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  1. Maybe that's just included in the Alternates display now.
  2. Can you reduce the payload to MAX, currently you exceed the max ZFW. Then compute the flight exactly as you have shown above and post a snapshot of the summary: You have no weather source enabled?
  3. erm, what am I not seeing in 1.28.8:
  4. To be honest I cannot recall the function, you can however set the preferred runways.
  5. Apply the hotfix. Fuel Policy and Airport editor are now listed in the Company Data
  6. Hello Alessandro, Provide a snapshot of the complete planning General tab
  7. Working fine with the latest fix 1.28.8
  8. In the aircraft profile create a new ETOPS entry 330 and set the diversion time:
  9. You are actually in descent rather than still cruising outside the flight level restriction.
  10. A route does not contain payload information, if you process a flightplan and save the OFP as text you'll find what you are looking for.
  11. Don't forget to apply the restriction: TELBA/N320F230
  12. Previously you were filing FL330 now FL250 ?
  13. Can you post the complete ATC submission, it verified here with the alt restriction applied. Filing FL370 you miss that restriction totally.