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  1. The 20% short trip cruise length apples to distance and is defined in the aircraft profile and can be edited. The choice of lower/upper airways is very marginal here with the crossover at FL245/FL260. For me planning with 174pax will return a route based on the lower airway at FL240. Reducing the payload or the short trip cruise length will take the route into the upper airway. It is very marginal and the final result is only found when you compute the flight. Having established that FL240 is the maximum achievable enter this in the Route box MAX ALT/FL and use the find function again. Not to worry about the ZFW in use Pete. Notifications from the forum work here.
  2. The BAW27 route may not always be the same and will be based upon route availability, winds etc. The PFPX route editor can be called up when planning using the edit icon or from the route data quick-link should you just be constructing routes. It is with this tool you can construct/modify routes either via selection on the map or from existing waypoints listed in the legs column. Wind optimization doesn't appear to work as it should and I believe the function should be restored in the next update.
  3. Thanks for the info and links Rudy.
  4. By using Flightradar and identifying the likely STAR in use, in this case SIERA, I used the plan VIA option ( right click on SIERA intersection ) to achieve: The only requirement was to modify the UK exit route via SOMVA for the plan to validate. PFPX is going to rely on Airways and DIRECT links to automatically construct the route. Upper airways over west China are rather thin and no direct files have been created for the area. You can add your own directs to the user database with the editor.
  5. Block index ? PFPX is an advanced flight planning and scheduling tool, for aircraft performance calculations you need to use a tool such as Topcat. I suggest you view and research the product page PFPX
  6. The 'Update' function checks stored routes against the installed AIRAC data and will notify the errors if they no longer match. PFPX will not automatically correct the routes, that is for you to do if you so choose.
  7. Whilst I have different weather engines for FSX/P3D I still use the PFPX subscription service for weather.
  8. Use the many profiles available and adjust the figures to suit the addon.
  9. The PFPX export is to the 'Extended' version of the Airbus now replaced, it is possible the flightplan format has changed. Testing here indicates the route is lost if DIRECTS are used, which is increasingly likely even in EUR.
  10. No updates have been issued by PFPX so what has changed on your system ? What is the full route computed ?
  11. Release the flight, then export. EDIT: your document folder is also incorrectly set. It should be to the root and not Aerosoft.
  12. Whilst you await Cpt Pero's answer Ray You can set the affinity mask for the 3rd party application in the 'Run Manager', a CPU core tick-box is displayed
  13. Hello Pete, PFPX has planned the cruise altitude at FL240 based on the default 20% min cruise length defined in the aircraft profile. It would not be aware of the cruise length until computing the flightplan. Can you supply the ZFW used when overweight calculation was reached.
  14. There is no issue here with the latest 382.05 drivers and WIN10 creator edition.
  15. There are many options. If you are not using both FSX and P3D 777 options point one of those entries to the 747 folder, or even one of the NGX exports. It not actually necessary to use the 747 folder at all as the FMS will look to all the PMDG flightplan folders having entered the DEP/ARR and sending the request.