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  1. Your flightplan was dated the 25th 22:45 yet you planned on the 26th @ 19:31 with live weather forecast validity 26th 12:00 - 28th 12:00. Change your the planning date time to 'now' or within the forecast period as noted in the error message. The 'below Grid MORA' ( Minimum Off Route Altitude) relates to the planned diversion route from LTBA-LTFG, consider raising this altitude on the destination alternates and re-compute.
  2. Your flightplan is dated yesterday 25th.
  3. Page 62 of the current manual shows ETOPS entry
  4. Hello Bernhard, Have you applied the 1.28.9c hotfix ? If so are you able to restore the previous .exe and activate
  5. To adhere to RAD departing to the North on current tracks. EuroControl, you can do that manually if you wish, personally the subscription is worth it, I cannot see the point of degrading the program. I have setup a 77F using the supplied aircraft type: Constructed your route, same ZFW and fuel plan, same EDTO pair ( would be easier if you pasted the route rather than just the snapshot ): Computed without issue:
  6. I have just planned LFPG-KJFK with a 77L v1.28.9c, a minor adjustment and the route is validated.
  7. The FCOM for 'NG' variants states that the APU ( Allied Signal ) starts and operates up to the airplane maximum certified altitude, 41,000ft Also from the Boeing Edge bulletin: . There may be a Manual Bulletin overiding this of course, and earlier 737 variants with different APU's have lower APU operating levels and quite possibly start requirements.
  8. Hello Rudy, This would depend on the 737 variant ?
  9. What airport pair and what FIR are you trying to exclude ?
  10. Hello Dean, I don't use either the AS Airbus or FF but the route is continuous and the airbus export file looks complete. It would need an Aerosoft Airbus user to test. You have a matching AIRAC cycle installed in both PFPX an FF ?
  11. Hello Steve, Instead of using find route or selecting just one, when the 'Compute' button ( top left icon ) becomes active use the drop down arrow to select multiple routes between the airport pair.
  12. And it is listed in the registry: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs
  13. Have you checked that mfc140.dll installed ? for x86 located C:\Windows\System32
  14. The current AIRAC cycle is 1707. Unless you installed/downloaded 1706 for PFPX you no longer have access to that version.