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  1. srcooke

    one of the arrivals are not in the FMGS

    The visual approach procedure is available at EuroControl, as Otto points out there are no instrument approaches to 36 at all.
  2. srcooke

    B748 performance data

    Richard was referring to the performance data file required to produce the -8 flightplan
  3. When you added an aircraft in PFPX did you assign the topcat profile ? If not edit the aircraft and assign topcat as required. Does Topcat have matching aircraft registrations to PFPX ?
  4. srcooke

    Fuel loading question

    Your contingency fuel is 5% of trip with a minimum specified by the fuel policy, equivalent to 5min hold using the ICAO policy. Final reserve is again calculated from your chosen policy, in this case 30min hold at alternate. You can view all these data entries in the Fuel Policy Editor
  5. srcooke

    Flight Plan format?

    Plan and compute the flight, the OFP format can be selected BEFORE release
  6. srcooke

    PFPX refuses to start

    Try installing both x86 and x64 2017 visual basic runtimes linked HERE What steps did you take when uninstalling PFPX ?
  7. srcooke

    Simple newbie question

    Using AIRAC 1809 + Davids updates linked above PFPX gives a valid route straight off, no adjustment necessary:
  8. srcooke

    Simple newbie question

    Download and install the PFPX RAD Restrictions and Directs for your AIRAC cycle, these have been kindly made available by David. Whilst this cannot resolve all issues it will improve the situation greatly. Consult the Route Availability Document to meet any additional criteria required. FRA data is not available from an AIRAC provider.
  9. Try a different PDF printer, I tested here with the commercial Adobe Acrobat and free CutePDF, both without issue.
  10. srcooke

    Weather Not Updating

    The ADDS server appears to be having issues that will knock on to PFPX
  11. I could only suggest reverting to v1.28.9c at this time, link posted HERE
  12. Tested the flightplan load function via 'Route Request' in FSX, loaded without issue:
  13. Have QW changed the format in a recent update ? Post a snapshot of your export paths setup in PFPX Attach the exported flightplan that does not work.
  14. srcooke

    Weather Not Updating

    Additionally with PFPX closed delete the content of \Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp and try again.
  15. srcooke

    PFPX weird routing

    EGAA uses defined departure procedures, not SID. Add BLACA and LISBO as departure points in the airport editor: Additionally create two directs in the Waypoint & Airway editor 'user database' for LISBO - RINGA and LISBO - PEPOD: Restart PFPX. Update to v1.28.9i, if you are using an ATI based graphic card be sure to backup the current .exe