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  1. Berlin-Leipzig Fehler

    Hallo! Ich wäre auch an der Lösung interessiert. Hab das Problem nämlich auch. Die Fehlermeldung kann ich umgehen. Aber von Berlin aus fahrend komme ich bis kurz vor Berlin-Südkreuz. Dort fehlen Gleise und folglich fliegt der ganze Zug dort beim Einfahren wild durch die Luft und das Szenario ist selbstverständlich beendet. Dasselbe wenn man in Luckenwalde startet. Dort scheinen auch Gleise zu fehlen.
  2. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Yeah! I've heard someone else would be working on this airport. But this time I definitely prefer this one! Jo Erlend Sund has absolutely proved in terms of quality, good performance and reliability in terms of scenery design! ...and hey, at last even in great choices of locations!! Looking forward for any new project he starts!!
  3. Preview Bergamo LIME

    Great location and great previews! Looking forward for it.
  4. Dear Aerosoft team, I've just flown the CRJ from Frankfurt to Stuttgart and back. On the flight to Stuttgart no problems at all. But on the approach to Frankfurt (ILS 07R) I had to go-around because of traffic and followed the missed approach procedure, which lead me via FFM VOR in eastern direction and then back again to the RID VOR (IAF). I've tried to get the missed approach flightpath onto the NAV display. But neither the direct-to function nor copying RID into the scratchpad and set it the first waypoint (LSK 1L) at the LEGS page got me there. When I finally entered "RID" there, P3D4 crashed with the following report: OK, after that I restarted P3D, went to Frankfurt and wanted to repeat the approach. But then as soon as I entered "RID" into the scratchpad and tried to insert it into my flightplan, P3D crashed again, this time without a report. Just CTD! I don't think it's scenery-related because of the exact moment of the crash when entering "RID" twice. Might it be possible that the CRJ has a problem with that very waypoint in any way?? What can I do there? Thanks in advance! [Prepar3D v4.0.28.21686, CRJ-700/900 v1.00, MA Frankfurt Professional, ORBX Vector and OLC Europe installed there. AI traffic only uses FSX and Prepar3D models, no FS9 stuff!] Regards, Dominik
  5. Wow, the "old" A320 was already good in terms of the VC. But I didn't think that even so much more could be done just in terms of modelling and texturing!! Thumbs up!
  6. Antonov An-2 preview (released)

    Looks great! Is it a renewed SimWings version unter the Aerosoft brand or is this a completely new development? I had the SimWings version for FSX. But since P3D became more and more popular, I've never heard of any development from them so far. After it was obviously less and less compatible I decided to delete it. Regards, Dominik
  7. No support, just a thank you.

    I couldn't agree more!! It has become an incredibly good aircraft!!! I love the level of complexity - exactly my cup of tea: Challenging and very detailed in description, if you're new to the CRJ (like me), but at the same time very user-friendly (What a coincidence that it reminds me exactly of the Flight1 ATR ;-). Hats off for the implementation of Dave. Thank you very much for holding on for such a long time and for not giving up! It's worth every cent!
  8. CRJ-700/900-Kauf z.Z. nicht möglich

    A little update: I was now able to purchase. I've tried PayPal instead of credit card and temporary deactivated Antivir. It's not the first time I had problems when paying with the credit card BEFORE even entering the data... whatever. But it's done now! Cheers, Dominik
  9. CRJ-700/900-Kauf z.Z. nicht möglich

    OK, thanks. Do you need any additional data or can you find my account easily with the help of my forum data?
  10. Liebes Aerosoft-Team, erstmal ein großes Dankeschön für die große Geduld und fürs Fertigentwickeln des lange erwarteten CRJ. Ich wollte ihn gerade kaufen. Ich hätte natürlich mit langsamen Downloads gerechnet. Aber bei mir schlägt der Kauf schon fehl, wenn ich auf "kostenpflichtig bestellen" klicke. Hab's 2x versucht und bin erst gar nicht auf die Seite gekommen, auf der man bezahlen kann. Ist das ein Problem der Überlastung oder ist das möglicherweise ein anderes Verbindungsproblem? Ich hatte in letzter Zeit das ein oder andere seltsame Problem mit dem Internet.. Ist es ein Problem, wenn ich es demnächst wieder versuche? Oder setze ich jedes Mal, wenn ich "kostenpflichtig" bestellen drücke, einen neuen Vorgang in Fahrt, der später Probleme macht? (auch wenn die Seite danach nie erreicht wird) Danke im Voraus! Gruß, Dominik
  11. OK, I personally would choose "good" as the first priority and "fast" as the second in this case. The A330 isn't a niche aircraft, but one that we will fly very very often and an aircraft that most people know very well from the outside and also from the inside as a passenger (and besides for me personally also one of the most beautiful airplanes). I guess the effect that Airbus A340 Pilot described is one of those that are very unique to the A330/340 in real life. I also clearly noticed this even as a passenger. So I wouldn't call that exactly "nuclear physics out of flying". Whether it can be made in the sim or not is a different story. But - not being a RW pilot - I wouldn't underestimate this feature in the sim if possible. I always think the proper lines, curves and moving parts of an aircraft are more important than every screw sitting at the right place of the airplanes' skin. (Call me petty, but I actually see if an A320's wing is flexing or not, because I've seen its lines so often since over 25 years now, in contrast to more rare aircraft). Regards, Dominik
  12. Well I've tried to operate the landing lights recently and FPS dropped from nearly 20 to 3 fps (!!), even with only 1 light switched on. I know you all say it's better with scenery files compiled with the P3D4 compiler. But first, how much better should it be? And second, I've used Flightbeam's KSFO this time, and this airport should be a native P3D4 airport, right?? What I fear is, that even at native P3D4 airports I will never be able to use any dynamic lights with my current hardware, and a NVidia GeForce GTX 970 shouldn't be too bad. I can't replicate your scenario at my PC of course, simply because the CRJ isn't out yet. But is there something you can do so terribly wrong here except using pre-P3D4-compiled scenery?? I've spent quite a lot of money for software and hardware in the last few years. And I would really be glad if I didn't have to invest again in a new graphic card again..
  13. Oh I'm not a friend of a virtually modelled women (or people in general) in the VC, unless she will have wingflex . Finally they are always "static" which certainly doesn't add realism compared to an empty seat (just VAS use and development time). Having "Heidi" sit in the front seat of the A2A Piper cup is a different story. But I don't need her as a A320/A330 copilot.
  14. Flap problem

    Sorry, my internet connection was lost for some time and is working again now. No, this was my last resort because I didn't want to install all the liveries again... FSUIPC seems to have caused the problem. I've yet to check what exactly the problem was..
  15. Hallo, ich habe in Aspen das gleiche Problem. Allerdings habe ich den eben genannten Rat (Änderung der Priorität in der Szeneriebibliothek) befolgt, und danach sah es noch schlimmer aus: Die ganze Runway und fast der ganze Flughafen verschwanden unter dem Boden. Egal wie ich die Prioritäten setze, es wird nie richtig angezeigt. Zur Info: Ich habe ORBX FTX Vector und OpenLC America installtiert. AEC hab ich im Vector Control Panel für Aspen ausgeschaltet. Trotzdem geht's nicht. Was kann ich sonst tun?