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  1. With the P3Dv4 release saving the OFP to the AOC service does not work here, it looks as if the PFPX OFP cannot be parsed. It appears in the folder on save and is then removed. Additionally the service does not look to be configured for P3Dv4 files, this can be resolved by the instruction posted on the FSL forum here A workaround I'm using however is to export .pln to the AOC service folder \FSLabs\AOCService\Uplink\ EDIT: you can also try saving the PFPX format OFP to the documents\FSLabs Data\Routes folder
  2. Hotfix 28.9i issue

    With PFPX closed you could try deleting the content of the TEMP folder located \Public\Documents\PFPX Data\, then restart.
  3. I would suggest you request the feature addition through a support ticket at FlightsimSoft giving the path required to the folder. If there is any difference in the format then also supply an example file.
  4. Advice please

    That is correct, whilst you may use installations on four devices you will need to re-enter the license key when switching.
  5. fuel figures having strange caracters

    Which OFP is in use ?
  6. QW 787 profile

    The website does say 'PFPX aircraft performance files', no you cannot add them to Topcat.
  7. As you have posted in the 'Templates & Aircraft' board is this specifically related to a file you have added or to PFPX in general ?
  8. You can but not sure why you wish to change from a suitable STAR in the first place. Additionally you may find the FAA Preferred Routes Database useful which has several routes for the airport pair.
  9. That will happen as the original flightplan route terminates at BLUFI. The ANNEY3 STAR does not serve the BLUFI intersection therefor the direct is created between BLUFI and ANNEY.
  10. Perhaps post an example ?
  11. Bergen jetway tool and SODE folder

    Try the Program Files x86 folder Checked here and C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE is accepted Richard
  12. Adding aircraft to PFPX

    Download the relevant performance file from AirlinerPeformance and place in the PFPX AircraftTypes folder, then simply use the add new aircraft function.
  13. nav data

    There is an issue currently with the NG 1711 cycle, await an update.

    Submit the error on a support ticket and roll back to your previous .exe before the 1.28.9i hotfix if that had no issues.