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  1. The top image path to FSX should not be to the PMDG folder but to FSX ONLY, then you would only require a tick in the relevant PMDG option. Use the reset option and correct the FSX and document paths. You must compute and release the flight before export. Run PFPX as ADMIN especially as FSX is installed in a protected windows folder. .
  2. AIRCRAFT DATABASE is available from the topline icons.
  3. Post snapshots of your complete export paths
  4. If you check Mike's post on the Navigraph forum you'll see Richards response that the ARINC database 428-8 format for airways can only contain five characters. The database only contains UG851 accordingly. Additionally UG851G cannot be entered in an FMC as it is does not comply with the standard.
  5. Adjusting Fuel Bias question

    I would look at the fuel burn figures over a few flights with the default performance file, then try manually adjusting the bias figure for the percentage difference required in the aircraft settings accordingly:
  6. Adjusting Fuel Bias question

    Hello Ray, I have never had to use the calculator with the airliners and performance files I have in use. The reduced fuel flow is offset by the calculated drag, the calculated flow been 18% less than your actual. PFPX would then use the +18% figure for its calculations based on the performance file. The result will depend on the quality and data range of the performance file.
  7. Taxi time

    Only the taxi out fuel is taken into consideration. The taxi in time is used for block calculation.
  8. IATA Airport code

    Deleted by poster
  9. You have an active subscription ?
  10. You may need to use WINRAR Mike.
  11. PFPX implements a partial filter of RAD, it is not updated per AIRAC cycle and a user can adjust the entries based on those published EuroControl RAD The RAD filter is used by PFPX when using the automatic route find functions along with the FRA directs. Perhaps post a route you are trying to plan ? There is very little to repair in the PFPX installation, is there a specific issue you are trying to resolve ?
  12. PFPX flight plan to A/C

    Then the issue is not the flightplan format as .RTE is correct for the PMDG. You have computed and released the flight in PFPX ?
  13. FSLabs and Transitions/Published Approaches

    Or migrate to P3D Otto, hehehe
  14. FSLabs and Transitions/Published Approaches

    No they are not, the problem is resolved in P3D version
  15. FSLabs and Transitions/Published Approaches

    It is a known issue with the FSL, you'll need to await the FSX update.