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  1. jacobmulder

    Mega Airport London Extended P3Dv4

    Hi Tom thanks for your reply, you quote that a previous installation on my machine didn't finished correctly and that the Windows installer prevents any further installations. I have just installed for Prepar3Dv4 the following Aerosoft programs as below today 15/01/2018 AS-Bremen-Airp-P3Dv4, AS-Hamburg-Airp-P3Dv4, AS-Mega-Airp-Barcelona-P3Dv4, AS-Mega-Airp-Frankfurt-P3Dv4 and AS-Stutgarth-Airp-P3Dv4. It is only AS-Mega-Heathrow-P3Dv4 that is greating this error message from the first time I attampted to install this, I have also installed numorous other programs into Prepar3Dv4 as I am going away from FSX, so it has me confused why only with Heathrow. Have you gor any idea where I should look and Identify which program did not finish correctly as I have no recollection of any program not finshing correctly in the past few weeks that I have been installing for Prepar3Dv4. Thanks
  2. jacobmulder

    Mega Airport London Extended P3Dv4

    First my reply to mopperly I have no Idea what damage I could cause when quoting a serial number, or are you suggesting that someone that uses the Forum would use the serial number for their own use, would someone be that dishonest? I thought that would be a requirement to get an answer from an administrattor, so Ok in future I will not qoute a serial number. Now my reply to Mathijs Kok, I followed your suggestions, I even turned off not only the Anti Virus but also the Firewall and attempted to install AS-Mega-Ariport Heathrow again but got the same error message so what would be my next steps. Jacob
  3. I have today Tuesday January 9, downloaded from the Aerosoft Shop Website the Mega Airport Heathrow-P3Dv4, with Serial Number: DELETED However when attempting to install the program an Error message (-50001 : Oxfffec75) has occurred while running the setup, with the following message. Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications. If the error still ocurs, please contact you vender: Aerosoft. I can assure you that I have done of the above on numerous occasions. Thanks Jacob
  4. jacobmulder

    Mega Airport Budapest

    I have the CD version Mega Airport Budapest v1.20 and have just downloaded, Download (Mirror 1 - Germany) -- AS_LHBP_FSX_zip and then uninstalled the old one through Control Panel Uninstal a program, I then proceded in Installing the New Mega Airport Budapest (2.00(FSX),1.50(FS9). When taxiing an Aircraft to a runway there are trees within the Taxy ways as well as various vehicles and some buildings, what could be the cause of that, I have had no problems what soever with the earlier CD version and the varies updates