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  1. Quite possibly one of the alternate routes is DCT, remove that alternate and try compute again.
  2. And there lies the most probable reason for the direct between PECAN and DUMOL also, an airway was removed between those two points The flight levels you have now posted are optimal and RVSM changes plus the step climb.
  3. Have you checked the directs database for the invalid direct If within European airspace checked added a suitable RAD restriction.
  4. Take a look at the links posted HERE
  5. Quite possibly as I do not get the M771/772 routing with NG
  6. Looks to be the 777-300 ER profile where the issue can be replicated.
  7. You could try using the default 772 profile which is what I used. PFPX online weather or third party source?
  8. Acceptable IFPS format:
  9. Having entered a payload directly: and ZFW direct entry:
  10. 5520N fails as does N55 00 W020 00 : whereas 55N020W will pass, you can see the difference in data pictured in Romains post:
  11. Have you tried validating a route using 5520N format ? Using the format as supplied by NG as posted above there is no issue, ie 52N020W
  12. Check that a direct does not already exist, possibly with an incorrect cruise table in use. Without adding the direct PFPX generates: -N0484F370 SKAT3C SKATE V4 GRUPA/N0485F380 V5 SABNO/N0483F370 A583 AKOTA/N0486F380 M754 VINIK M522 MAMOK/N0483F400 M522 ELANG/N0478F390 M522 GALKO GALK3C The 1000ft level changes are RVSM.
  13. The 'step' climb from FL350 to FL360 is actually an RVSM climb most probably caused by the lack of a defined direct in PFPX. Was the route generated by PFPX or pasted from another source ? Adding a direct to the database creates available levels based on the cruise table: this results in: ATC ROUTE: N0491F350 PECA1A PECAN DCT DUMOL M771 DULOP/N0489F360 M772 ASOBA/N0487F380 M772 LAXOR DCT GALKO GALK3D
  14. Prior to what ? Cannot reproduce here running 1.28.8
  15. Can you post the OFP where the 1000ft step climb occurs?