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  1. Good morning Oliver Thank you it works now. SODE works but if I would like to call the jetways via GSX it doesn't work. Do you have an idea?
  2. I deinstalled and reinstalled but nothing change it.
  3. I have the same Problem but I have double jetways at LEMG
  4. Good day I installed yesterday LEMG for my P3D V3. Everything was ok. My problem is following when I start the flight and I go to LEMG for example Gate 42 - I have double jetways and SODE dosen't work. I installed LEMG with SODE and not with the static Jetway. Have the 1.4 of SODE and is active. All other Airports works with SODE. I checked also the xml - it looks all fine. - Can someone help me please to solve this problem? maybe some ideas? thanks for help guys
  5. it looks great. A big compliment to the whole Aerosoft Team for this Project. I want to say thank you, that we can fly in the future a really nice A330 in our simworld.
  6. Thanks Stefan for the Pictures and News regarding the bulk-load door :-) Do you know if we can expect also on the A32x? or not decided yet? Thanks and happy Weekend!
  7. Thanks Stefan for this amazing Pictures. You make the friday more symphatetic. I hope also to see LX repaint Have a nice Weekend
  8. Thanks Stefan for the friday update. Amazing!! Do you have maybe some pictures more about the VC? :-)
  9. Guys come on, we should be happy that in a few weeks or months we can fly an amazing A330 in our P3D/FSX.
  10. Is there an option on the Aerosoft A330 for auto step climb as PMDG 777?
  11. Thanks for the patches - now it works
  12. Yes thank you Thorsten - my wednesday it's now much better than before..
  13. thank you Mathijs for this nice images. The monday is now better
  14. omg can't wait to fly A330 - thanks Stefan for the pictures.
  15. Thank you for your quick response. Well noted,