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  1. srcooke

    pfpx flight plan error

    If using P3Dv4 install the 1.28.9i hotfix linked in the English forum UNLESS you have an ATI graphics card. Select RESET. Change the Prepar3D Folder to the that of the P3D root and not any further.
  2. srcooke

    pfpx flight plan error

    Post a snapshot showing all the export paths including sim location. As this is the Deutsch forum could a mod move this to the correct location.
  3. srcooke

    pfpx flight plan error

    Manually change the alt to what is suitable:
  4. srcooke

    pfpx flight plan error

    I assume EIME is an alternate ? If so the calculated altitude for the route is below the Minimum Off Route Altitude, either re-plan the alternate route or list the altitude above MORA
  5. Install the 1.28.9i hotfix linked above, backup the .exe first especially if you use an ATI based graphics card.
  6. From your first image and unless you changed the default route name enter KSEAKSAN01 and uplink to LSK2L
  7. Taxi-in fuel doesn't form part of the fuel policy. How often do you use more fuel than the required reserves upon landing? A dispatcher or pilot could add extra fuel where delays are expected. Hopefully a dispatcher will add/correct this post.
  8. srcooke

    Importing flight plan from PFPX

    What was your route exactly ?
  9. srcooke

    Importing flight plan from PFPX

    Most likely you have not computed and released the flight in PFPX before export.
  10. srcooke

    Active Sky 16 P3Dv4

    Which version of PFPX is in use? Before trying a different export path for ASP4 lets rebuild the wx_station_list.txt file by selecting the Database in ASP4, reset to defaults and save. ASP4 will require a restart. Start PFPX and try again.
  11. srcooke

    Active Sky 16 P3Dv4

    There is only one current_wx_snapshot file generated ?
  12. srcooke

    Active Sky 16 P3Dv4

    With ASP4 closed delete both current_wx_snapshot files, not sure why you have two of them only current_wx_snapshot.txt should exist. Start ASP4 Run PFPX as Admin and try again.
  13. Hello Bill, PFPX will not create a random direct, it uses a list of stored directs from the database. There are no 'J' airways linking from the SID exit, a direct link does not exist either. In this case the only suitable solution is to the 'V' airway. It is possible to add direct links yourself, I added a PBD intersection and direct link to achieve the route from FlightAware: HYK278048 VXV ODF CRG OMN ANNEY4
  14. srcooke

    PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    1.28.9i will NOT work for many users with ATI based graphics cards Miguel, unfortunately that leads to the loss of some functionality.
  15. srcooke

    PFPX hotfix 1.28.9c

    I'm not a developer Mike so I could not say whether it is an issue with the compiler used for PFPX or ATI's implementation of opengl An update 'may' resolve the issue. The problem does not occur on nVidea based cards.