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  1. From the add aircraft from template option assuming you have the 'default' profiles. If you have changed the profiles the template will not list. I would suggest adding the aircraft by profile ( add new aircraft ) and adjusting the figures accordingly.
  2. Plan the route using the advanced route planner selecting the 'Ignore RAD's' option.
  3. Hello Edward, I have PFPX, aircraft and topat all configured in KG and the transferred data matches: Maybe it is a rounding error in conversion. Check both PFPX Planning/Units and your aircraft profile are to use Pounds.
  4. If you look at the airway structure and also apply the RAD restrictions you will see the difficulties, again even EuroControl IFPS does not propose a valid route, it will take manual planning. If you are not concerned about route validation use the advanced planner and disable the RAD. It will be interesting to see the legitimate routing.
  5. So how is that a silly route ? PFPX was unable to compute a route applying RAD restrictions, this can also happen using EuroControl IFPS. Did you try planning with RAD restrictions disabled ? The LFPG-LDDU route generated here without issue and only a minor adjustment to a direct resulted in a validated route.
  6. Simbrief will use routes from repositories submitted by others and are hopefully valid. The route supplied for LFRS-LIRF is certainly not, using the beta route finder the route is not valid either. The PFPX route found for LEBL-LFMN is the same even if not capped to FL305, the cap was applied to clear IFPS validation. City pair level capping is not functioning as it should currently in PFPX and hopefully that will be resolved.
  7. Even IFPS does not propose a valid route between LFRS and LIRF so it will require some manual work to achieve the goal. If you are not bothered about validating the route then use the advanced planner and disable the RAD filter. The route LEBL-LFMN using AIRAC NG1703 and the updated files as noted by Tom results in a valid route when capped to FL305:
  8. The program is designed to schedule and plan with realistic operations in mind by real-world pilots and dispatchers James. Historic function doesn't really fit that ethos. Personally I wouldn't like to see that degraded.
  9. Based on your other post why not carry out a clean install of v1.28 followed by applying the fix
  10. Have you tried using the Schedule editor and deleting all flights?
  11. Try updating the vcredist as posted HERE
  12. The ONE day in the past allows for a departure delay to a scheduled flight. There is nothing to prevent you planning NOW using historic weather, other than a date on the OFP there would be no difference.
  13. You are only seeing a warning message reminding you that the date is in the past. Selecting continue allows release of the flight anyway. So there is no need to change the computer date which in itself may very well lead to problems with date/time stamp files.
  14. Your choice of course Kiosutra but FS crash detection has been a cause of issues to scenery and aircraft developers for a very long time. Disabled here for well over a decade !
  15. You cannot schedule something in the past !