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  1. srcooke

    Plane 787 assistance

    Select the Quality Wings P3D option and use BROWSE to your FSX\QualityWings\QW787\FlightPlans path
  2. The P3D 747 & 777 entries
  3. Make sure you are using hotfix 1.28.9i from the pinned topic. Set the correct path to P3Dv4 NOT to the PMDG flightplans folder as you have now. Select the required addons, not RT2 which is for the original 747
  5. srcooke

    Incorrect STAR for KIAH

    Hello Ray, It would look to be a PFPX filtering issue, difficult to say for sure as the AIRAC data cannot be read, however other NG supported addons would indicate GESNR ONE serving 08L/R and 09 only.
  6. FSL clearly state in their documentation that the PFPX OFP has to be used. You can alternatively use the FSX/P3D .pln format.
  7. PFPX will accept the EuroControl IFPS formats: Examples: 46N078W 4620N05805W 462013N0580503W
  8. PFPX does not export sid/star information for FMC's, it does however to the default sim .pln Procedures should be loaded via the FMC which may contain specific coding., if the procedures were exported to the PMDG .rte format for example these would be actively removed by PMDG anyway.
  9. srcooke

    Server Down?

    Simply switch to offline mode. If using one of the supported weather engines switch to that as an interim. Tracks can be pasted in if required.
  10. srcooke

    Server Down?

    No connection issue here. With PFPX closed try deleting the content of C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp , then restart.
  11. srcooke

    Close PFPX. Delete the contents of C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp Start PFPX, does the weather download ?
  12. Hello Dan, I don't see that issue here, 0735 UTC = 2135 HAST: UTC -10 My timezone.dat file located C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data is dated 19 October 2016 Using ETD does appear to error.
  13. With PFPX closed delete the contents of C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp EDIT: is your computer time correct ? UTC 16:50
  14. srcooke


    Don't change the threshold time if you are going to plan ETOPS.
  15. srcooke


    It is likely ETOPS planning is required for the route, it is however your choice whether to do so. You could try removing the EDTO configuration from your aircraft entry. Increase the planning threshold time in your aircraft configuration. Or use the tutorials posted and learn to plan ETOPS