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  1. VC Tablet: Weights & Fuel Reset

    I believe I have figured out my problem with the Load Manager. My flight was to Depart CYYJ (Victoria) which is a freeware airport I installed a while ago. I had the CRJ parked close to a fuel station and I am sure that is what causes the fuel to default to full even when I changed the fuel amount either in FSX or through DAVE. I think FSX automatically fills aircraft fuel tanks if they are a certain distance from the fuel station. This seemed to happen irregardless of what gate I was parked at unless I was a great distance away from the fuel station. Anyway while parked at a different airport, payware Simmaddons CYXS I tried loading the CRJ using the Load manager and it worked OK. So the problem is, with FSX, at some airports the fueling station area can cause the fuel load to change. But, I found there is still a problem with the values reported on the CRJ Load manager vs. DAVE \ FSX. Here are the values I had (LBS.): ZFW: DAVE & FSX: 55,180 LOAD MGR.: 54,212 FUEL: DAVE & FSX: 9,604 LOAD MGR.: 9,604 (OK-SAME) TOW: DAVE & FSX: 64,736 LOAD MGR.: 63,819 CARGO: DAVE & FSX: 430 LOAD MGR.: 2,250 (FWD & AFT) PAX & CREW: DAVE & FSX: 9,999 LOAD MGR.: 7,225 PAX #: DAVE: 50 LOAD MGR.: 35 My conclusion, other than the "value" discrepencies between the Load Manager and DAVE shown above, is that the Payload and Fuel Management System works for me after all, if not for this occasional flaw in FSX. I apologize for any undo concern this may have caused. Regards
  2. VC Tablet: Weights & Fuel Reset

    I appreciate that. Thanks for your help. I get an unfavourable result though, when I click the Set Payload & Fuel button while the yellow text is visible. Before v 1.0.5 I had no problems with the Load manager. Maybe I am mistaken, but every time a new updated version comes out more problems crop up with an aspect of the sim that worked OK before the update (seems that way to me anyway). It's a shame I am that close to being able to do a flight with this sim, but I cannot because who wants to fly with a FULL Load. Remember as well, I do not have the hotfix 1.0.6 applied. But rolling back to an earlier version so I can use the the sim is not an option for me at this time. It does not fix my problem at this time. Here's what concerns me though, your quote: " But as usual, I only tried in P3D v4.2". Quite frankly, I get the feeling Aerosoft maybe does not give, shall we say, enough love & support for FSX products anymore. In a way I do understand that, because in the near future I plan on upgrading to P3dv4 and maybe I won't have these problems. Regards
  3. VC Tablet: Weights & Fuel Reset

    BUMPITY BUMP BUMP! Just wondering if Hans is working on a fix for this issue. I rolled back to v1.0.5, as I had applied the hotfix previously. I wanted to see if the hotfix was the culprit. Not to be. I still have the same problem where I cannot either manually enter the Loads nor do the same using the CRJ Manager. I cannot believe that Loading is such an issue at this point, when it was not in previous versions. Have a good weekend
  4. VC Tablet: Weights & Fuel Reset

    What the heck is that flashing yellow "set payload and fuel". I manually set the payload and fuel thew flashing stops and I press "set payload and fuel" and it again reverts back to default 19725 Fuel load in lbs. The Load manager and DAVE are totally useless for me anyway. This is so frustrating and disappointing that I cannot even manually enter the load information in FSX. If I do, DAVE does not accept it and changes the FSX load data back to default. At least give us the option to load the aircraft either manually or by using the Load Manager, if it works, which I doesn't in my case. I hope I'm not looking at another 6-8 week wait to get this fixed, if that is even possible. Such a waste of time setting up a flight with this product, only to have the load manager do me in. Is there a way to do a flight without the use of this load manager or am I Forced to fly with a FULL (default) tank of fuel every time? Please let me know because I do not know of one. We should not have to do work arounds either, to cover for these inefficiencies. That is totally unacceptable. PLEASE FIX IT! At least give me the ability to manually load this aircraft through FSX, otherwise it is unflyable for me. Who wants to go with a Max load every flight. Highly unrealistic. I'm done with this aircraft for now, with the hope that aerosoft can eventually get it right.
  5. VC Tablet: Weights & Fuel Reset

    OK I did retry the manual route to change the fuel load in the FSX menu. It seemed to work, but I did not carry out the flight so not sure how this change holds up. But it does seem that the Load Manager still needs to be fixed.
  6. VC Tablet: Weights & Fuel Reset

    I even turned the APU off and went External Power, still same issue. So your suggestion, Hans, does not work for me. Any other solutions?
  7. VC Tablet: Weights & Fuel Reset

    Is this manager issue fixed yet? The numbers are still reverting back to default when I Click on "Set Fuel & Payload In FS" I can't even manually change the numbers in FSX.
  8. Any news on next update?

    I understand Lockheed gets all the attention and IS the future, but some CUSTOMERS still use FSX.
  9. I think that is a good sign. Isn’t it? The longer it takes, I figure it will pay off in the end. The group must be working diligently solving the multitude of issues with this product, approximately 7 years in development. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next update that I hope will allow me to get something out of my investment. Have a good day.
  10. HUD Display Outline Depicted in ASCA Clouds

    As stated before this was not a deal breaker for me. I accept your explanation as stated above. I know not all systems are the same, this may even be a one off situation and if Hans finds something, OK, if not we will move on. Regards
  11. Unless It’s released before the weekend, I’m afraid we won’t see it for a few more days yet, if that. Every day seems like a week waiting for updates around here.
  12. HUD Display Outline Depicted in ASCA Clouds

    Quote: "As far as I can see it is only you who has this issue." You have not installed AS2016 with ASCA? Then what weather software are you using? In order to test your product properly you must have used some kind of weather generator as most customers no doubt have and use. How hard would it be to install Hifi's AS2016 w\ASCA and try again? Simple, right? Your explanation seems to be a copout to me, doesn't hold water. Sorry, but your comment "As far as I can see it is only you who has this issue." are obviously poorly chosen words. Whether it is 1 or 1000 customers with a problem, each and every one of those customers is important. So now you have displayed to me your attitude with regard to this issue to a long standing loyal customer (have a look at my purchase record) such as myself. Thank you very much and who knows, maybe in some magical way the issue will take care of itself with the next update. Have a Nice Day\Night
  13. HUD Display Outline Depicted in ASCA Clouds

    Fair enough.
  14. HUD Display Outline Depicted in ASCA Clouds

    Just wondering if this issue is being looked at, have you been able to replicate it?
  15. HUD Display Outline Depicted in ASCA Clouds

    This is not really a biggy for me, since this image is not constantly fixed on the screen, just occasionally when I pass through heavy overcast clouds. So, if it cannot be diagnosed and fixed, I’m OK with that. It is what it is. Regards