and need to have an support within 24h. But here (FlightSim), we are talking about a hobby (for 99% of the users). Within NE, do I need to pay for every NE Country the support charge ? Paying an extra fee for NE France, NE Germany, NE Alps etc. ? So I pay more and more for that service. What about a pricing model, pay 9.99$ for support for all NE Countries, that would make more sense here.
  4. Heraklion X v2.10

    Ok, found it on the other side...
  5. Heraklion X v2.10

    Looking into closed thread here: Where can I find the update files for Heraklion X, as my Aerosoft account does not show v2.10 update files:
  6. Hi Oliver, thanks for joining here. For me as customer, I also agree that the ongoing development time, that a Scenery developer needs to update up to v4, should be paid. No discussion. But I will also look, what is my benefit to pay for an update. Are also new Terminals created ? Or redesigned ? New runway textures or something like that ? If I do not see that, than I will double check, if I will pay for. For me EDDF is very important, so I would pay for it. I also just bought the Balearen update (4th update since 10 years or that I paid for.) With v4 we have a milestone in history of FlightSimulation, no longer OOMs or something like that (I hope) :-) Coming back to NE, as I wrote above, there were no updates (inside the Aerosoft site) for some titles (NE France) from v2 to v3. So I paid for it, and was never able to use it. So I lose money. No comment about this above from Chris or Aerosoft above. :-( So why support NE with a new buy ? Only that this is working in v4 but not in v5 (next year, looking in the future). So where to buy NE, within Chris webshop ? So I need to buy the 2 years support extra value ? Or within Aerosoft, not knowing if an update will be available for me ? If I see other developer, they created updates within some days after a new version of v4 is out. As a customer, I benefit that and will buy more and more scenerys on their site. Because I know I will have updates for free for years. Ok, every developer decides on his own if an update charge is required. If the developer offers my good points why this is necessary, I agree. But not in any case. So in the past I moved more and more away from Aerosoft to other shops. Most products are available within the developer stores. And I feel better served there. Ok, I drifted up to a more general issue. I only want to offer my point of view. Arne
  7. Chris, I sent you an email, 2 days ago with this topic and never received any answer from you. So I started this Topic here in the Aerosoft Forum to receive a better picture about the status of NE for existing NE customers as me. So I am feeling a little bit confused to the P3Dv4 updates on your website, but not on the Aerosoft site. A lot (all ?) NE titles on your site are already converted to v4 ? So in my point of view, the conversion from 32bit to 64bit was no big deal... Other question, you talk about a complete "new design" for 64bit, but for me as customer, I will see the night lights "only", so what is the new design for me as customer ? Why do I need to pay again for the same "lights" ? Can you explain further details ? I was also disappointed in the past, that NEFrance was never available for P3Dv3, so I bought it and never could use it. (Bought it shortly bevore P3Dv3 was published). Sorry if it sounds a little bit to harsh from me, but I am still wondering about all these missing updates in the past. Best regards Arne
  8. Hallo, wann stellt ihr die Night Environment Sceneries fuer den P3Dv4 parat ? (Schaue ich im Shop, steht noch P3D V2 oder V3). Bei Chris Bell gibt es bereits die entsprechenden V4 Installer. z.B.: Frankreich (bei Chris Bell) (v4) Frankreich Aerosoft (v2 only) : Daher haette ich erwartet, dass zeitnah die Aerosoft Kunden auch die Updates erhalten. Gruss Arne
  9. Probleme mit Madeira_X V1.20

    Danke Oliver, auch bei mir ist es nun korrekt. Altes Layout: Neues Layout:
  10. Probleme mit Madeira_X V1.20

    Habe die Boxversion von Madeira X und FSGlobalX. Update von Madeira auf v1.2 und habe nun auch das Problem das die RWY Befeuerung nur zu einem Teil zu sehen ist: Da müsste nochmal was verbessert werden.
  11. Ok, hat sich schon erledigt, hab es gefunden, hab an der falschen Stelle gesucht. Danke
  12. Hallo Thorsten, soweit kam ich auch, nur "German Landmarks FSX" taucht dort nicht auf. Das ist das Problem. Als Anhang habe ich nen Screenshot, von dem Bereich wo es stehen müsste, beigefügt.
  13. Hallo Aerosoft Team, beim Versuch, meine German Landmarks X (CD Version) zu registrieren, um an das Update auf V2.4 zu kommen, kann ich leider in dem Auswahl-Menü, weder German Landmarks als auch CR-Software nicht finden. Somit komme ich nicht an das Update. Unter welchem Titel muss ich da suchen ? Gruss Arne
  14. Hallo Sascha, ich habe einen Screenshot der Fehlermeldung an eure Support Adresse gesendet. Gruß Arne