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  1. Anchorage stops P3D

    It crashes for me in 4.1 too if more than 34 addon.xml's
  2. Anchorage gate layout

    Do you have Orbx Alaska? Could be conflicting afcads from sak to be sure I remove the bgl files that have PANC in their names from the orbx sak scenery folder
  3. Anchorage stops P3D

    Do you have a lot of addon.xml's? A bug in P3D causes a crash at loading if you have a lot of entries, possibly 34. It's in the LM P3D support forum You can add the scenery to the scenery.cfg instead and copy over the effects to your p3d effects folder until an update for P3D comes out to fix it.
  4. Slow Download, Anchorage Pro

    The Europe server is not Aerosoft either? 8 hours remaining, 130KB/s
  5. Slow Download, Anchorage Pro

    I am also having this issue I just purchased the upgrade to Anchorage. I have tried both mirrors and currently amazon is d/l at 180 KB/sec, the fastest.
  6. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    I miss this airport scenery on my FedEx flights, nice to see it for the v4 of p3d. Please plan an Anchorage Pro for v4 too thank you
  7. EK408 omdb-ymml unable to plan flight

    I had a mistake in the aircraft profile although i have not had a chance to fly and test I plan to on Sunday. but I had in the aircraft profile set alternative airports to only military
  8. EK408 omdb-ymml unable to plan flight

    I have both imperial. I tried the addon 777 profile Next time I have time to fly the route I'll take a picture. I can disable etops and get correct numbers. The small stretch of airspace south of Diego Garcia makes me put in etops airports on most daily EK409 routes.
  9. EK408 omdb-ymml unable to plan flight

    This route has etops requirements and this is making me carry 20kgs of fuel extra making me too heavy most of the time I plan the flight. There are a limited number of airports I can select and I have tried many combinations, is this an easy fix by changing a config in the aircraft profile? Thank you for any assistance.
  10. EK408 omdb-ymml unable to plan flight

    At one time that was the default CI for EK
  11. EK408 omdb-ymml unable to plan flight

    "invalid argument" is the error pop-up I am getting trying to plan again. And I had to go to task manager and close pfpx manually because it was frozen. Yesterday my error was user error caused by only selecting one etops airport, YPCC... I added YPPH and it compiled. But when I went back to manually add the step climbs as in the flight plan pulled off flightaware invalid argument is my error. Restarting pfpx I cannot copy and paste a plan into the route.
  12. EK408 omdb-ymml unable to plan flight

    I angered the flight sim Gods. I am unable to paste a route into the route section of pfpx on a restart. Restarting has not helped this route causes bugs in pfpx. I am giving up flying tonight, I have the latest beta version available and I don't have the patience for this.
  13. EK408 omdb-ymml unable to plan flight

    PFPX is on drugs! What did I do wrong?? I cannot bring 100 people. And ZERO people and 5k of cargo errors also
  14. Does not matter the settings I continue to get errors trying to plan this. I used the default profile for the 777-300er and every time I plan it gives me errors about max fuel and others. Please help
  15. Load in a default aircraft first, on the ramp then go up to the menu to change to the CRJ