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  1. Simple. Go to (your) account-> profile ->my attachments and you'll find how much memory you still have. Eventually, on the same page, you can remove old pictures. I really hope this could help.
  2. Breitling 2

    Leg#12 Calcutta-Rangoon, leaving India for Burma. Busy wet and hot Calcutta atmosphere is behind our shoulders, flooded lands slip slowly below our wings. Rangoon airport (nowadays Yangoon) with its gold old buildings welcome us at the Far East borders. Inflight we planned the fourth part of the ATW: il will take three legs from Calcutta to Hong Kong (Kai Tak), via Rangoon and Bangkok (old iconic Don Muang VTBD airport).
  3. Breitling 2

    Leg#11 Bombay-Calcutta Early morning departure from the foggy Bombay, facing East India to Calcutta. An easy FL150 flight just to descend in a foggy (default) Calcutta. "This mist appears to come after us, it makes difficult every approach" "It should be obviously in real life, sir, but let me remember you we are in a virtual world and it is the uncertainty that charms us; mist makes things wonderful" (O. Wilde) "And the new videocard maybe too".
  4. Breitling 2

    On our way to the airport we saw a concrete hangar wall with a something known graffiti.
  5. Breitling 2

    Our stay in Bombay has almost come to an end, the path to London Reform Club is still long, surely difficult, the weather, good until now, a part the fog, will sooner or later change to bad, and many of us will have their challenges. Time to pack our things and prepare for takeoff.
  6. Breitling 2

    Playing around waiting for the next leg to start.
  7. Breitling 2

    Bombay-Calcutta, Breitling 2 third part of the journey will be a non stop flight taking about 4 hours and half.
  8. Breitling 2

    Harry, thanks for sharing with us. And another one that isn't properly what they call a boy.
  9. Breitling 2

    Bombay...xxxx, I'm still only in Bombay. Every time I think I'm gonna wake up back in the jungle. I want Indian jungle, elephants, bear Balou, monkeys, Shere Khan, the tiger. I close my eyes, i've never been in India, but it flows in me. (Cpt willard, thanks for the citation)
  10. Breitling 2

    Many thanks I try to do my best in having fun. You left the DC6 for 049, I see. Both stunning planes, it's now three weeks with propliner and I still do not feel the missing of tube/jetliners. If it lasts till the end of our journey I could look for an historic virtual airline.
  11. Breitling 2

    Indian subcontinent took us with a thick fog and the whole Around the World in 80 days group as well, it seems. Visibility was poor at takeoff, about 2 nm, in Karachi when Leg#10 Karachi-Bombay started, early in the morning. The flight was uneventful during cruise, so we took some pics of the inside of the cockpit, and again visibility was poor for landing. Reading the other members' diaries it seems a common occurrence. The hot wet spicy scent in the air reached our nostrils as the airplane main door was opened, even if in the middle of a tarmac. At last we rested our feet on Indian soil. "I feel as History were welcoming us in Bombay, whispering, even breathing at us" "Nothing strange, sir; may I suggest to leave all our chakras open and let her in?"
  12. Breitling 2 is scheduled to reach Bombay in a few hours: see you in Oberoi.
  13. Breitling 2

    Leg#9 Dubai-Karachi "Sand, sand, sand everywhere, I'm tired of sand" "Very annoying indeed, sir. May I suggest to let Leg#9 start? "I agree. Besides our skin began to turn red after three days in the desert sun..." Out of the desert. We are leaving Arabian Peninsula. "The desert had turned to sea There were plants and birds and rocks and things There was sand and hills and rings The ocean is a desert with it's life underground (a horse with no name) At last a new continent. Jinnah International Karachi
  14. Capt. Lambert in Biplanes

    Every episode a surprise, this is storytelling! Anyway these guys are putting themselves into trouble: Svetlana. I fear Jessica won't appreciate. A jealous female can be tricked into anything.