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  1. Breitling 2

    Leg#31 Shannon-Liverpool where Mr Fogg landed. England flavour.
  2. Breitling 2

    Leg#30 Gander-Shannon Uneventful oceanic crossing until short final when engine #2 got fire and blasted. Luckyly there wasn't time to realize we were already safe on the ground and the firemen got the duty. Breitling 2, the well known best trimotor, is now under recovery.
  3. Breitling 2

    Leg#29 New York-Gander Heavy snow in Gander
  4. Breitling 2

    The around the world tour in 80 days is close to its end, it has been an unique experience, i’m glad with the choice I’ve made of the Connie.
  5. Breitling 2

    Resting in New York. American Pastoral, suburbs, Newark, sunday family barbecues, feeling the generation gap growing day by day, flying an old plane in modern times. Back to my Concorde, waiting for the new maddog X. Magic of flightsimming.
  6. Breitling 2

    Next round will be New York-Gander-Shannon-Liverpool-London (Southend)
  7. Breitling 2

    Leg#28 Buffalo- New York La Guardia Expressway rwy 31 visual approach
  8. Breitling 2

    Leg#27 Chicago Meigs- Buffalo Niagara Falls
  9. Breitling 2

    Leg#26 Minneapolis-Chicago Meigs. Merryll Meigs, back to basics where all of this once had begun.
  10. Breitling 2

    Leg#25 Veil Eagle County-Minneapolis Snowy landscape below Breitling 2
  11. Breitling 2

    Leg#23 San Francisco - Veil
  12. Breitling 2

    And here the planning for the next step SFO-LGA: San Francisco-Veil Eagle County-Minneapolis-Chicago Meigs-Buffalo-NY La Guardia. Next New York, New York! Stay in Touch with Breitling 2
  13. Breitling 2

    This may sound something heretical but, it's now nearly two months and...I'm in a sort of magenta withdrawal syndrome...
  14. Breitling 2

    Thx, hard to find something new, but London is still far from here.