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  1. 25R/07L is the published preferential landing runway ( 0700-2300LT ) and as such is correct. It has been this way for a LONG time.
  2. Fuel Bias and Drag

    If you add a new aircraft registration using a supplied template or directly from a performance file then you need to adjust the figures on that aircraft. However if you add the new registration by 'duplicating' your existing entry or your own template saved from the aircraft already adjusted then the data will be transferred.
  3. I cannot see it as a PFPX issue. Saving the OFP to documents\FSLabs Data\Routes works, the FSL AOC service reads the file. Saving to the \AOCService\Uplink ( network setup ) does not, it does not parse the file correctly. As I don't have PFPX setup on the sim PC I cannot test the print function. The PFPX OFP is a FlighsimSoft file not specifically created for FSL.
  4. Flight Plan Template Guide 2.0

    Where do you intend to display this IFPS will not accept the level change without speed also in the ATC route
  5. Apply the 1.28.9i hotfix posted above.
  6. What PFPX version is installed ?
  7. PFPX Server Issues

    The issue is resolved Mathijs, emailed the developer this morning. For those unaware, if server access is lost you can switch to your FS weather engine for planning ( not as accurate ). NATS can be entered via copy/paste having switched TRACKS to manual mode.
  8. Creating Schedules

    <Type>1</Type> - Scheduled/Non-Scheduled etc <Repetative>1</Repetative> - Schedule repeats <IsMaster>1</IsMaster> - Is the primary entry and not repetitive (child) <Days>7</Days> - Days of the week the schedule is set to repeat
  9. LEVEL-D 767 for FSX

    Select the LevelD export line and use BROWSE to navigate to the correct location for FSX.
  10. PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    You need to apply the 1.28.9i hotfix Andrew, now a couple of posts further down. I cannot use the AOC service in the same way either, I save the OFP to \Public Documents\FSLabs Data\Routes enter the flight number and INIT Request. To use the .pln the AOC service needs updating as posted HERE
  11. No it does not Michael. If a clean install use the full installer and apply the 1.28.9i hotfix
  12. EKCH<->ELLX route

    EKCH departure, NEXEN only available for Jets as reported in the validation. Either setup the SID's accordingly in the Airport Editor for EKCH or exlude NEXEN in planning. ELLX departure, FL245 to FL255 is not available restrict planning below this, this leaves other restrictions, try adhering to those in order, most likely clearing the first 'PIROT' will result in a valid route.
  13. Pilot2ATC imports the .pln as documented, what txt file would be required ?
  14. PFPX Update?

    The FSL A320 is already supported by the .pln format, OFP save and OFP print depending on your setup.
  15. PFPX and Airport Data

    You need to set a tailwind component that is suitable to aircraft and airport operations. Currently 290/05 reported is going to give a 5kt tailwind, without further instruction PFPX will plan the headwind takeoff. EDIT: the airport AIP indicated runway 30 is preferred for departures and 12 for landing.