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  1. Hi! Now I only missing upgrade for the PMDG 777 300ER to 1.10.8395
  2. Hi! Thank you for a fast upgrade for the PMDG 777 to 1.10.8395! //Wennerholm Sweden
  3. Hi! When can I update my PMDG B 777? Version in my account: 1.10.8386. New version: 1.10.8395. //Wennerholm Sweden
  4. Hey! I have purchased PMDG 777 ER and 300 ER from you. When is the update for this product available? //K.Wennerholm Sweden
  5. Hi! When can I update my PMDG 777? //kjell Wennerholm sweden
  6. Thank´s:-)
  7. Hey! Is there a map available in the MFD, F-14 X as in the F / A 18 Superbug? See attached file. Best Regards Wennerholm Sweden 2016-6-27_17-36-59-140.BMP
  8. Hey! Does anyone have a EZdok realistic Airbus 318-321 RND profile for the Airbus A318-A321? Best regards Wennerholm Sweden
  9. go to your scenery.cfg and open it with notepad

    now scroll to line 115, and change line active from true to False, if correct you will have also entries at line 116, 117

    of heraklion, if you change all lines are heraklion is displayed

    on False. and save file.

    when you restart that error message must be gone

    because scenery is not loaded anymore, if you have no

    lines in you scenery library then look if you can find the

    uninstalller in programs remove in windows, and remove

    programs, entries in your cfg will also then been removed

    and scenery.cfg will be re-ordered without entries for heraklion.

    hope this can solve you issue.

  10. Thank´s Dave! Today I find a brand new FSX Acceleration in Ebay. 69 USD. I use EZCA Cam and Steam Edition will not be kompatibel. Best Regards Kjell Wennerholm
  11. Where can I buy FSX Gold Edition? Thank´s Kjell Wennerholm Sweden
  12. Thank´s to al of you:-) //kjell
  13. No
  14. Hi! Obtain EZDOK cam addon
  15. Great! Thank's //kjell wennerholm