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  1. LPMA - Runway Bump

    Hi, I just purchased Madeira X Evo and upon takeoff I'm hitting one random unnatural bump on the runway. I have all my mesh settings maxed out so I'm not sure what is causing my problem or if there is a fix available. I will attach two photos of about where my aircraft is when i hit the bumps.
  2. Repaint requests

    I 2nd the GoJet request.
  3. CTD Immediately Upon Loading Flight w/ P3D v4

    Please let me know if you find a fix for this. I had the same crash during a decent into Flightbeam's KSFO tonight.
  4. The best way to do an 8-hour flight
  5. Aerosoft (DA) CRJ Preview (Released)

    Hi will single engine taxi be accurately modeled? I work on the ramp at a airport and nearly all RJs taxi out with only one engine running.
  6. Santiago de Compostela Preview

    Cape Town?

    Okay so im used to pushing the nav button on the default planes and it flies to the next vor on my flight plan. How do i fly direct to vor's without changing the heading knob? Thanks Jared