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  1. Oh, just the locking and securing mechanisms, the hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, guiding swing-arms, and the way the top of the door kinda swings down when the door is being opened and closed. I'm sure Stefan and Mathijs know what I'm talking about
  2. Can we have a look at the doors and the mechanisms for that again? I just wanna have another look at how good-looking that entire model is.
  3. But what percent is cargo and what percent is pax? And what about those hundreds of Amazon packages that HQ decided to stuff into your cargo hold as well to make a quick buck in freight charges? How do you know the ratio? I gotta say I like the idea, but I also like being able to individually allocate passengers and cargo.
  4. That did it. Thanks, guys! Consider this topic closed.
  5. Yes I can. No it's not there. Checked via the Control Panel.
  6. Any thoughts? It's not a show stopper, but it does make the bus look a little dumb.
  7. I escaped steam using the "Exit Steam" option (the one that shuts it down, not the one that just closes windows). I didn't verify it in Task Manager, but Steam generally behaves itself on this PC. EDIT: I completed the reinstall doing all the above, this time verifying that steam was exited while doing the uninstalls and reinstalls. Took it a step further and even verified that my anti-virus was inactive. Nonetheless, the issue persists.
  8. Hi, I have a bit of a weird situation here. I stopped flying the Airbus series for a few months and flew the ERJ's and PMDG 737's mostly...but I came back to the A319 recently and saw this screwy font appearing on my ND: Now I tried following steps to resolve this issue, and went over details in this thread, this thread, and this thread (although I didn't follow through with modifying the panel.cfg because that's a hackjob solution that is impossible to keep track of). Finally, in a last ditch effort, I uninstalled and reinstalled the Airbus package (A318, 19, 20, and 21), following ALL the steps of the uninstall to the letter, including restarting the computer between pretty much every single step. Nonetheless, the issue persisted, so I tried to resolve the issue using this thread one last time, and there were no changes. What should I do at this point to resolve this issue? Do note that this only appears on the MAP display on the ND, I don't see this font appearing on any other displays (as shown below): Installation details: FSX-Steam Edition Windows 7-64 Bit 16GB RAM More hard drive space than necessary i7 4790k
  9. Will the A330 come with padded corners and baby-proofing? Because I feel like I might accidentally cut myself on the sharp textures. HEYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...
  10. What's the consensus about the pilot/FO voice packages? Will you guys be willing to support an infrastructure for people to share voicepacks of various accents? I tried looking around and I could only find a handful of people sharing voicepacks of various accents. So far, French, British, German, Italian, and US seem to be the only options with User packs being an option. It would be nice if we could "install" more like Russian, Spanish, Dutch, Mandarin, Australian, etc. Anyone else have any input?
  11. If I wanted what's best for me, I'd be doing a master's degree and getting an instrument rating, not playing video games and eating steak every night.
  12. Will it be legal to fly the Airbus's in RVSM airspace? Does the FA serve coffee with cream or is it always gonna be black?
  13. Will the new busses include a guide to ergonomic seat positioning to prevent workplace muscoskeletal disorders caused by poor posture? EDIT: Jeez, where'd the sense of humor in this thread go?
  14. You can't just tease us like that. What's the other criteria?!?!?!?!
  15. How transferable will the liveries be? Or will livery artists have to redevelop all their work?