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  1. Hi, I was always under the impression that SIMstarter can only run on a PC hosting the flight sim platform. I have just noticed the below post (now closed) indicating that it is indeed possible to run SIMstarter on a separate PC. I installed SIMstarter on my instructor station but when launching SIMstarter, I get a pop up message asking me to select a flight sim platform. Is there a way to select a sim platform running on a separate PC on the same LAN? That would be very handy for cockpit builders as the FS PC/ screen is often not very accessible. Thomas
  2. thomas747400

    What is happening with Mega Airport Zurich Pro

    Now that is great news! Thank you.
  3. Hi, I am curious to know what is happening with the release of Mega Airport Zurich Pro. In the P3Dv4 compatibility list, it was listed as having an estimated release date of mid August but it has been listed as tbd (to be determined???) for quite some time. Aerosoft Zurich is probably my favorite scenery add-on of all time and I hope it will be available for P3Dv4 soon. Thomas
  4. thomas747400

    Route export to Simavionics

    Hi Graham, I have the same problem. I am running a Jetmax B777 with Sim-Aviation avionics software. PFPX development team, is there a way to export a route without the SID waypoints and the departure runway? Is the export format hard coded or can I modify this via a config file or a PFPX setting? Your help is much appreciated Thomas
  5. thomas747400

    Aerosoft Launcher

    Yep, I am running version and the product information has updated since my last post. The launcher still has not advised me of service updates so I did it manually via the Aerosoft support page. Thomas
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    Aerosoft Launcher

    Hi, With the purchase of the great scenery Zurich 2012 I had to install Aerosoft Launcher for the first time. I am surprised that the luncher tells me that all products are up to date only to discover that the Frankfurt X senery has two uninstalled updates available, one of which contains the new runway. I wish the Launcher would advise me of these things. I have a few more Aerosoft products installed and I was hoping that I can relay on the Launcher to keep my products up to date. Also, I am unable to click on the links that are on the Launcher Home page. It would also be nice if you could update the product information to older software such as Mega Airport Paris and Amsterdam as well as the Piper Cheyenne so that they can be moved away from the "Category Unknown" folder. Kind regards Thomas