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  1. EHBK labeling of parking stands

    The most updated ground chart
  2. EHBK labeling of parking stands

    Thank you for updating EHBK, and releasing it free to past customers. The parking stands are not labeling according to the charts. The main gates are Gates A and the north cargo ramp is Gate B. There is a D parking apron not modeled by your afcad. I fixed for myself but as you work on a patch here is one small thing to fix.
  3. My preference is to write, and Boeing fmc's accept, N50W050 as an oceanic waypoint. Can PFPX in a future update accept this format? Thanks
  4. SODE.log had errors with the model.ENGM_Windsock_9 and the line says ENTC_Windsock_9 not found Looked in model and the model.cfg but the file is not ENTC but ENGM_Windsock_9
  5. Anchorage Pro afcad suggestions to change

    It is a give or take, I guess if you care about seeing the AI taxi in a nice curved line, but I'd rather be able to pushback. I will just change myself then
  6. Slow Downloads Anchorage Professional again....

    I do not have any knowledge of their service, so I am just assuming that Aerosoft could pay for more bandwidth to give us a faster download? If it does not go like that then please feel free to correct me.
  7. Anchorage Pro afcad suggestions to change

    Another suggestion, run fault finder and 4 gates are located too far from the Jetway.
  8. The last topic was locked, but I am downloading the updated version from the World mirror and am lucky to get 500 KB/s The server is an AWS server in Europe, could that be the reason? I am in America. 3 hours left to go... sometimes it bounces up to 1 MB then right back down again.
  9. Anchorage Pro afcad suggestions to change

    I have one more. gsx is not pushing my airplane back from the cargo spots straight to the taxi or ramp line, because the curved nodes leading into each parking spot. Maybe just a single straight line going to each parking spot from the taxi line node is a good idea to make gsx push back correctly facing left and right
  10. I have some suggestions for a future update to Anchorage Professional The afcad could use some changes. First there are many outdated parking codes. Northwest Cargo and Gemini have been out of business for years but have parking codes. I think the north cargo above ups is all for the DHL contractors (Atlas, Polar, Kalitta) The remote Gate R's could be connected on both node ends so the AI and user aircraft can taxi forward after startup as they do in real life. The FedEx ramp's cargo spots are too small the radius should be larger for their 777Fs. Great scenery thank you for updating this for P3DV4.
  11. Anchorage stops P3D

    It crashes for me in 4.1 too if more than 34 addon.xml's
  12. Anchorage gate layout

    Do you have Orbx Alaska? Could be conflicting afcads from sak to be sure I remove the bgl files that have PANC in their names from the orbx sak scenery folder
  13. Anchorage stops P3D

    Do you have a lot of addon.xml's? A bug in P3D causes a crash at loading if you have a lot of entries, possibly 34. It's in the LM P3D support forum You can add the scenery to the scenery.cfg instead and copy over the effects to your p3d effects folder until an update for P3D comes out to fix it.
  14. Slow Download, Anchorage Pro

    The Europe server is not Aerosoft either? 8 hours remaining, 130KB/s
  15. Slow Download, Anchorage Pro

    I am also having this issue I just purchased the upgrade to Anchorage. I have tried both mirrors and currently amazon is d/l at 180 KB/sec, the fastest.