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  1. Topcat can send the load data to the aircraft either via modifying the aircraft.cfg file or sent through FSUIPC. Many add-on aircraft now use built in systems to distribute loads according to the publishers requirements so the Topcat method should not be used. Having loaded the aircraft according to the publishers requirements and configured the MCDU the trim setting can be retrieved from there. Therefor I suggest only using Topcat to calculate the takeoff/landing performance in these instances.
  2. Hello Tom, Topcat contains a profile for the A320-214 with CFM engines, for takeoff performance this works quite well against the FSL. I would use the trim setting suggested by the MCDU as loading the aircraft from Topcat probably not recommended.
  3. Italy is Free Route Airspace above FL335, continued through Austria. UM985 does not exist in that airspace, you would need to plan M985 from the France Italy border below FL335, alternatively adhere to the FRA requirements.
  4. Hello Gerd, Ensure the Schedule Editor is available using the customize quick access toolbar option if necessary. Open the Schedule Editor and use Other/Import
  5. Neither ID= or CALLSIGN= are used in loading the flightplan as tested here IvAp v2.0.2 b2773, the aircraft identification is called from the IvAp connection as noted in the manual: The same applies to the Pilot in Command, taken from the connection settings. Neither are populated by the flightplan. EDIT: both of the above data are called from the pilot.cfg file and not the flightplan.
  6. ID= is also used by other well known planning tools including Simbrief, has the format changed? As you can see virtually the same format as PFPX
  7. Ok, so this not a bug at all with PFPX v1.28.8 and the IvAp application. You are requesting a new export function for X-IvAp.
  8. In which case surely the X-IvAp application should be updated rather than degrading the correct format ?
  9. I wasn't aware China had moved away from the metric system? ICAO Speed entries for planning: True airspeed for the initial or whole cruise segment of the flight, indicated as: “N” for Knots, followed by a four-digit figure: “M” for Mach number followed by a three-digit representation of ratio, or “K” for Kilometers/hour followed by a four-digit number. i.e. K0830, N0485, M082.. ICAO Flight level: Planned cruising level for the initial or whole cruise segment of the flight, indicated as: “F” for Flight Level in 100s of feet, “A” for plain altitude in 100s of feet (both three-digit), “S” for Standard Metric Level in tens of metres, “M” for plain altitude in tens of metres (both four-digit), i.e. F330, M0840, A045
  10. They used to be listed within the ETOPS dialogue but shifted either by design or error
  11. The alternates are listed at the foot of the General flightplanning tab
  12. You posted a support ticket as above ?
  13. I have 378.66 installed on WIN10 Pro Creator without issue
  14. Have you confirmed it is not a bug with Nvidia ?
  15. How about actually posting a snapshot of your current settings ?