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  1. 4096px HD Virtual Cockpit preview

    Aw man, would have been awesome if we could start the ATPL together. Mine starts in about a month later. I wish you best of luck with your ATPL training sir ! Also that's pretty nifty work so far, can't wait for the end result!
  2. CryEngine's new Clouds

    A friend of mine showed me CryEngine's new clouds and holy shit this realism I believe implementing this to any of the current available sims is pretty much impossible because this here runs on a totally different engine... but it's still pretty cool to look at!
  3. Got it answered myself, I had traffic on which appearently was a fps killer. Mine runs pretty much the same at 60fps if I keep all thetraffic off. Also I found that one tweak: which helped keeping the sim very smooth.
  4. Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 (Released)

    I gotta doubt that P3D's performance will gradually improve till v3.3
  5. Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 (Released)

    Just noticed between the screenshots: mhm.. sweet!
  6. Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 (Released)

    My body is ready! (and my wallet)
  7. Aerosoft (DA) CRJ Preview

    I am getting the feeling that people are just fed up because the project have been taking so long...
  8. 4096px HD Virtual Cockpit preview

    Very nice project, but sad to see it took you way longer than anticipated! I've got one question if you may allow. When it gets finished, will you release it in the Download database for manual installation or will it get alongside withfuture update of the A318/A319/A320/A321 with a tool where we simply can get to choose between the stock textures and your 2K/4K textures like mwa05 suggested in the first page. Either way, I am very excited for the outcome to this project ! Keep up the good work !
  9. Bei FSX hatte ich die Erfahrung auf meinem altem Laptop, dass der es nicht gern hat wenn man die Szenerie so hoch zu stellen. Probier mal die Einstellungen für die Szenerie runterzuriegeln.
  10. 1) Go to your P3D root folder and create a new blank text file and name it FSX.exe (make sure the extention is exactly .exe!) If done correctly you should see this: 2) Start the Aerosoft installer and change the installation path to your P3D root folder where you created the fsx.exe file. You should be able to start installing now. 3) After installation finishes, head over to simmershome website and find the desired light patch. Download it and install it to your scenery. 4) Start P3D and manually add the sceneries to your scenery library in World->Scenery Library. 5) Have fun - with potential glitches and bugs due to incompatibiliy with mostlythe older as sceneries, but the majoritywork just fine to my needs
  11. Genau das selbe hatte ich auch mal als ich mal gleichzeitig einpaar Daten mit 7z komprimiert hab und damit mein CPU (i7-4790k@4.8mind you)noch mehr überlastethatte. Ich würde mal davon ausgehen, dass bei dir irgendwas im Hintergrund läuft und deinen CPU unter Last zieht, oder dein CPU scheint wirklich nicht gut genug für den Bus ausgelegt zu sein, leider..
  12. Aerosoft (DA) CRJ Preview

    Because life works through cheating
  13. Prepar3D 3.2 just released

    With dll based, that includes also PMDG craft, ASN, GSX and basically everything that runs withdlls ?
  14. Aerosoft (DA) CRJ Preview

    Nah, your system is too new. It might only run up to Apple II computers.
  15. PC Hardware upgrade for FSX

    I am happy with my Noctua NH-D15, it manages to keep my i7-4790kat 4.8GHz cooled down and with proper airflow, the hot air does get blown out quick andefficiently thanks to the high end Noctua fans mounted on my chassis. You want to be careful with whatChassis you purchase since the smaller lower end once don't have support for the bigger 240mm radiators with fans mounted to it. I'd take the Corsair 450D or Phanteks Enthoo Pro. Other might give you better recommandations though since I am still fairly a newbee on this department.