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  1. In this case feel free to take over and present another quiz. Or anyone else who is going to be first.
  2. Rafal Haczek

    VA's and piracy

    I have just almost got a heart atack, since I read your sentence without the word 'plan'!
  3. In my opinion some entries were just too hard, which spoiled the fun and many people got discouraged. Which doesn't mean we are not able to reanimate the thread.
  4. Rafal Haczek

    Salzburg 2011 Preview

    And now back to English, please.
  5. Rafal Haczek

    Talk to the management? Here's your chance...

    Erich, There is a dedicated request thread. Please post your suggestions there: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/84640-what-if-you-like-to-propose-a-project/&page=92
  6. Yes, it has. That's why I will hide your request, following this thread's rules. By the way, Martin, what is the problem to check? Regardless of the number of pages, it takes a few seconds! Use the forum search engine which is located in the upper right corner of the page: I will also hide my post some time later as I want you to read it first. Enjoy the weekend!
  7. But I use FTX Global and Oslo v2 and do not see this problem. So I am afraid the solution is not as simple as the conflict between those two.
  8. Rafal Haczek

    P3D v3 VAS usage

    An excellent report, Tom! I would like to thank you so much for doing it and sharing it with all of us here. Especially with those still undecided about Prepar3D v3. Being still an FSXer myself, I must say your results are so convincing, I am almost sold. I have already started saving for the P3D and PMDG licences. Keep up the great work, Tom!
  9. Rafal Haczek

    Tahiti X2

    So do I! It actually was my longest FS flight ever. I took Air France 747 and flew to Tahiti from LFPG via KLAX. All in real time of course. I wish I felt that excitement today...
  10. Rafal Haczek

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    If this is a WIP, my brain cannot even imagine the final result!
  11. Rafal Haczek

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    First Holgi, now DetCord. It is so great to have higly talented artists just around the corner. DetCord, this Maersk looks so great, that once you release it, it will probably make me fly my hangared 777 again. Thank you!
  12. Rafal Haczek

    What can I do if Holgi's Livery is not working?

    I don't know, Chris. See the Merriam-Webster definition of a painter: Definition of PAINTER : one that paints: as a : an artist who paints b : one who applies paint especially as an occupation Of course in these categories Holgi is the 'a' case. A reason why I prefer the term 'repainter', though it's the 'texture artist' that seems to sound most rewarding.
  13. Rafal Haczek

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    I concur with what Holgi wrote. An excellent repaint in an excellent image!