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  1. My subscription just expired. I must be old, blind, or both, but where in PFPX do I renew my subscription? Thanks.
  2. That did it. Thanks again for your help!
  3. Got it solved. Thanks
  4. I recently did a complete clean of my hdd and upgraded to Windows 10. After downloading and installing PFPX v1.28 I find that I really don't like the printed flight plan format. Is there a way to roll back to the previous version that shows ETD, Acutual time of departure, etc.. on the first page. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. I've downloaded the PMDG 777-200LR template and placed it in the correct folder, but how to I add an aircraft type that will be attached to the template? Thanks.
  6. B777F ETOPS?

    Got it Stephen. I was clicking on the new entry rather than "entering" it. It's working great. Thank you.
  7. When attempting to create a new aircraft, the B777F, the only ETOPS shown in the template is ETOPS 120. There are no other options. I need ETOPS 330. Please tell me why this option isn't there, or more importantly, how to fix it. Thank you!!
  8. MCDU shows wrong passenger count?

    Follow up: I found another thread on this topic. I now understand why the MCDU shows the way it does. Solved.
  9. MCDU shows wrong passenger count?

    Thank you. I did that. The MCDU shows 124 after entering that in the planner but the maximum still indicates 156 max. 124/154. Is there a way to show the max passenger load of 124?
  10. My A319 MCDU shows a possible passenger load of 156 but I prefer 124 with the two class configuration. Where do I set the MCDU to show the 124 configuration? Thanks.
  11. When I open or close the cargo doors the aural identification of navigation stations begin. There may be other triggers as well. I've not found a way to disable hearing these morse code identifiers. I checked my P3D settings and all radio key commands have been removed. What could be causing the triggers and how do I go about disabling them? Thanks.
  12. Happy New Year!

    Any chance of doing aircraft performance templates for the Corenado Phenom 300 and Hawker XP?  Both are pretty good with the GTN750 modification.  Thanks.

  13. It sure would be nice to have a profile for Carenado's Phenom 300 and the HawkerXP. They're fairly good with the GTN750 modification. Please???
  14. PANC and FSPassengers?

    I can't say for sure about different aircraft. I do know that it happens with my iFly 737BBJ. FSP showed I over ran the airport on landing (twice) and on my only departure it showed the same. In none of the 3 cases was I anywhere near the end of the runway and actually cleared the runway well short of the end. Also, to be more specific, the departure was from 7L and the arrivals were on 7R and 14. Note: I just found this... http://www.fspasseng...664#reply_29664 This is particulary important to me after having read the contents of the link. I'm thinking about purchasing the LFPG scenery, but it appears this may be a problem since I use FSP on all my Delta Virtual flights. BTW, it's FS9 on a high-end system.