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  1. Can we get an improved flight attendant? I prefer a 'non-sterile' cockpit, if y'know what I mean. ;))))
  2. Will the clock be improved? It feels more like a chinese Swatch knock-off, I need atomic clock precision when I'm flying. /s
  3. You run the sim on full screen?! You sir are a dying breed, I have it in windowed because I need to have my browser open for charts and such. EDIT: Not to mention that, although flying is fun, I can't stand sitting in a simulator cockpit for hours on end with nothing happening.
  4. Dude was just sharing his favorite photo of an A330, why you gotta have no chill on him fam?
  5. To further make the point, 2018 model year cars have already been released on the market, and it's barely September.
  6. This isn't a support question, but more of a curiosity thing. What exactly does entering the QNH, temperature, and winds in the MCDU PERF APPR page do? I never notice it doing anything, and I've tried upper and lower bounds just to see what would happen to the Vapp speed (if at all), and nothing happens. I tried going through the manuals to see what it does, but there's nothing there that talks about WHY we do it. Is it just to force the pilots to brief themselves on the arrival, and contribute nothing to the functionality of the approach?
  7. MCDU PERF APPR page

    Neat! How much of a change does the temperature impart on the descent profile though? I tried 50 and -50 and barely noticed any difference.
  8. Any chance we can get an update on the ramp crew's voice for the pushback? This guy sounds like he hates his job. EDIT: Nevermind, I just realized that it's probably a realistic representation of rampies
  9. No one ever complained about a runway being too bright
  10. Can we get some inside scoop with the whole CPDLC thing that's coming on VATSIM? I know you guys are a part of the whole deal and prepping your planes for such, so I'm curious to see what the current status is.
  11. I feel like people take placeholders too seriously. This is what I think the release dates should read on the store, so people would just be confused and stop asking questions:
  12. What is a GLS approach anyways? I'm confused as to how it's not an ILS approach or what kind of 'special equipment' is required.
  13. How about we skip straight to 2665?
  14. Update: We went on the second date and there wasn't any of that "clicking." It felt weird, I don't think it's gonna go anywhere with her.
  15. Just to throw a picture comparison out there so people can see the difference, it's difficult to see anything quantifiable otherwise:
  16. I read a book about this kind of strategy of joining a "disruptive" market as soon as possible and leaving your customers behind in order to stay alive. The book is called The Innovator's Dilemma if anyone wants to give it a read, but the jist of it is that this disruptive technology's 'performance' (the disruptive technology in this case is P3D v4 with its 64 bit engine, making the 'performance parameter' compatibility with addons on the market) is so low that the bigger more established companies feel it to be an unnecessary risk to jump ship on their established market (FSX with its multiple addons), but a few years down the road the disruptive technologies eventually overtake the established technologies and bigger companies won't be able to adapt in time to their customers abandoning them for this new technology. The narrative makes sense with physical products, but with software it seems like a non-issue if said "established company" (in this case Aerosoft) were to conduct business in both markets, since that seems like an intuitively safer strategy (instead of gunning it with one market) with very little added cost to the customer. Then again, I'm just a lowly consumer that is trying to get a job as a manufacturing engineer, what would I know?
  17. Now we gotta get a few thousand simmers to repeat the same thing. Can we get an online submission form going to speed the process up?
  18. I thought that was just for the crying kids in the back
  19. One more joke to keep things going in here:
  20. Funny you say that, nuclear physics is much simpler!
  21. I had a date last Friday, actually. It went pretty well, she wants a second date, her choice of place this time.

    Now I'm not sure if this is an actual bug, since I don't fly in Europe, but I do know that Appendix 4 in the RAD has about 114 directs listed in Italy that are valid between FL315 and FL335, even though FRA starts at FL335 and above. You said your flightplan was set for FL320, right?

    Italy implemented a free route airspace above a certain altitude. This means that any route between two points is acceptable as long as it remains within the FIR and doesn't cross any restricted airspace. Operators will typically use convenient direct-routing that offers them faster time with less operational headache. See the Eurocontrol Route Availability Document if you want to verify what I just said, but I had a look through that multiple times myself and it's the most convoluted publication you will ever come across, so how far down the rabbit hole you want to go is really the furthest you should delve into this.
  24. So what you're saying is that a screen is so horrible at representing what the human eye sees that we perceive a 'photorealistic' image to be horrendously ugly and unrealistic?